1973 Porsche 911 T (MFI) 2.4L Coupe

I spent a half hour on the phone with the original owner’s wife.

I’ve known this 911 for the past 4-years.  My friend Jim bought it from the neighbor of the original owner.  There weren’t many receipts, but there were quite a few of the original California DMV registration slips in the glovebox.

After hours of research and countless wrong numbers, I got Mrs. Yamasaki on the phone.  I asked her if she remembered an old silver Porsche.  She quickly said that it was her late husband’s car and he loved it.  We had a funny conversation where I would ask her about history details, and she would ask me if I liked driving cars with no power brakes or power steering.  So, I tried a different angle and asked her if they ever took a long trip in the car….just silence on the other end.

However, she did remember her husband always running out of gas and she would have to steer while he pushed.  She also vividly recalled him yelling at her for scratching the door with her nails when she opened it.

I asked her if she wanted to see any photos of it now.  She politely declined and asked if my wife liked it.  I told her yes and that we fixed the gas gauge.  She laughed.

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Straight, Dry, & Sorted Example

Rare MFI “T” with “S” Package

1-Los Angeles Owner for 40-Years

Stock #1134

VIN # 91131xxxxx**

ENG# 613xxxx (911/51)**

Believed to be Numbers Matching

21,200 Miles on Odometer (121,200 total miles)

  • Silver Metallic (936) on Black Leatherette with Houndstooth Inserts
  • 5-Speed 915 Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Southern California from New
  • Original Blue CA License Plate


The last long hood 911Ts delivered to the U.S. in ’72 and half of ’73 were the only ones to receive the coveted mechanical fuel injection system.  Europe referred to these as T/E’s.  The rest of the world still got carburetors.  Only 1,252 of these MFI T Coupes were delivered in this last half-year production of the long-hood/F-series Porsches.  The sound and throttle response of the MFI system is unique to these early cars and once tuned, they perform consistently for many years and are an iconic part of the early 911 experience.

This Porsche 911 was built in November of 1972 and sold new in Southern California.  It appears to have been ordered with the following options:

  • US Equipment
  • Antenna
  • Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio
  • Comfort Equipment:
  • Velour carpeting
  • Alloy wheels (Fuchs)
  • Sway bars (front and rear)
  • Aluminum door sills
  • 911S rubber moldings on bumpers and below doors
  • 911S instruments
  • Leather covered steering wheel
  • Aluminum rocker panels
  • Aluminum fender trim
  • Air conditioning (dealer installed)

The first owner was a Mr. Junichi Yamasaki of Montebello, California.  He purchased the car new from a local Los Angeles Porsche dealer on December 29th, 1972.  According to his wife, this was his 2nd Porsche.  He always loved the brand and primarily used it as an extra/weekend car.  He serviced the car for decades with the same local mechanic.  Unfortunately, by 2011, dementia had set in and the family sold the car to a neighbor who had been eyeing it for many years.

This neighbor moved the car from Mr. Yamasaki’s garage to his own down the street.  He drove it for a couple of years, but realized it needed basic services.  He approached a good friend of ours who owned a VW repair shop in Monterey Park.  Recently, this VW mechanic had purchased an ‘86 911 Carrera from us.  It was his first air-cooled Porsche.  He enjoyed it so much he decided he wanted to get an older one.  So, when he heard that this mostly 1-owner ’73 911 might be available, he worked out a deal and purchased it in December of 2015.

Although this owner had been working on air-cooled Volkswagens for over 40-years, he wasn’t as familiar with some of the nuances of the 911.  He consulted with some of the top local specialists for help.  Over the next couple of years, he got this 911 running great.  Highlights of the work he did included:

  • Reseal transmission/replace main shaft seal/inspect inside
  • Flush trans fluid – Swepco
  • New clutch kit
  • Adjust valves
  • New factory valve covers with gaskets
  • Rebuild pedal assembly/new bushings
  • Shift bushings and Wevo shift coupler
  • Bilstein sport shocks and struts
  • Repack CV boots
  • Adjust ride height/align
  • Reseal oil cooler
  • MFI hose and other fuel lines
  • Rebuild CDI unit and install electronic ignition
  • New H4 headlights
  • Master cylinder
  • Exhaust gaskets
  • New Hirschmann antenna
  • Momo Prototipo leather steering wheel with hub adapter (original available)
  • European turn signal lenses
  • Removed front and rear US rubber bumper guards
  • Rear chrome bumper guards
  • Hella through the grill fog lights

After two years of enjoying the car and improving on it, this owner retired and closed up his repair shop.  He no longer had the space to keep the car, so he sold it to the current owner on March 7th, 2018.  This new owner lives here in Orange County and is also a long time Porsche enthusiast who joins us on local vintage driving tours.  He had been looking for a good early long-hood 911.  Shortly after purchasing the car, he employed the help of Aase Motors as well as Bill Follmer (nephew of Porsche racing legend George Follmer) to take this 911 to the next level.  Highlights of the recent work performed include:

  • New windshield
  • Repair rust in headlight bucket
  • Repair battery box
  • Overhaul and refinish gas tank
  • Repaint front of car (fenders, hood, cowl, bumper and roof) by Shane East
  • Media blast front trunk and repaint
  • New hood, windshield, rear glass, and quarter glass seals
  • New Porsche batteries (2)
  • New Avon CR6ZZ tires (185/70-15)
  • Fresh RSR refinished 15×7 wheels (original 15×6 available)
  • Suspension tuning, alignment, and corner balance by Johnson alignment
  • Rebuild axles, new boots, CV joint gaskets
  • Motor mounts
  • New sport-style seats in leatherette with houndstooth inserts (original seats available)
  • New replacement dash

In total, the current owner spent $17,000.  Combined with the work performed by the previous owner, well over $25k has recently been invested in making this 911 survivor ready to be enjoyed.

