1969 Porsche 912 Coupe

What do Jerry Seinfeld and this Porsche 912 have in common?

The short answer is not much.  However, when this 912 arrived last week and I started to going through it, I found an interesting photo album.  No, it’s not the infamous Porsche wedding photo album that Jerry has discussed on several podcasts.  It’s an album of the restoration of this Porsche that started in 1999.

The very last page has a photograph that’s from the early 2000’s and it shows Jerry Seinfeld, Sam Cabiglio (Jerry’s car consigliere), and Spike Feresten (writer, TV and podcast host), but no cars.  I thought that was a bit strange.  I finally connected with the owner who restored the car and asked him what was up with that photo.  He said that shortly after the restoration was completed, he entered it in the 356 concours at Dana Point.  After being judged, Sam approached him and said that Jerry wanted to buy it.  He made a generous offer, but the owner declined.

He told me that at the time, he was just too emotionally invested in this 912 and he really hadn’t had time to start enjoying it.  He never told me what the offer was, but he did say with a lamenting tone that he probably should’ve sold it then.

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5-Speed Manual/Numbers Matching

California Porsche Most of its Life

Restoration Documentation

Stock #1112

VIN # 12902xxxx**

ENG# 4095xxx (616/40)**

TRN# 5192xxx (902/16)**

Numbers matching

22,200 Miles on Odometer

34,000 Miles on Engine Rebuild

60,000 Miles on Restoration

  • Ossi Blue (6803) over Taupe/Black Leatherette (original was all black)
  • 5-speed Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear New York Registration
  • (Car is in Costa Mesa, California)
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Factory Maintenance Booklet


912s have been rapidly gaining in popularity.  What was once seen as a less expensive alternative to the 911 and a better balanced/handling car, has now started to appeal to collectors and enthusiasts.  However, with these cars becoming more collectible, it’s harder to find a nice turnkey driver that is dry, straight, sorted and has a great documented history.  The ’69 model year was the last of the early examples and the only year to get the longer wheel base.

This Porsche was a late production 1969 model year and was built at the Karmann factory.  It was a U.S. model designated for tourist delivery through E. Roed-Sorensen VW/Porsche of Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was ordered by David R. Rawson of San Francisco, California and was delivered on June 10th, 1969.  This example was ordered with the following options:

  • U.S. Equipment
  • 5-Speed Transmission
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Hub Caps with Colored Crests
  • Front Bumper with Rubber Inserts
  • Rear Bumper with Rubber Inserts

The car was ultimately delivered in the U.S. by Carlsen Porsche of San Francisco, California.  The original owner serviced it at that dealer or Garage Europa.  There are corresponding stamps/notes in the original maintenance booklet.  We believe the next owner was a Mr. Richard Mauer of Ross, California.  He kept the car until he passed away in the late 90’s.  His wife then sold the car to a Mr. Ed O’Sullivan of San Diego, California on December 28th, 1998.

Ed is a long time Porsche enthusiast.  He is active in the 356 Registry as well as the PCA (Porsche Club of America).  He has competed in various concours events.  Upon purchasing this 912, he took it to Wayne Baker of Personalized Autohaus in San Diego.  Wayne is a well-known professional Porsche private racer as well as owning and operating a well-respected Porsche service and restoration shop.  Shortly after Ed purchased this 912, he took it to Wayne for inspection.  Wayne noted that the engine compression was good and even.  The transmission and brakes were very good.  Also, the chassis was rust free with no signs of prior accidents and was in excellent condition.  He rated it overall as a very nice driver.

The next step for Ed was to do primarily a cosmetic restoration, while also having Wayne attend to routine mechanical service items.  Highlights of the restoration that took place between 1999 and 2002 include the following:

Body/Chassis by San Marcos Auto Body and European Motorsports:

  • Strip to bare metal
  • Replace front suspension pan
  • New bumper/deco/rubber trip
  • All new seals
  • Turn signal lenses
  • H4 sealed beam headlights
  • Refinish fuel tank
  • Repaint in correct factory color with original factory orange peel
  • Minor repair to battery boxes
  • Prepare chassis for front sway bar

Interior by Autos International:

  • Recover front and rear seats in correct German vinyl
  • Recover door and rear panels (install perforations and speakers in front)
  • Headliner in correct German ivory
  • Haargarn “S” carpet
  • Recover front door pockets
  • Recover steering wheel in leather
  • Trunk carpet set

