1976 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Coupe

California smog is the vintage car enthusiast’s antichrist.

This is the classic story of good versus evil.  The nemesis for California car folks is the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) who are the overlords of the vehicle emissions program.  Cars built from 1976 and newer require a smog test every 2 years.  I get cold sweats when I get my vehicle renewal and I see the large stamp across the letter that says, “SMOG TEST REQUIRED.”

In particular, non-catalyst Porsche Turbos (1976-1979) have become nearly impossible to pass this asinine test.  To just have a shot at passing, the car can not be modified and needs to have all the original smog equipment installed.  Fortunately, this first year Turbo Carrera was specially delivered new to California.  Yes, back then there were 49-state cars and then California delivered cars with special smog equipment.  However, when the previous Northern California owner purchased the car in 2001 from the San Diego owner, the smog equipment had been removed.  So, he parked the car for 17 years.

Time does not heal all wounds when it comes to CA smog.  The current owner secured all the proper smog equipment, restored the car, and passed the smog test with flying colors.  It’s a sweet feeling of victory that’s right up there with beating a speeding ticket.

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Fresh Restoration / Numbers Matching

Limited Slip Diff / California from New

Stock #1158

VIN # 93068xxxxx**

ENG# 6860xxx (930/51)**

TRN# 77603xxx (930/30)**

Numbers Matching

117,600 Original Miles

Less than 500 Miles on Restoration

  • Sienna Metallic (436/Z5) on Black Leather (66)
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Porsche Production Specifications (COA)
  • PCA Member Owned
  • California Porsche


The Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera was the first production turbo charged sports car in the world.  It was referred to as the internal code name of 930.  530 of these first year 3.0L Turbos were delivered to the U.S..  Many of these cars did not survive and even fewer have gone through a proper and thoughtful restoration with most of the original parts.

This Turbo was built on March 22nd, 1976 and was ordered with the following factory options:

  • U.S. Equipment for California
  • Light Alloy (Fuchs) Wheels (7×15 and 8×15)
  • Pirelli Tires
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Electric Sunroof

Although we don’t know the early history of this Turbo, it was delivered new in California and most likely somewhere in Southern California.  The earliest owner of record was  Mr. Joe Charles of San Diego, California.  He purchased the car on May 28th, 1992 with 85,759 miles.  A week after purchasing, he took it to Alan Johnson USA, the local Porsche dealer in San Diego, for inspection and service.  He drove it regularly and continued to service it often between the Porsche dealer and local independent shops.  At one point during his care, he replaced the turbo and did an engine reseal.  He kept the car for nearly a decade before selling it in the summer of 2001 to a Mr. Lorin Young of San Ramon, California with 116,786-miles.

Young bought it through an auction in San Diego.  He didn’t really understand what he was buying.  He was just a car enthusiast with a bunch of cars.  He thought he was buying a 911 SC.  He drove the car back to Northern California, where he lived and took it to his friend and mechanic, Eurotech German Auto Werks in Livermore, California.  They performed $4,600 worth of significant repairs including updated chain tensioner kit, clutch kit, sunroof motor/cables, and various engine seals.  However, the smog equipment had been removed and they still needed a smog pump to pass the California emissions test.  At this point, Young was no longer interested in the car and his wife wasn’t too happy about it either.  So, he paid his bill and just left it at his friend’s shop for 17-years until he finally sold it to the current owner on August 4th, 2018.

The current owner used Eurotech for service on his VW for years.  He had been eyeing this Turbo for the 5-years.  It just sat in the corner under a cover collecting dust.  The car was very original and complete.  Every time he went there, he bugged the owner about selling it.  Although the paint was probably original, it was too far gone to save.  These early 2-stage metallic paints just didn’t last long.

The next phase was a 22-month bare metal restoration by Pete Sorenson, owner of PBR Restorations in Crocket, California.  Pete has been restoring Porsches for over 40-years and is well known and respected in the early air-cooled Porsche world.  This example was very dry and straight, making it a perfect restoration candidate.

