1977 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Coupe

There’s the “Widow-Maker” and then there’s the “Doctor Killer.”

These were often used monikers for Porsche’s early air-cooled 911 Turbos.  The earliest of these were 3.0L cars with a big (for that time) single turbo.  People with far more money than talent were the typical buyers and in a short period of time found themselves careening off the road, back-end first.

The first two owners of this example had the car for nearly 40-years.  Of course, both were doctors.  The difference between the plain old “Widow-Maker” and the “Doctor-Killer” was the radio.  Physicians loved the Blaupunkt Bramburg model which allowed them to record audio notes while they drove.  How perfect for a car that already wants to end you.

This was possibly patient-zero for the original texting/driving distracted device.

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Paint to Sample Gazelle Metallic

Numbers Matching/California Car

Sport Seats / LSD / Badging Delete

1-California Owner for 35-Years

Stock #1155

VIN # 93078xxxxx**

ENG# 6870xxx (930/53)**

TRN# 7770xxx (930/33)**

Numbers Matching

52,300 Original Miles

Less Than 2,000 Miles on Major Engine Work/Disassembly

  • Gazelle/Comet Diamond Metallic PTS (406) on Dark Brown Leather (93)
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear Oregon Title
  • (Vehicle Located in Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Straight and Dry Chassis
  • PCA Member Owned
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity


The Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera was the first production turbo charged sportscar in the world.  It was referred to as the internal code name of 930.  Just over 2,800 of these Turbos were built worldwide and 727 delivered to the U.S. in 1977.  Many of these cars did not survive, let alone remain mostly original.  Furthermore, this model year received the upgraded brake booster, which made for significantly better stopping.

This Turbo was special ordered and built in September of 1976.  It was sold new by a San Francisco area Porsche dealer to a Mr. Ashraf Siddiq of Newark, California.  He ordered it with the following factory options:

  • US Equipment
  • Paint to Sample Metallic Paint
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Without Rear Model Designation
  • Electric Sunroof
  • Right Side Mirror
  • Sport Seats (L&R)
  • Pirelli P7 Tires
  • Blaupunkt Bramberg Radio w/Microphone (dealer installed)

Mr. Siddiq kept the car for a few years and sold it on September 22nd, 1980 with around 31,000 miles to a Dr. Robert Cartier of San Jose, California.  Dr. Cartier put most of the miles on it in the first 10-years of ownership.  During that decade, the following work was performed by T&D Porsche Works, Inc/TAG Porsche Motorsports in Campbell, California.   Major engine work was done in April of 1988 at 48,979 miles, which included:

  • Disassemble engine to case
  • Replace broken head studs with Devlar studs
  • Re-ring pistons
  • Rocker arms and shafts
  • Engine case brace
  • Reseal cam towers
  • Weld “Y-Pipe”
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Remove alarm system wiring
  • Reseal engine including upper and lower valve covers
  • Clutch kit
  • Master cylinder

Other significant services throughout the 1980’s during his care included:

  • Replaced both chain tensioners and chains
  • Routine services
  • Sunroof cables
  • Replace smog pump and diverter valve
  • Fuel distributor
  • Repair oil return tube seals

By the early 1990’s Dr. Cartier no longer drove the car on a regular basis and mostly kept it stored.  Finally, he sold the car at the end of 2015 after 35-years of ownership.  The next owner was a Mr. Julius Rutili.  Shortly after purchasing the car and even though it had only been a thousand miles since the engine was disassembled, Rutili hired AutoStrasse in Costa Mesa to perform an engine reseal, cleaning, and removal of carbon build up.  Doctor Detail of Costa Mesa was enlisted to do a cosmetic clean up as well.

The work performed included:

Major engine and transmission out service work by AutoStrasse in 2016 @ 51,947 miles

  •             Clean engine and transmission
  •             Major service including valve adjust, belts, air filter, and spark plugs
  •             Inspect and clean clutch assembly
  •             Replace throw out and pilot bearings
  •             Remove, inspect and clean top of engine
  •             Check cylinder heads
  •             Powder coat and anodize tins and hardware
  •             Test and clean injectors
  •             Test thermostat and replace O-ring
  •             Oil pressure switch
  •             Front pulley seal and seal front case
  •             Replace rear drive axles
  •             Service distributor/re-set timing
  •             Sound pad
  •             Fuel filter and accumulator
  •             Shift seal bushings
  •             Replace rear wheel bearings/service fronts
  •             Front and rear brake pads and rotors with fluid flush
  •             Repair wiring harness
  •             Steering column bearing bushing
  •             Valve cover gaskets
  •             Replace starter
  •             Hood and deck lid shocks

