1959 Fiat Abarth 750 GT Zagato

Aluminum Body “Double Bubble” Roof

4-Time Tour de France Rally Participant

1-Family Owned for 42-Years

Fresh Engine Rebuild

Stock #1030

VIN # 10058xxxx**

ENG# 136xxx**

22,300 Miles on Odometer

Less than 1,000 Miles on Engine Rebuild

  • Light Blue on Black Interior
  • Clean and Clear New Mexico Title (Titled as 1957)
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Excellent Documented History

Sale Pending

Carlo Abarth’s primary products throughout the 50’s and 60’s were mufflers and exhaust systems, which were used on many different manufacturer cars.  However, when the Fiat 600 was introduced in 1955, Abarth saw the opportunity to take this platform even further and make it a giant-killer on the racetrack and rally courses.  The engine was built up to 750cc and a beautiful all-aluminum body designed by Zagato was fitted to the robust 600 floorpan.  The end result was not only a competitive design for motorsports but also one of the prettiest small car designs to this day.  It is estimated that Abarth only built between 600-1,000 examples up until 1961.  They came standard with 44hp and weighed just over 1,100lbs.

This example was a remarkably complete and very original example found in 2001 by Mr. Anthony Angotti of Westport, Connecticut who was in Italy to participate in the Mille Miglia.  The car was being sold by the best friend of the original owner’s son.  It was purchased new by Sig. Tomasetti and was then passed to his son Paolo Maria Ravazzi.  It’s remarkable that for over 40-years, the car stayed within one family.  The motor had been recently rebuilt and power increased by about 10hp to 54hp.  Also, throughout the 90’s the original owning family had used the Abarth to compete in 4 Tour de France rallies as well as several ice rallies in the Italian Alps (see pics).  It also received it’s FIVA certification in 1995 (see pics) and competed in the 1997 Louis Vuitton Classic Rally.  It’s final rally was the fourth running of the French Tour Auto in 1998.

They sold the car to Mr. Angotti on July 11th, 2001.  The car was then shipped in a shared container with his friend’s 1956 Ferrari 250 Pininfarina factory prototype coupe back to the East Coast of the U.S.  We have all the legal import documentation from customs.  In the U.S., it appears that Mr. Angotti primarily used the car to show and compete in several concours events including the 2006 Scarsdale Concours and 2008 Fairfield County Concours.  Sometime before being sold to the current owner in 2015, Toby Knapp Auto Repair of Seymour, Connecticut performed an engine rebuild.  Knapp is highly recognized for vintage car mechanical restorations.  The engine was rebuilt using high-strength chromoly internal components.  Furthermore, electronic ignition was added as well as a larger Weber carburetor.

The current owner is a local Orange County vintage car enthusiasts who spends half of her time here and the other half in New Mexico.  Initially, she thought she would use the car more at her home in New Mexico but soon felt that it would be better suited for cruising along Pacific Coast Highway and possibly even using it for some vintage tours.  Unfortunately, with her busy schedule, she found herself not using it as much as she thought she would.  Regardless, she still periodically exercised the car and had proper services performed.  Recently, she had over $3,500 of major services performed by John Benton, one of Orange County’s top vintage mechanics.  Highlights of services performed include:

  • Safety inspection
  • Disassemble carb, clean, reassemble, and balance
  • Spark plugs, adjust valves, oil service
  • Valve cover gaskets and fan belt
  • Spark plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor
  • Brake lines, adjust e-brake, bleed brakes/fluid flush, adjust brake pads
  • Tuning
  • Axle boots
  • Bosch fuel filter
  • Battery

This 750GT is in exceptional condition considering its age and originality.  It’s had just one light exterior repaint probably well over 30-years ago.  The aluminum body is in terrific condition with no major blemishes and minimal signs of use.  It appears all the glass, trim, chrome, wheels, and lights are all original and unrestored.  Even the rare plastic wind diffusers over the door windows are in great shape and intact.  These items easily disappeared over the years on many cars.  The glass appears to be all original, including the windshield.  There are light scratches on all the glass.  The original steel wheels are wearing older Dunlop Racing tires that have age cracks on the side.

The interior is equally impressive as well considering that it’s mostly original.  We believe the Zagato-style seats were possibly added later, but they too appear to be original and in very good condition with no tears or rips.  The quilted headliner looks great and nicely contours the double bubble roof with no sagging.  The carpet shows well with minor signs of wear.  The original rubber floor mats are surprisingly intact with just some light wear and small tear on the driver mat.  The door panels look nice as well.  The dash has no cracks or major blemishes.  The gauges have a wonderful patina and appear to be all original.  They all work properly.  The wipers and lights all work except for the fog lights, which don’t turn on.  However, the windshield squirters do work.

This Zagato is surprisingly roomy once you get in.  The starting procedure is unique and you know you’re in something special.  You turn the key to the on position, flip the switch under the dash (I believe fuel pump), and then pull the passenger side lever in the center console (yup, that’s the starter).  The car fires up easily on the first try.  The other lever on the center console is the choke and it too works.  The car holds a smooth idle and doesn’t smoke.  The power is much stronger than you would think thanks to how light this car is.  The revs build quickly and you find yourself shifting much sooner than you would expect.  The manual gearbox is a non-sychro first gear (typical of that era).  So, you need to be at a stop to get into first.  However, the pedal set up is easy enough to heel-toe to help.  Moving through the rest of the gears is a delight.  It’s smooth and easy with no grinding or slipping.  During the engine rebuild, the clutch was replaced.  The suspension system is a combination of independent front end with traverse leaf springs and independent rear with swing axle and coil springs.  As a result, the steering is very light and direct.  Handling is intuitive.  It’s no wonder these were monster killers on the tight rally courses back in the day.  The brakes are 4-wheel hydraulic drums that are more than adequate for the size and power of the car.  They have a very direct feel with no fading or pulling even under harder braking.

There is no question that when you are driving this Abarth, you feel special.  It transports you to a different time in motoring where everything was about distilling the experience to the pure essence of driving.  It’s so Italian.

This example qualifies for countless vintage events including eligibility for premier European rallies like the Mille Miglia or other exclusive vintage tours such as the California Mille, Colorado Grand, or Copperstate 1000.

This Abarth Zagato comes with a 3-ring binder with lots of history/records, spare tire, 1-set of keys, and the original battery cover.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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