1971 Porsche 911 S Targa

2-West Coast/South West Owners

Excellent Documented History

Numbers Matching / Full Restoration

Full Leather Interior / Sport Seats

Stock #1080

VIN# 91131xxxx**

ENG# 6311xxx (911/02)**

TRN# 7117xxx (911/01)**

Numbers Matching

74,200 Original Miles (119,700 Original Kilometers)

500 Miles on Full Restoration

  • Light Ivory (1110) on Brown Leather
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission (901)
  • Clean and Clear Arizona Title
  • Original Porsche Sales Documentation/Bill of Sale/Import Documentation
  • All Service Records From New
  • 2-Owners from New


In 1970, Porsche introduced the all-new 2.2L engine for its 911 lineup.  This unique motor was only offered in 911s for 2-years.  Many claimed these were the best air-cooled motors for a production 911.  The 2.2L motors were said to be the last ones directly connected to Porsche’s race program. Porsche specialists consider these as the true enthusiast cars.  In particular, the MFI E and S motors produced a unique signature howl at higher RPMs that have created a cult status among collectors.  In fact, there is even a special club that celebrates the 2.2L 911s.  Afterwards, Porsche production was limited by costs, government restrictions, emission laws and other influences.  Only 1,500 2.2 S Targas were produced for the world over a 2-year run.

The first owner, Dr. Heinrich W. Rose of Palo Alto, California ordered this 911 S for special delivery on November 16th, 1970 from Porsche + Audi West of Pleasanton, California.  He special optioned the following:

  • Retractable Antenna Left
  • U.S. Equipment
  • Light Ivory
  • All Leather Interior in Brown
  • Speedometer to read in kilometers
  • All other instruments in German Version
  • Outside temperature gauge (purchased/installed at factory before delivery)
  • Dunlop Tires

In July of 1972, Dr. Rose installed an AstroLine model 605-mpx AM/FM multiplex stereo car radio.

During the restoration through the grill fog lights were installed.

Dr. Rose also requested Porsche to custom upholster a white vinyl targa top.  Thankfully, Porsche denied the request.

Porsche built this 911 S on March 17th, 1971 and Dr. Rose took delivery at the factory under the tourist program on April 8th, 1971.  He used the car for three months in Europe and drove it 9,856 kilometers (6,100 miles).  He dropped it off at the port/customs in Bremen, Germany on June 29th, 1971.  The 911 was loaded and set sail for the U.S. on July 2nd, 1971.  The car was supposed to arrive in San Francisco harbor at the end of July.  However, there was a longshoreman strike at the U.S. ports and the ship was rerouted to Mexico where it was put onto a truck and transported up to Los Angeles.  Dr. Rose flew down to Southern California, picked up the car on August 27th, 1971 and drove back to Northern California.  He had his first service performed on April 13th, 1971 at 1,013 km at the Porsche dealer in Lyon, France.  His first service in the U.S. was on August 30th, 1971 at Mozart Porsche + Audi of Palo Alto, California.  The car had just over 10,000 km.

Dr. Rose kept the car for exactly 20-years and 115,390 kilometers (72k-miles).  During that period, he drove it regularly, kept track of most gas fill ups and services.  He was very detailed in his record keeping.  His health declined and his daughter ended up selling the car to the current owner on April 7th, 1991 for the sum of $7,200.  At the time, the current owner lived in Santa Clara, California and was a police officer.  Shortly after this owner purchased the 911, he contacted his friend’s son, Olaf Lang who worked at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart.  Olaf provided this owner with a letter confirming production information including engine and transmission numbers as well as ordered options (see pic).

When the current owner bought the car in 1991, the ball joints were shot.  His wife drove it the furthest (from South SF bay to downtown SF – 100 miles roundtrip) and it scared her to death due to its unpredictable handling.  As a result, he didn’t drive it much after that and it sat for a bit in his garage.  Then, he moved it to a warehouse he had nearby where he kept his weekend toys.  It remained in dry storage for nearly 25-years.  In 2014, this current owner moved to Arizona.  A year later (Friday the 13th, 2015) he got his trailer, went back to Northern California, and pulled the Targa out of storage.  He towed it down to Wayne Baker of Personalized AutoHaus in San Diego, California for a complete restoration.  He delivered it to Wayne the next day on Valentine’s Day, 2015.  The restoration was completed 19 months later and delivered to him at his new home in Arizona on December 15th,2016.

