1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupe

Porsche inadvertently built a time machine.

Ferry Porsche couldn’t find a sports car that he wanted to buy, so he built the one that didn’t exist.  It wasn’t his intention for it to last more than a half-century, nor did he plan for it to win the 24 Hours of LeMans.  His goals were much more humble than that.

Obviously, his little car company from Gmünd, Austria achieved all of that and much more.  One of the most important unintended result of his creativity was that he created a time machine.  Driving a nicely sorted 356 melts away your landscape reality.  When you drive down a quiet road (a bit easier to find these days), you can be traveling in any decade.  It’s your reality to choose.

These highly crafted automotive jewelry boxes are so well built that they are just as good and relevant to drive today as they were back in 1948.  They feel like they will go forever, and they probably will.  I bet HG Wells and Einstein wish they drove a 356.

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Factory Electric Sunroof

Recent Full Engine/Trans Rebuild

Leather/Pepita Fibersteel Speedster Seats

Stock #1132

VIN # 127**

ENG# 820xxx**

TRN# 70xxx**

(Non-Numbers Matching but Correct SC Motor and Transmission)

50,900 Miles on Odometer

Less than 500-Miles (approx.) on Engine and Trans Rebuild

  • Light Ivory (6404) on Green Leather/Suede with Pepita Inserts
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • PCA Member Owned
  • Correct Sequence Original Vintage CA Black License Plates
  • Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche
  • Kardex (copy)


By 1964, Porsche was moving full steam ahead on their new 900 series (911) sports car.  The 356 production was winding down.  There were less than 2-years of production left in the 356.  This last model was introduced as the “C”.  Besides disc brakes all the way around and a sway bar, they also introduced the new SC (Super Carrera) model.  The SC boasted 95hp (21% increase over the standard) from a 9.5:1 compression motor with dual Solex carburetors.

This Porsche was built on October 22nd, 1963 and sold new on October 25th, 1963 to a B. Zimmer of Bielefeld, Germany by Karmann in Fulda, Germany.  It was ordered new from the factory with the following equipment:

  • Light Ivory
  • Black Leatherette w/Mouse Grey Corduroy Inserts (B/C)
  • Electric Sunroof
  • Antenna
  • RF Suppression Material
  • 2 Loudspeakers
  • 2 “Talbot” Mirrors
  • Conti Tires (165/15)

We believe the car stayed in Europe for a few years before coming to the U.S.  It appears on May 25th, 1966, the factory replaced the motor under warranty at Peters Miller Porsche.  The current engine number falls in between the two motors Porsche issued with the car.  Not much else is known about the car’s early history besides what’s recorded on the Kardex.  However, we  do have records going back to January 30th, 1996 when a Mr. Jim Dittig of Danville, California purchased the car from a bay area independent Porsche shop that sold it to him “restored” for $23,000.  It doesn’t look as if Mr. Dittig had the car very long as it ended up a few years later with a Mr. Dave Carboneau of Portland, Oregon.

The earliest receipt from Mr. Carboneau dates to September 20th, 2000 with 47,771 miles on the odometer.  Over the course of 5-years and only 1,200-miles, he invested nearly $15k doing a full engine rebuild, clutch, flywheel, new transmission synchros, and various other services.  It appears he kept the car until around 2010, but didn’t drive it much.  He then sold it to the current Los Angeles area owner with 50,150 miles on the odometer.

For the first 7-years, the current owner only used it lightly for “Sunday” cruising and attending local cars and coffee events.  He didn’t drive it much.  He serviced it regularly with some local shops.  In the beginning of 2017, the car had developed some significant oil leaks and it felt down on power.  He decided it was time for an upgrade.  He reached out to a local Porsche specialist to rebuild the drivetrain. The goal was to build a fun driving SC with a subtle amount of SoCal hotrod “attitude.”

Highlights of this build included the following:

  • More aggressive ride height/stance
  • Remove bumper over-riders and rear reflectors
  • Refinish bumpers/fill holes
  • Full Engine rebuild to approx. 110hp output
  •             Forged pistons and cylinders
  •             AA sleeves
  •             Benton cam
  •             New Weber carburetors (2014)
  • Rebuild transmission
  • Fresh clutch
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • Magnaflow performance muffler
  • Refinished engine tins
  • Modified front torsion tube to achieve a performance stance
  • Replace rear torsion bar
  • Repaired light wiring
  • New Koni shocks
  • Shifter bushings and linkage
  • New rear suspension bushings
  • Replaced distributor
  • Update throttle linkage
  • Heater tubes and flaps
  • Adjust/tune carburetors
  • Converted to 12 volt system

Custom Interior

  •             All leather, suede, and wool Pepita seat inserts
  •             German square weave carpet
  •             Repair dashboard and recover
  •             New headliner
  •             Speedster-style seats by Fibersteel
  •             New door panels
    New seat lap belts

In total, nearly $30,000 was recently invested in making this SC a fun driver ready for events.

Before listing it, we had our mechanic go through the car, inspect it, and perform the following services to make sure it was ready for the next owner:

  • Sourced correct Bosch 022 distributor and had it restored
  • Remove engine and replaced the following:
  •             Crank seal
  •             Fuel pump O-ring/plate gasket
  •             Removed tins
  •             Resealed two engine case half bolts
  • Replaced positive battery cable end
  • Major service
  •             Oil change/filter
  •             Spark plugs
  •             Valve and timing adjustment

The exterior looks great, especially for being painted nearly 25-years ago.  It has some minor nicks and chips, but nothing major.  There’s a scratch the length of the wheelbase on the passenger side down near the bottom and is only visible when car is on a lift.  The chassis appears dry and straight with no major rust or rot.  There were some older repairs on the floor decades ago that have held up well.  It looks like the battery box has been replaced as well.  The rockers are dry and the jack points look great.  The glass is in good shape with no significant scratches or chips.  Most of it appears original with the exception of a newer windshield.  All the brightwork also looks good considering the age with minor pitting.  The rare factory electric sunroof fits properly and has the correct c-pillar drain holes.  The 15” wheels look restored and are wearing Michelin XVS tires (175/70) with near full tread.  We aren’t sure how old they are, but there are no cracks or other signs of age.  The brakes have at least half-life remaining.  All the exterior lights work properly.

The interior is mostly new.  It smells and looks it.  The Fibersteel speedster seats are the perfect touch.  They feel great.  The headliner, carpet, door panels, and dash pad are all perfect.  All the gauges work properly as well as light up.  The original VDO clock even works although loses time when parked.

This 356 drives very tight and makes a wonderful sound.  It starts easily with very little coaxing.  Once warmed up, it pulls very strong through the rev range with no hesitation.  The power is much improved over stock.  The transmissions shifts smoothly between gears with no grinding or slipping.  It’s a bit stiff getting into reverse due to the new shifter assembly and lock out spring.  The brakes have excellent stopping power with no fading or pulling.  Handling is crisp and light.  It tracks straight and is well composed along the open highway or tight twisty bits.  This 356 would be fantastic on any vintage touring event or could even be used daily.

California registration is paid to November of 2020.

This 356 SC comes with extra keys, spare wheel (no tire), original jack, plastic trunk liner, copy of Porsche Kardex, original Porsche COA, and 25-years of receipts.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

1964 Porsche 356 SC Sunroof Coupe

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