Mechanical work by Wayne Baker (most work between 1999-2005):

  • Major service/tune (on regular basis)
  • Fuel lines
  • Shift bushings and bell crank bushings
  • Pack C/V joints and replace all boots
  • Transmission and motor mounts
  • Engine and transmission seals
  • Gauges rebuilt
  • Detail engine (powdercoat tins, etc.)
  • Clutch kit
  • Replace muffler
  • Rejet carbs and replace split shaft fiber blocks
  • Replace two exhaust studs
  • Turbo tie rod kit
  • Master cylinder
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Rebuild distributor
  • Electronic ignition

Engine rebuild by European Motorsport (November of 2005 @ 88,503 miles)

  • Built to stock specification
  • New Mahle piston and cylinder set
  • Resurface heads
  • Overhaul carburetors
  • Valve job, grind valve seat, new valves, lap valves, reset spring heights
  • Valve guides
  • Reseal engine
  • Fuel pump

Other work by European Motorsport includes:

  • New  Boge struts and shocks as well as alignment
  • Regular oil services
  • Replace all CV boots and repack
  • Regular valve and timing adjustments
  • Replaced oil cooler
  • Resurface flywheel
  • Replace driver door catch
  • Pedal bushings
  • Rear wheel bearings

For the next decade or so, Ed drove the car to many Porsche related events and even competed at the 356 club Dana Point concours shortly after the car was finished with restoration.  He continued to maintain and service the car with Wayne Baker and European Motors.  He even used the car as a daily driver for several years.  He sold the car around 2008 to the late Jeff Trask who was the head of the 912 registry and a very active member in the Porsche community.  I’m not sure how long Trask had the car, but he was involved with the sale to the current owner  who purchased this 912 on February 11th, 2015.  It was then shipped to his home in New York.

This owner is a true enthusiast who has a growing collection of Porsches that he enjoys.  For the past 5-years, he only added just shy of 600 additional miles.  However, he did have the following services completed during his care:

  • Muffler manifold gaskets
  • Install halon fire extinguisher
  • Fuel pump
  • Battery
  • Annual oil service and state inspection (last oil service was on 5/19)
  • Install front retractable seatbelts
  • Replace pushrod tubes and seals
  • Ignition coil
  • Adjust carbs and set points

The exterior of this 912 is stunning and certainly a testament to the quality of work done.  Everyone is shocked to find out that it’s a 20-year old restoration.  It looks fresh with minimal signs of use or wear.  The car is very straight with no signs of abuse.  The brightwork has a nice shine to it and appears original.  The glass is in good shape and has all the proper stampings including the Sigla factory replacement windshield.  The chrome wheels show very little wear with no discoloration or fading and are wearing near full tread tires with 2014 date stamps.

The interior is equally as fresh.  The seats have no tears or excessive wear.  The headliner and carpet look new.  The sun visors are in extremely good shape with just a slight amount of puffing.  The door panels are in good shape and the unrestored door pockets have a slight amount of warping.  The dash is a good unrestored example that was installed by Autos, Int when the rest of the interior was being completed.  It has a few small cracks.  All the gauges work except for the clock.  The later installed radio (circa early 2000’s) works.  All the turn signals, interior lights, and exterior lights work.  The turn signal stalk is original and sometimes doesn’t hold when turning right.

This 912 drives beautifully.  It starts easily and holds a smooth idle.  It warms up quite quickly and has a decent amount of low end torque.  It feels faster than one would expect.  It carries freeway speeds in excess of 80 mph with ease.  The transmission shifts smoothly for a 901 style box and easily goes into first gear without grinding.  Blipping the throttle further aids in smooth shifting.  The clutch feels spot on with no slipping.  The brakes have excellent pedal feel and bite hard with no fading or pulling.  The steering is extremely light and responsive.  The car goes straight down the highway and nicely absorbs the road imperfections.  This example could easily be driven on long distance vintage tours while also looking great at your local PCA or Cars & Coffee event.

This 912 has copies of a previous California title as well as current New York inspection receipts and registration.  New York does not issue separate titles for cars older than 30-years.  The registration is a combination title/proof of ownership.  It is clean/clear and included.

This Porsche comes with original owner’s manuals, original maintenance booklet, delivery dealer vinyl manual holder, Hirschman antenna documents, spare wheel/tire, jack, tool kit, Porsche COA, restoration receipts, and photo album of restoration.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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