Highlights of the work performed included:

  • Complete disassembly of the car/inventory all parts
  • Remove drivetrain:
  •             Tear down engine to the case
  •             Rebuild transmission including synchros and bearings
  •             Rebuild MFI pump
  •             Rebuild throttle bodies
  •             Powdercoat tins
  •             Cad-plate hardware
  •             Valve job
  •             Clutch kit/refinish flywheel
  •             Oil fed chain tensioners
  •             All oil and fuel lines
  •             Fuel injectors and oil return tubes
  •             Valve guides
  •             Heads refinished/head gaskets
  • Clean, seal, and coat new gas tank
  • Odyssey (dual) dry cell battery conversion
  • Disassemble suspension
  •             New Bilstein shocks/struts
  •             New Axles and CV boots
  •             Turbo tie rods
  • Rebuild brake calipers, new brake rotors, pads, and wheel bearings
  • Refurbish and paint original exhaust system (muffler and heat exchangers)
  • New master cylinder
  • Inspect and clean undercarriage for undercoating
  • All new deco trim, rubber, and seals
  • New H4 headlights and turn signal lenses (original “sugar scoop” headlights included)
    Complete bare metal repaint by G.A. Coachworks (over 300 hours)
  • Complete interior by Autobahn
  •             Recover sport seats in tan leather with correct Factory style basket weave inserts
  •             Restore seat bases, powdercoat, zinc plate seat rails
  •             Recover pillar posts  and door panels in leather
  •             All brown finishes are leather
  •             Recover dash in black German vinyl
  •             Restore door pockets
  •             New German Haargarn carpet with backing
  •             Trunk carpet in German Perlon
  •             Repair and dye original door arm rests
  •             Recover steering wheel in black leather
  • Targa top restored by Dave Brown
  • Restore 5 original deep 6 Fuchs with correct factory anodized finish
  • New Pirelli P6000 tires (185/70-15) and wheel lug nuts
  • Install new dash speaker and period radio (original owner installed when new)

The owner added a few hundred break-in miles and then brought it in for oil service, alignment, and minor tuning/sorting.

Although the restoration costs were still around six-figures, this job was fairly straight forward because the car had low original miles, was very dry, complete and straight.  All the metal was original with very little body/metal work needed.

The end result is a very nice high-level example of a correct long-hood 911 S.  The exterior looks fantastic with hardly any signs of use.  There is a slight paint dimple on the right front fender.  The glass appears to be all original including the windshield, which has the correct Sigla stamp.  The wheels are perfect with no curb rash and are wearing near full tread Pirelli tires.  The brakes are also at full life.

The interior looks equally as nice and smells new.  The leather sport seats show no wear.  The entire interior is new.  All the gauges work.  They appear original and unrestored.  The clock, VDO outside temperature gauge, and radio also work.  The heating system and lights all operate properly.

Regardless of restoration, it’s hard to put into words why good low-mile early 911 long hoods drive so good.  This S Targa is no exception.  When starting cold, it springs to life easily on the first try and holds an even idle.  There’s no back-firing or hesitation.  It just purrs.  As the engine warms up, the power delivery is smooth and strong.  As it surges past 4,500 rpms, it howls like cars on vintage LeMans footage.  The shifting is very easy and precise.  There is no grinding or slipping.  It provides a rewarding and engaging experience.  The steering is light and almost intuitive.  There is no slop in the steering and turn-in is sharp.  It tracks straight and is a delight at freeway speeds.  The brakes are nicely matched to the power and help deceleration incredibly quick.  There is no fade or pulling.  This example would be equally comfortable on the concours lawn or being enjoyed with fellow enthusiasts on a vintage touring event.

This 911 S comes with the original Porsche purchase/tourist/export documentation, original owners manuals in German and English, original factory maintenance booklet, extra sets of keys (3 total), original Hirschman antenna key, all service records from new, original Porsche marketing documentation, most registration slips from new, first decade of fuel records/mileage, original tool kit, original jack, original spare wheel, original U.S. headlight assemblies, original front bumperettes,  original lower valance fog lights, and new custom car cover.

*Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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