1970 Porsche 911 ST Coupe

Narrow Body Tribute

All Steel Body by Esposito

Original Tangerine Color

2.7L MFI RS Specification Engine

Stock #1044

VIN# 91101xxxxx**

ENG# 655xxxx**

Original ENG# 610xxxx**

Original Numbers Matching Engine Included

31,500 Miles on Odometer (believed to be 131,500 total miles)

8,000 Miles on Restoration/Build

  • Tangerine (23) on Black Leatherette with Corduroy Inserts
  • 5-Speed 901 Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Extremely Dry and Straight
  • Collaboration by Top Builders in the Industry
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity & Original Maintenance Booklet
  • R Gruppe & PCA Member Owner

Sale Pending

Lightweight factory Group 3 (ST) cars were very rare as Porsche only built a handful of them between 1969 and 1972.  Reported production numbers are around 40 total units in various forms.  Part of the reason they are hard to track is they were a sport-purpose option package available to Porsche’s motorsport customers.  They ranged from extended flared cars to narrow body cars with a variety of modified S-powered motors depending on how one planned to campaign the car.  In some cases, customers even sent their used 911s back to the factory for the ST upgrade.  They competed in a variety of events including hill climbs, LeMans, and even African rallies.  They were quite versatile.

Of the 40 or so units built, records show that maybe only 10 were delivered as narrow bodies.  These were primarily reserved for Porsche executives or special clients.  They were more of a “Gentleman’s Sport Purpose” example that a privateer could use primarily for the street with the occasional competition event.

The current SoCal owner saw some factory photos of a tangerine narrow ST being delivered from the factory new (see photos).  These pictures always captivated him.  His intention was to authentically recreate a car that could have rolled out of the factory Werks 1 department by paying close attention to period correct details.  The first step was to find a good early 911 2.2L (1970-1971 model year) that was originally delivered from Porsche in Tangerine color.

This 911 T was sold new on March 11th, 1970 to a Mr. Richard R. Donnelly of Nashville, Indiana.  He purchased it from Classic Porsche + Audi of Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was ordered with the following factory options per the Certificate of Authenticity:

  • US Equipment
  • Bumper Horns – Front and Rear
  • 911 S Instruments & Oil Tank
  • Antenna – Left w/Loudspeaker & Noise Suppression

The first owner only kept the car for about 18-months before trading it back in to the Porsche dealer.  It was then resold on November 22nd, 1971 by Don Corlett Porsche Audi of Louisville, Kentucky to a Mr. Thomas S. Reece who also lived in Louisville.  At the time, this 911 had 27,879 miles.  There are more notes in the maintenance book up to the mid 1990’s.  Eventually, the car ended up in Southern California.

The current owner found this 911 T in 2013.  It was running/driving and still had its original numbers matching engine.  It was the perfect car for his ST build plan.  For the next several years, he carefully selected a team of Porsche restoration experts to help execute the vision.  Besides the cost of the 911, this owner has invested well over $100,000 and countless hours into this build.

John Esposito of North Hollywood, California was hired to for the bodywork and paint.  He is considered one of the top metal craftsman in the industry.  The car was disassembled and taken down to the bare metal.  Any rust was properly repaired.  This included new floors, front pan, battery boxes, rear seats, parcel shelf and rockers.  The fuel tank was cleaned and repainted.  The paint was the correct factory shade of Tangerine as well as being single stage.  Also, all the window trim was properly restored.  Exterior modifications were done according to the Porsche Sports Purpose manual and archive photographs.  These included:

  • Mesh horn grilles
  • Antenna delete
  • Rocker panel/bumper deco trim delete
  • Torsion bar covers delete (originals painted and included)
  • Fog light hole covers delete (originals painted and included)
  • Wheel center caps delete
  • Rear bumperettes delete
  • Porsche side stripes with script and deck lid script
  • 1969 door handles and 3-bar decklid grill per factory ST photos
  • Fuchs wheels restored by Harvey Weidman
  •             15×6 “Deep Sixes” in front
  •             15×7 custom made 7R in rear
  • Deep six Fuchs for spare with Avon tire
  • Period Avon CR6ZZ 185/70 and 215/60 tires
  • 72mm studs with 12mm wheel spacers
  • H4 headlamps with European lenses
  • European style turn signals
  • GHE decklid and hood rubber tie-down straps

The original engine was removed and stored (see pics) while a complete fresh early-style period sport purpose motor was built from the ground up by Aaron Burnham of Burnham Performance in Camarillo, California.  Highlights of the engine build include:

