1970 Porsche 911 E Coupe

Recent Full Engine Rebuild

Infamous Original Owner

Excellent Documented History

Stock #1024

VIN# 91102xxxxx**

ENG# 6200xxx (911/01)**

TRN# 7101xxx (911/01)**

Numbers Matching

105,600 Original Miles

4,000 Miles on Full Engine Rebuild

  • Tangerine (23) on Black Leatherette (11)
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission (901)
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Straight and Dry Chassis
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • 2-Owners for over 35-Years


In 1970, Porsche introduced the all-new 2.2L engine for its 911 lineup.  This unique motor was only offered in 911s for 2-years.  Many claimed these were the best air-cooled motors for a production 911.  The 2.2L motors were said to be the last ones directly connected to Porsche’s race program. Porsche specialists consider these as the true enthusiast cars.  In particular, the MFI E and S motors produced a unique signature howl at higher RPMS that have created a cult status among collectors.  In fact, there is even a special club that celebrates the 2.2L 911s.  These were the last of the pure 911s.  Afterwards, Porsche production was limited by costs, government restrictions, and other influences.  Experts place an E much closer to the S models.  From a performance perspective, they are not much different.  E’s are the best all-around touring/sporting cars of the long hoods.

This 911 E was built in October of 1969 and sold new on December 24th, 1969 by Carlsen Porsche + Audi of San Francisco, California.  It was delivered with the following factory equipment:

  • Antenna – Left w/Loundspeaker
  • Noise Suppression
  • US Equipment
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Comfort package (aka S package)
  •             S deco trim
  •             Aluminum thresholds
  •             S gauges
  •             Leather wrapped steering wheel

This 911 E was delivered new on Christmas Eve to a Mr. Jim Mitchell of San Francisco, California.  Jim purchased it as a holiday gift and celebration of the successful opening of the Mitchell brothers O’Farrell Theater, which was built out of an old Pontiac dealer.  Besides this adult theater, Jim went on to become recognized for his production of adult films and later killing his brother/partner.  Also, Jim and his brother were famously stopped at the U.S. border when coming back from Tijuana.  The car was searched thoroughly and no drugs were supposedly found.  It is reported that this 911 has shown up in at least one of Mitchell’s films.

Jim got bored with the car and sold it a year later to a PCA (Porsche Club of America) member from Mountain View, California.  Mr. Tom J. Milligan, purchased the car from Jim in November of 1970 with 4k-miles.  Milligan kept the car for a 15- years and even got the story of its eccentric first owner published in the area newspaper (see pic).  In 1974, he moved to Reno, Nevada and took the 911 with him.  He sold it in January of 1985 to a Mr. Stephen Adams who also lived in Reno.  Adams kept this E for nearly 20-years before selling it to the current San Francisco area resident on April 14th, 2015 with just over 100,000 miles.

Over the years, the problematic hydropneumatic front suspension was replaced with 911 S components including aluminum 911 S front brakes.  This was a very expensive job.

In the few years prior to selling this 911 E to the current owner, the car needed some refreshing so the following items were performed by Exact 10 of Northern California:

  • High quality, glass out, bare metal repaint of the exterior
  •             New rocker and bumper deco trim with rubber
  •             New windshield
  •             New rubber seals throughout
  • New Michelin XWX correct OEM size tires
  • Refresh drivetrain by Don Wise of Campbell, California
  •             Disassemble top end of engine
  •             Replace pistons and cylinders (Mahle)
  •             Check and clean cylinder heads and valves
  •             Reseal engine and all new oil hoses
  •             Rebuild MFI pump by Paul Abbott (correct original Bosch 1970 E pump – see pic)
  •             Chain tensioner update
  •             Refinish flywheel/clutch kit
  •             Rebuild engine oil pump
  •             Regrind cams
  •             Disassemble, inspect, clean, and reseal transmission
  • Rebuild brake calipers
  • New suspension rubber seals/bushings

The current owner is very meticulous and wanted this 911 E to look and drive as close to perfect as possible.  Initially, he had a local Porsche specialist perform a post inspection and the following repairs:

  • Master cylinder
  • Flush brakes
  • Rebuild pedal box
  • Fuel lines

He found the car to be very straight and dry with no signs of rust or damage.  However, there were some concerns about the way the motor ran.  So, this owner did research and selected to have Rob King of S-Car-Go in San Rafael perform the necessary work.  This shop is a very well respected Porsche specialist in the Northern California area.  Highlights of the work performed over the last 4,000-miles include:

  • Period correct rebuilt Blaupunkt radio (with iPod adapter)
  • Engine rebuild down to the case:
  •             Deck engine case
  •             Fix head stud inserts
  •             Check line bore
  •             Refinish heads
  •             Recondition rods
  •             Crossdrill, mag and polish crank
  •             Crankshaft repair
  •             Clean/repair oil tank
  •             Oil pump and oil pump shaft
  •             Refinish fan/alternator stand
  •             New bearings
  •             New engine seals
  •             ARP head studs
  •             Valve job
  • Turbo tie rods
  • 15×6 Deep Six Fuchs (restored by Harvey Weidman)
  • 380mm 911 RS steering wheel (recovered in leather)
  • Clear bra entire front end of car (front fenders, hood, and bumper)
  • Rare H1 headlights (original sugar scoops included – see pic)

In total, the current owner recently invested nearly $30,000 bringing this 911 E to the next level.  His work was rewarded with a podium finish at the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance in 2015.  This is the longest running Concours in the country.

After a thousand miles of driving, the car went back to S-Car-Go for a valve adjustment, inspection, and oil service.  Everything was fine.  They performed a compression and leakdown test as well.  The results were exceptional for a freshly built motor:

1) 155 – 1%  2) 155 – 0%  3) 155 – 0%  4) 155 – 0%   5) 160 – 1%  6) 160 – 1%

This 911 E looks stunning.  The tangerine paint has a wonderful glow to it.  There are minimal signs of wear thanks to the clear bra.  There are a few minor flaws on the clear bra.  The glass is in great shape.  All of it is original except the windshield.  The Deep-6 wheels are perfect with no rashes or discoloration and they are properly refinished by the best restorer in the country.  They are wearing period correct Michelin tires with near full tread.  The brakes are also near new with no lips on the rotors.  All the brightwork and trim are in excellent condition.  All the exterior lights work properly.

The interior is equally as nice.  The original seats show no visible signs of wear.  The driver seat is a bit soft when you sit into it.  The original rear seats of course look unused.  There is a pair of period leather luggage straps installed.  The headliner was replaced and looks fresh.  The carpet is original and in very good shape with some signs of wear on the driver floor mat and exit threshold.  The door panels are mostly original as well with the exception of the front pockets.  The rear pockets are not sagging or warped.  The dash is in exceptional condition with no cracks and no warping of the speaker grill.  All the gauges work including the clock.  The radio, horn, and heat also work.  All the interior lights work.

The underside is in just as nice condition as the top.  The original floors were scrubbed clean while also preserving their original finish.  They have no dents, rust, or signs of damage and still wear some of its factory protective coating.  The suspension components have all been powdercoated and the factory hardware has been cadmium plated.  All hoses, lines, and bushings have been replaced as has most suspension components.

This 911 E drives very nice and has that wonderful MFI 2.2L sound in the higher RPM range.  The power is quite strong with excellent throttle response.  There is no hesitation or popping from the MFI.  The handling feels precise with excellent turn in and it tracks straight.  The brakes have a nice positive pedal feel and scrub speed with confidence.  There is no fading or pulling.  The 901 gearbox shifts smoothly with no grinding and is very precise.  This turnkey example would be ideal for fun vintage touring events, weekend cruising, or even showing.

California registration is current through April of 2019.

This 911 E comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, extra set of original keys (2) with leather pouch, original owner’s manual, original maintenance record booklet, immaculate/near perfect original toolkit, jack, original 14” spare, original 14” Fuchs wheels w/tires (4 qty), original sealed beam headlight assemblies, original leather wrapped steering wheel, two car covers (indoor and outdoor), set of Cocomats®, fire extinguisher, leather luggage straps, and early history documentation.

*Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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