The exterior of this 911 is in very good condition and shows no signs of abuse or repairs.  According to the original owner’s wife, he repainted the car sometime in the 80’s due to the silver turning to gold (common issue with early 2-stage Porsche clear coat).  Most of the door jambs as well as the engine bay wear the original paint.  East Auto Body and Paint just repainted the front half of the car and roof in the fall of last year.  The work is fantastic and looks great with spot on color match.  There are minimal signs of wear.  The doors, rear fenders, deck lid, and rear bumper are wearing nearly 40-year old paint and have some small chips and nicks (see photos).  The panel fit is excellent with proper gaps.  The doors close nicely with that signature ping.  The deco trim appears to be original and in excellent shape.  Some of the rubber in the trim has been replaced as has some of the body seals.  The license plate panel has a crease on the lower edge with some shallow dents.  The factory 7”x15” Fuchs are freshly restored in a proper RSR frosted finish with anodized lips.  They are wearing near new/full tread Avon tires.  The front brakes have about a third life and the rears are at about half life.  The glass is all original except the recently replaced windshield.  The glass is wearing the proper factory stampings and is in very good shape.  The original factory hood badge with proper orange bars is in amazing condition.  This badge in this condition is easily worth hundreds of dollars.  The deck lid grill and lettering is in original condition.  The car still wears its original blue CA license plate as delivered new.  The owner has carefully stacked each year’s registration sticker since new so that it’s now ½” thick (see photo).  The original stainless steel side mirror is in great shape.  All the exterior lights work properly as well.

The underside is incredibly clean and original.  There are no signs of abuse or damage and a large portion of the original factory cosmoline is still present.  The rockers, floors, and front pan are in excellent shape.  The battery boxes were recently replaced and the work done was excellent.  The heat exchangers were upgraded decades ago with SSI stainless steel units.  The car still has its original and rare Leistritz muffler.  It’s in decent shape with some a few areas of surface corrosion and a small thin spot on the underside of the muffler.  The engine is fairly dry.  There is some oil weeping on the lower passenger side valve cover, front seal, and oil return tubes.  Also, some oil present at the transmission front case half.  Several notable and well recognized Porsche mechanics have test driven this car and noted that it drove incredibly well and had strong power.  A leak-down and compression test were performed recently with decent results:

1)    140/5%  2)  115/10%  3) 125/4%  4)  130/3%  5)  135/3%  6)  135/3%

The interior is equally as nice and is mostly original.  The sport-style seats are new and show no wear.  The original flat seats are available for an additional fee.  The rear seats are original and show little to no wear.  The carpet is original and in fantastic condition.  Engine turned aluminum door thresholds are still in place as delivered new from the dealer.  This was an iconic finish commonly offered by SoCal Porsche dealers and is a signature item with the local Porsche hotrod scene of the early 1970’s.  The door panels are in very good shape and the door pockets show just some light wear.  The headliner is also original as are the sun visors.  Although there is some light staining on the headliner and the visors are starting to puff, they are in remarkable shape and certainly a testament to this car living in an inland SoCal garage all its life.  The dash is new and looks perfect.  All the gauges work except the clock.  The heating/ventilation system also works properly.  There is a hole between the smuggler box and under the carpet into the cabin where the A/C system once was.  It’s been covered with aluminum tape and carpet.  The original Blaupunkt radio works great as do the horn and interior lights.

This early long hood 911 drives fantastically.  The first time I took it for a drive, I immediately thought how perfect it would be on some of the long distance vintage tours/fun rallies we do.  The MFI system is tuned nicely and starts on the first try.  It holds an even idle with no backfiring or popping.  Once the engine warms up, the throttle response is excellent, and it is surprisingly quick for a stock 47-year old car.  It builds revs smoothly with no issues.  The previous owner had one of the top local early air-cooled Porsche mechanics take this 911 out for a test drive and he too remarked at how well it drove.  Shifting is one of the best I’ve felt in an early 915 gearbox.  It goes easily into gear with no grinding or slipping.  The brakes have wonderful bite with no fading and are easy to modulate.  The pedal position is ideal for heel-toe action.  The handling is crisp and light.  Turn in is excellent and the car tracks straight.  Steve Alarcon at Johnson’s Alignment did a perfect corner balance and alignment for spirited street driving.

California registration is current and paid to June of 2020.

This 911 comes with the spare wheel/tire, original tool kit, 2-original CA blue license plate, 2 keys, custom front Cocomats, owner’s manual, replacement maintenance booklet, vinyl manual cover, original early CA DMV registration slips, and recent service records.

*The following items are available for purchase in addition:

  1. Original 15×6 Fuchs date stamped 10/72 wheels wearing older Michelin Tires
  2. Original front seats
  3. Original steering wheel
  4. Dealer installed a/c parts

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

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Special Note

We appreciate the countless calls from brokers and dealers. As much as we would love to quickly “wholesale” this car to industry partners so they can make a quick profit, the car is on consignment (as are all of our offerings) and the owners have the final say.

If you have actually taken the time to read this far in our detailed description, I can’t imagine there are any questions you may have. However, if there is something I missed or you would prefer to hear the warm sound of a human voice (mine) reiterating the research I’ve provided above, I would be happy to help.

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