Cosmetic refurbishment by Doctor Detail also in 2016 @ 51k miles:

  •             Detail/touch up paint undercarriage and suspension
  •             Detail/touch up paint wheel wells
  •             Headliner replaced
  •             Paint windshield cowl, engine compartment, spoiler, and rear bumper

In total nearly $20,000 was invested in the recent refurbishment.  The current owner registered the car in Oregon, but it stayed here in the Los Angeles area.  In the last 3-years, this owner has only added a few hundred miles.  He had his mechanic, Fred Busche of Marina Del Rey, California, perform the following recent services:

  • Replace A/C condenser and blower
  • Dye test A/C system and recharge
  • Replace wiper washer motor
  • Lubed front torsion bar
  • Oil service
  • General inspection
  • Replace turn signal stalk/make sure all lights working properly

The exterior of this 930 looks fantastic.  It is one of the most unique shades of gold I’ve seen on an air-cooled Porsche.  It has a bit of a pastel hue with a touch of green in it.  This color was available as a special order option for 1974 and 1975.  The person who ordered this Turbo had to order via Porsche’s Sonderwunsch (special wishes) program as a “Paint to Sample” (PTS) order.  Research shows only 17 3.0L Turbos were delivered in this color for the entire production run.  Besides some of the recent touch-up paint work done by Doctor Detail 4-years ago, it appears that the car was probably repainted during the first owner’s care.  The door jambs and other hidden areas still retain their original paint.  This era of 2-stage metallic paints were notorious for having clear coat issues and most needed repaint within the first few years.  There are minimal signs of wear besides some light chips on the front bumper from use.  There’s also a small area of paint chipping by the sunroof as well as some slight hazing on the sunroof panel.  The anodized trim is in excellent shape with some typical age discoloration.  The rest of the trim and rubber looks equally as nice.  The body gaps are excellent and there are no signs of prior damage.  The glass is all original, including the windshield, and are wearing their proper factory stampings.  The original 16×7 and 16×8 Fuchs wheels appear to be wearing their original anodized/satin paint finish and show hardly any blemishes.  They are wearing OEM correct Pirelli P7 Cinturato tires installed in 2016.  They have near full tread and no signs of age.  The brake pads and rotors are also new.  All the exterior lights function properly.

The interior is especially nice and certainly indicative of a low-mile 44-year old Porsche that’s been well looked after.  It has a full leather interior that is original and in remarkable shape.  The leather sport seats are in excellent condition and have no rips or tears.  There is just some very light wear on the driver exit bolster jumbo welt.  The rear seats naturally look unused.  The carpet has no excessive wear marks or stains and the “turbo” stitching on the back of the rear seats is in good condition.  The headliner is original and has no tears or significant staining.  The original visors have some mild puffing, but in general are in excellent condition.  The door panels look great with minimal warping on the pockets.  The dash has no cracks and just some slight warping due to age on the edges.   The original rear view mirror and side mirrors have some age spots on the glass.  All the gauges work properly including the clock.  The power windows, mirrors, and sunroof all work.  The radio works as well, but the antenna doesn’t go up.  The A/C system blows, but not cool.  We had it inspected and it needs new fittings to insert fresh Freon.  The interior lights including the glove box light work.

These early 3.0L Turbos provide a special driving experience.  They are much more raw than the late 80’s 930s and exemplify Porsche’s struggle to make these GT cars or RS style sport purpose cars.  This example fires up on the first try and  holds an even idle with no excessive smoking.  The exhaust note is glorious and has a raspy mechanical sound without droning.  The throttle response is excellent and despite the typical lag, builds revs quickly.  Mastering heal toe/rev matching is particularly fun and satisfying.  The clutch works properly with no slipping.  The gearbox is smooth with just a slight weakness in the 2nd to 3rd gear synchro when shifting too fast.  The brakes have an excellent bite with no fading or pulling.  They have a much better pedal feel than the ’76 models.  The handling is crisp and despite the larger flares, quite nimble and delightful on a tight twisty road.

Although this is a California car and has been smog checked for decades, due to increasing standards, these cars have become increasingly difficult to pass the emissions test since they were non-catalyst cars from the factory.  The last time it was smog checked and passed was 2016.

This Turbo comes with two keys, owner’s manual, original tool kit, jack, space saver spare, thermal reactors, original car bra, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity,  most service receipts, and original sales receipts with transfers and registrations verifying miles/history.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

The specified gallery is trashed.

1977 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Drive through Angeles Crest Highway (ACH)

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