  • Magnesium 7R case sourced
  •             Prepped by Walt Watson of Competition Engineering
  •             Align bored with perimeter studs
  •             Case savers
  •             Bypass modifications
  • 90mm CP-Carillo pistons/cylinders (9.5:1)
  • S cams
  • 74mm crank
  • Original 2.2S throttle bodies and stacks (rebuilt)
  • MFI pump recalibrated to 2.7RS spec
  • 930 hidden chain tensioners (for correct factory look)
  • Engine cosmetics to match 2.2S build
  •             Red shroud
  •             Magnesium stacks
  •             Metal air cleaner
  •             Timing decal (Canford Classics)
  • SSI heat exchanges
  • Dansk muffler
  • Rally-style tow hook
  • Fresh oil lines
  • Refinished fan shroud
  • Cad plated all engine and suspension components

The transmission was rebuilt by Mike Schatz of MKS Performance in Camarillo.  The case was machined and rebuild with standard gearing.  Also, a Wavetrac torque biased differential was installed.  All shifter bushings were replaced.

The interior was restored by George Balonian of Levon Upholstery.  Highlights of the interior to match factory ST look include:

  • Lightweight German RS carpet
  • RS style door panels with Metal pulls by WEVO
  • 914 window winders (following brochures of sport purpose features)
  • Black headliner
  • German basket weave on the dash with radio delete
  • Door tops, parcel shelf, and firewall refinished in German vinyl
  • 1969 one-piece knee pad
  • RS style Recaro seats with corduroy inserts by Vintage Seats.
  • Rubber floor mats from a 1968 Porsche
  • Rebuilt and powdercoated pedal assembly with rally style dead pedal
  • Aluminum door sills
  • Rear seats deleted
  • New dash and speaker grill (by Lakewell)
  • Tachometer converted to 7,300 rpm redline
  • 380mm RS style steering wheel with 30mm factory style extended hub
  • Reproduction hockey puck horn button
  • 930 retracting seat belts re-webbed by Bill Rich at Vintage Seats.
  • Original 1970 seatbelt hardware retained

Highlights of brakes and suspension include:

  • 21mm/26mm Sway Away torsion bars
  • Elephant Racing control arm bushings
  • Bump steer kit
  • Turbo tie rods
  • Koni shocks/struts
  • 18” factory sway bars
  • Aligned/corner balanced by Marty Mehterian at GBX Services
  •             (handles all of Singer Vehicle Design’s suspension work)
  • Cross-drilled and vented rotors
  • Lightweight 3” vintage Brembo brake calipers on front (restored by PMB Performance)
  • Standard M brake calipers on the rear
  • New CV and ball joints
  • Sway bar bushings and links
  • Wheel bearings
  • Elephant racing strut brace
  • Mostly everything on this 911 is either new or refurbished.  It was completed in time to be part of the R Gruppe display at the 2017 Carmel Concours on the Avenue.  For the last couple years/8k-miles, this owner has mostly used the car for local touring, Cars & Coffees, and R Gruppe gatherings.  He has serviced it regularly including an oil service less than 300-miles/4-months ago in preparation for the sale.

The build quality of this special 911 is superb.  The exterior looks fantastic.  The body gaps are excellent and there are minimal signs of use.  The paint has a deep glow and a wonderful shine to it.  The brightwork and trim look equally as nice.  The glass has no major chips or scratches.  The wheels are near perfect with the correct factory style finish.  They are wearing Avon tires that give it the right period look.  The tires have more than half life as well as the brakes.

The interior matches the exterior in terms of quality.  Everything is fresh and new inside.  The seats not only look great and period-correct, but also are surprisingly comfortable.  The headliner, door panels, seats, dash, and floor all look new.  All the gauges function properly.

Of course, the best part is driving this Sport Purpose 911.  There is nothing like a properly tuned and running early MFI engine.  It makes such a unique and wonderful sound as it builds revs.  Starting is easy and catches on the first try.  It holds an even idle with no excessive smoking.  The throttle response and power is intoxicating and well matched to this lightweight package.  Handling is precise with excellent turn-in as well as tracking straight.  The brakes have a wonderful initial bite and even stopping power with no pulling.  The transmissions shifts incredibly smooth with no grinding or slipping and becomes a natural part of the whole experience.  This example would be not only welcome on most concours lawns, but also at home on countless vintage tours.  Or simply used to explore local backroads and transport you to a different time and place.

California registration is current through May of 2019.

This 911 comes with extra keys, original factory maintenance booklet, many receipts from the build, flash drive with photos of the build, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, full size spare, and original T engine (see pics).

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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Special Note

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