PBR tore the engine down to the case.  When apart, it looked as if the pistons and cylinders were brand new and had never been run. A meticulous rebuild was performed with the crank and rods being sent out for reconditioning and balancing while being assembled with ARP hardware.  Other highlights of the drivetrain rebuild included:

  • Reground cams to factory spec
  • Heads machined / valve job
  • Warm up regulator and fuel head rebuilt by CIS Flowtech
  • New fuel pumps
  • New chain tensioners
  • 3LDZ turbo rebuilt with new bearings and seals
  • CDI rebuilt by Bosch CDI expert Bob Ashlock
  • Oil pump rebuilt by Glenn Yee Motorsports
  • Original heater boxed restored and coated
  • New correct ‘76 turbo muffler sourced and cleaned
  • New Bosch fuel injectors
  • Restored rocker arms
  • Transmission rebuild
  •             1st and 2nd dog gears
  •             3rd and 4th sliders
  •             All synchros
  •             Check and clean limited slip
  •             Reseal/new gaskets

Further details of the other parts of the restoration included:


  • Repaint in correct original factory color using Glasurit paint.
  • All trim was either restored or replaced with period correct parts
  • Period correct Bosch tail light lenses
  • All bumper “accordions” replaced.
  • All new body seals and hood/decklid seals
  • NOS turn signal lenses and rear center reflector
  • NOS H4 headlight lenses
  • Restored the original rear tail and tail rubber
  • Restored wiper mechanism
  • New windshield
  • All door/window trim stripped and properly anodized
  • All new and proper period correct foil decals
  • Vin plate and color code plate reproduced to exact factory specification


  • Bilstein Sport shocks
  • Replaced all bushings in suspension and sway bars
  • Suspension parts cleaned, blasted, and powdercoated
  • Aluminum brake calipers restored by PMB
  • Fresh pads and rotors
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Turbo tie rods and ball joints
  • Wheels restored by Fuchs Restoration to correct finish
  • New OEM Pirelli Cinturato P7/N4 tires


  • Correct 1976 specifications including pigskin grain leather
  • Factory correct midnight blue carpet with turbo logo
  • Restore gauges
  • Recover leather steering wheel
  • All knobs and controls were either restored or replaced
  • New front and rear seatbelts
  • Sourced excellent condition door hardware and arm rests
  • Autos International provided the following materials/items:
  •             Headliner
  •             Door panels with pockets
  •             Garnish rail cover
  •             Rear panels and pillar posts
  • Carpet
  •             Perlon trunk carpet
  •             Dash recovered in leather

Being fresh out of restoration, this first year turbo looks crisp and new.  The paint is stunning with a deep luster.  There are no signs of use.  The glass looks great and is original except the correct stamped windshield that was replaced.  The anodized trim has the correct look.  The body gaps are excellent and all the panels fit properly.  The restored original Fuchs have no curb rashes or other significant flaws.  They are wearing new Pirelli tires.  The brakes are also new.

The interior looks and smells new.  The seats are perfect with no signs of wear.  The headliner, carpet, and door panels look fresh.  The dash is new with no cracks.  All the gauges work.  The electric windows, rear wiper, and sunroof also work properly.  The original radio works as well.  The A/C system is all original and complete, including the original red hoses.  The belt has been removed as the original compressor may not work.  All the interior and exterior lights work properly.

The engine bay is very tidy and also freshly restored.  The tins have been powdercoated and all the rubber and hardware is new.  The underside is equally as fresh and shows no signs of use.  It too has freshly finished suspension bits and hardware.

This 930 starts easily on the first try and holds a nice smooth idle.  The power delivery is classic early turbo with smooth revs climbing and then strong boost.  There is no hesitation or popping sounds.  The transmission shifts smoothly through all the gears with no grinding or slipping.  The brakes have good initial bite with no fading or pulling.  The handling is precise and the car tracks straight.

This Turbo has current California registration and just passed California’s strict smog/emissions test.

This Porsche comes with 1 key, Porsche Production Specification (COA), correct grey tool kit with all proper tools, replacement owner’s manual, correct Webasto air compressor, original jack, space saver spare, and 3-ring binder with 28-years of service/ownership/mileage history.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

The specified gallery is trashed.

1976 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Canyon Test Drive

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