1982 Porsche 924 Turbo (931)

Stop bringing me cars I love.

As many of you know, my dad/partner (The Ed) constantly reminds me we’re running a dealership, not a museum.  But c’mon, you’ve seen some of the cars my clients have brought me to sell.  The temptation to keep them has always been strong.  In fact, that’s why I started this business.  I knew I couldn’t buy every car that I wanted.

When this 924 Turbo was dropped off last week, I immediately looked over at my dad.  Before I could say anything, he said “we are not keeping it.”  Like a kid being told he couldn’t keep a stray cat, I dropped my head.  I do love this 924 Turbo.  I love the uniqueness.  I love the cool history.  I love the way it looks.  And, I love driving it.

This is a good test of my willpower.  Or, one of you buy it so I have a chance of getting it back down the road?!

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Factory Carrera GT Conversion

Low Original Miles / Preservation

Original Window Sticker & COA

Stock #1145

VIN # WP0AA0930CN1xxxxx**

ENG# 31041xxx (M31/04)**

TRN# MB10xxxV (G016.G)**

Numbers Matchings

23,400 Miles (Believed to be Original)

  • Guards Red (G1) on Black Leather (LT)
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Mostly Original Paint/No Accidents
  • Clean Pennsylvania Title
  • (Vehicle located in Costa Mesa, California)
  • Original Window/MSRP Sticker
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Sale Pending

The Porsche 924 Turbo was offered to the North America market for only 3 model years.  1982 was the last year and only 876 units were delivered to the U.S. that year.  Internally designated as the 931 model, these 4-cylinder turbo-charged transaxle cars used a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder motor sourced from Audi.  They were hand assembled in Stuttgart with specially designed Porsche heads.  By the end of production, the North America models produced 154 hp but only weighed around 2,300 pounds.  With their balanced light weight platform,  they had similar performance levels as the 911 SC.

Al Holbert was one of the most winning Porsche race car drivers.  Eventually, he not only owned a Porsche dealership in Warrington, Pennsylvania, but he became the head of Porsche’s North American Motorsports division.  With the factory 924 Carrera GT hitting the race scene in the early 80’s, customers demanded a similar road-going version.  Due to U.S. EPA and DOT restrictions, this was not possible.  However, Holbert convinced Porsche to allow him to build and sell Carrera GT exterior body kits.  Some were installed by Holbert new and others were done after the fact.  The exact number of Holbert delivered Carrera GT conversions is unknown.  However, due to the high cost, probably very few and even fewer have survived.  The conversion cost in 1982 was $4,995, which was nearly 20% of the vehicle cost.  This was the equivalent of nearly $14,000 today.

This 924 Turbo was built on October 2nd, 1981 and sold new on February 20th, 1982 by Holbert Porsche + Audi of Warrington, Pennsylvania.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • U.S. Standard Emissions
  • Cassette Holder with Coin Box
  • Rear Fog Light Delete
  • Rear Badge Delete
  • Forged Alloy Wheels
  • Leather 4-Spoke Steering Wheel (363mm)
  • Electric Antenna w/4-Speakers

Before delivery, Holbert installed the factory Carrera GT conversion kit, which included the following fiberglass reinforced plastic components:

  • Front Fenders
  • Front Lower Bumper Valance/Spoiler
  • Rear Fender Flare Attachments
  • Lower Door Rocker Covers
  • GT Rear Deck Spoiler
  • Light and Bumper Package
  • Hand Painted Gold Pinstriping
  • 16” BBS-Mahle Alloy Wheels

The selling price per Holbert’s window sticker was $27,525.  That’s over $70,000 in today’s money.

We believe that this Turbo was owned by two local Pennsylvania Porsche enthusiasts for most of its life.   It was lightly used and always garaged.  Prior to 2017, it spent at least a decade in storage until the owner passed away and it was sold by Porsche of Conshohocken for the family.  We’ve had several experts inspect the car and based on its condition and originality, it appears the miles are accurate.  The Carfax report goes back to 2004 where supposedly the owner made a theft claim.  The car was recovered quickly and noted as minor to no damage.  We have further inspected the car and have found no signs of prior damage.  All the body panels are original as delivered new.  In the last few years, significant services were performed by the local Porsche dealer and a top independent specialist.  These included the following:

Services at Porsche dealer on 7/17 @ 21,415 miles:

  •             Oil service
  •             Brake fluid flush
  •             Coolant flush
  •             Transmission service
  •             A/C system service
  •             Replace tie rods
  •             Alignment
  •             Alternator bushings
  •             Repair windshield wipers
  •             Check exterior lights
  •             Inspection
  •             Bellows boot between air flow sensor and inlet pipe
  •             Service cost $4,900

Timing Belt service at The Porsche Specialist on 8/17 @ 21,650 miles

  •             Timing belt kit with tensioner
  •             Fuel filter
  •             Ignition wire set
  •             Spark plugs
  •             Distributor cap
  •             FI throttle O-ring
  •             Clean fuel tank and secondary fuel pump/screen
  •             Service cost $1,570

Brake system service at The Porsche Specialists on 10/17 @ 22,489 miles

  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Refurbished brake booster
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Restored original BBS wheels
  • Service cost $2,530

Paint refurbishment of fiberglass panels – 2019/2020

  •             Fix various paint blemishes
  •             Color match and blend
  •             Repair front bumper/spoiler from scrapes

In total, over $12,000 was recently invested in this Turbo preparing it for road use once again.

This 924 Turbo is in exceptional original/survivor condition.  The paint looks great and it appears the majority of the panels are original paint and verified with a paint meter.  There are hardly any blemishes.  The original hand painted pinstriping that was done when new is still in good shape with only a few spots of fading.  All the exterior lights work including the pop-up headlights.  The glass is all original including the windshield and wears the proper factory stampings as does the car’s etched VIN on each window (common practice in this era for theft protection).  There are a few minor wear spots on the trim as well as some touched up areas on the rear spoiler.  The BBS wheels were recently restored and show no curb rash or any other significant issues.  They are wearing near full tread Pirelli P7 tires that are dated 2017 on the fronts and 2015 on the rears.  They have no cracks or other signs of age.  At the most recent service, the Porsche dealer showed the brake pads also at near full life.

The interior is amazing with the highlight being the original dash with zero cracks.  This is rare as the 924 dashes were very fragile and almost all cracked within the first 5-years.  This is a testament to its sheltered life.  The leather seats are in excellent condition with no tears or rips and minimal exit bolster wear.  They are still firm and indicative of a low mile example.  The rear seats look new and unused.  The headliner, carpet, and door panels all look fresh with no stains, warping, sagging, or other common issues.  All the gauges work properly as does the clock.  The electric mirrors, antenna and windows operate properly.  The A/C system blows very cold thanks to its recent service.  The interior light also work.  The original radio powers up and sounds decent.

The engine bay is extremely tidy and wearing the proper factory decals and markings.  Everything looks stock.  The hood pad had come unglued, so the residual glue was cleaned, preserving the original underside paint.  The trunk also looks original with its original carpet and cargo-cover.  The original factory option sticker is still in place as well.  The underside also looks tidy with no signs of corrosion or damage.  It is indicative of a well preserved, low-mile example.

This 924 Turbo drives fantastically and what it lacks in straight line performance, certainly makes up for it with balanced handling.  It feels very light and nimble.  The handling is decent; however, a fresh set of shocks/struts would further improve the experience.  It starts easily on the first try with no smoking and holds an even idle.  The throttle response is decent, and the turbo makes some great whirring/whooshing sounds.  The shifting is smooth and direct with no slipping or grinding.  The brakes have excellent bite with smooth pedal modulation.  The handling is precise and the car tracks straight.  This Porsche can easily be used in a variety of activities from daily driving to Radwood show display to vintage touring events.  It turns heads everywhere and it’s just fun to drive.

This Porsche comes with one key, the owner’s manuals/books, original maintenance booklet, factory tool kit, jack, space saver spare, Porsche COA, window sticker, and recent service records.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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Special Note

We appreciate the countless calls from brokers and dealers. As much as we would love to quickly “wholesale” this car to industry partners so they can make a quick profit, the car is on consignment (as are all of our offerings) and the owners have the final say.

If you have actually taken the time to read this far in our detailed description, I can’t imagine there are any questions you may have. However, if there is something I missed or you would prefer to hear the warm sound of a human voice (mine) reiterating the research I’ve provided above, I would be happy to help.

If you put our company name in Google (AutoKennel®) you will see that we have been a long-time part of the Porsche community and have worked extremely hard to earn the positive reputation you will find. Feel free to reach out to our local PCA chapter (www.pcaocr.org) and the board members are familiar with us. Most in the club have known us for most of our 25-year membership involvement. Of course, if you would like more references, you will find countless testimonials on our website as well.

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