1983 Porsche 911 SC Coupe

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Don’t over think it.   Too many people looking for their first air-cooled Porsche obsess about this color, that year, or some other detail they read on a forum.  Don’t dwell on horsepower or quarter-mile figures.  All of this is an exercise in futility.  You’ll spend years looking for a car while others are actually out driving them.
The car you find won’t be exactly what you’re looking for…not by a long shot.  But, if you buy a good car, all of the other details simply won’t matter.  Looking out over the iconic hood of your 911 on a twisty road is far more interesting than the home screen of some used car website. 

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Factory Leather Sport Seats

Recent Top End Engine Rebuild

Fresh Transmission Synchros

New Head Studs/Chain Tensioners

2-Owner Southern California Car

Stock #1131

VIN # WP0AA0919DS1xxxxx**

ENG# 64D1244xxx (930/16)**

TRN# 74D1xxx (G915/63)**

Numbers Matching

92,100 Miles

1,500 Miles on Engine and Transmission Rebuild

  • Guards Red on Black Leather Sport Seats
  • 5-Speed Manual (915) Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • No Accidents/Clean Carfax®
  • Updated Carrera Chain Tensioners


Many regard the 911 SC among the best Porsches ever built.  They are simple and pure like the early 911s with an extremely reliable aluminum block 3.0-liter motor and rust resistant chassis.  I’ve always been a firm believer that these SC’s, with the proper care, will last forever.  Furthermore, I think these cars are among the best values on the classic car market, and one of my top all-time favorite sports cars from the 1980’s to drive.

This Porsche was built in October of 1982 and sold new on November 18th, 1982.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • US equipment
  • Blaupunkt radio – Monterey
  • Forged alloy wheels (Fuchs)
  • Leather sport seats
  • Wheel locks
  • Black headliner
  • Sport shocks
  • USA symbols/lettering for switches and instruments
  • Fog lamps
  • Top tinted windshield
  • Electric sunroof
  • Full leather interior
  • Tourist (European) delivery

The original owners were long time Porsche enthusiasts who ordered the car and took European/Tourist delivery at the factory.  They lived here in Orange County, California and primarily used the 911 as an extra weekend toy.  They consistently averaged around 2,500 miles per year.  The current owner knew the owners for many years and always liked the car and tried to buy it.  About 15-years ago, the husband passed away and his wife said it reminded her too much of him.  She finally sold it to the current owner about 12-years ago.  The current owner said that the husband had always told him that when they took delivery in Europe, he got a glimpse of the new Carrera and supposedly convinced Porsche to install a factory Carrera tail and front spoiler before the car shipped back to the U.S.  Although this is highly unusual, the rear spoiler does have the correct import emissions label from 1983 and it does not look like it’s new, altered, or installed at a later date.

The current owner was a long-time racer who competed in Porsche races with GT3 cup cars.  He purchased this 911 because he is 100% a Porsche person and wanted a fun street car to enjoy when he wasn’t on the track.  This suggests that the car was always properly driven. Since Aasco Performance maintained and provided support for his racecars, he had them help bring this SC to the next level.  Highlights of the work performed includes:

  • Engine Top End Rebuild work:
  •             Cylinders and pistons checked for correct tolerances
  •             New ARP head studs
  •             Fully rebuilt heads
  •                         Valve job
  •                         Valve guides
  •                         Valve springs
  •                         Three cut seats, etc.
  •             Re-ringed
  •             Timing chains
  • Oil fed Carrera chain tensioners by Vision Motorsports
  • New spec clutch
  • Trued flywheel
  • Transmission work
  •             New synchros
  • Early style sport exhaust system
  •             SSI stainless steel heat exchangers
  •             Stainless steel Dansk sport muffler
  • Bilstein sport shocks
  • New Spec Axels & Boots
  • Wevo solid motor mounts
  • Complete RSR steering linkage, corner balance, alignment by Steve Alarcon/Johnson Alignment
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Cross-drilled rotors and brake pads
  • Replaced starter (Spec starters tend to fail with heat)

Once the mechanical work was completed, this owner began to freshen up the cosmetics, which included:

  • H5 headlights with HID bulbs
  • 7” and 8” by 16” factory Fuchs wheels
  • Center Consol Delete for early style look
  • Leather door panels with red stitching
  • New headliner
  • Leather door tops
  • Leather dash
  • All new body seals/rubber

Recently, the car went to Vision Motorsports of Laguna Hills, California for a leak down test, break-in oil service, and the Carrera chain tensioner update.  This was done on 10/19 at 92k miles.  The leakdown numbers were excellent and ranged between 4-6% off of 100%.

About 4-years ago, this owner started a long battle with health issues and gave the car to his daughter who lives here in Orange County also.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t drive it, so the family has asked us to help find the next care-taker.

This SC is in very nice condition and clearly a well-cared-for local SoCal car.  The car has just the right stance/attitude with its European ride height settings.  The paint is in very good shape, but not perfect. The paint was visually inspected and checked with a paint meter.  Although to the naked eye, the paint has no color differences, it appears that the roof, passenger door, and driver rear quarter panel are original paint.  We believe the front (fenders, hood, and bumper) was repainted at one time due to rock chips.  Also, the rear deck lid, and right rear fender had some paintwork/blending at another time.  There are no signs of accident damage or filler used.  There was a large paint blemish on the front bumper, which has been touched up.  The glass is in great shape with no major chips or cracks.  Windows are tinted and are also in good shape.  The windshield is newer/replaced.  The rest of the glass is wearing the correct factory stampings.  The Fuchs wheels have been polished and are the desirable 7” and 8” width (1” wider than originals).  They are wearing proper Michelin tires dated 2013 that are near full tread.  They have some light superficial cracks on the shoulders.  The brakes are new with full life.  All the exterior lights work properly.

The interior is nice and was near completion when the owner got sick, so he didn’t have the opportunity to completely finish. The factory sport seats are in decent shape with the exception of a tear on the driver exit bolster.  The headliner is new and properly done.  The door panels and tops were recently redone in leather with red stitching.  However, the original pockets were in bad shape, so they were discarded, and new ones have not been sourced.  The dash was recovered in leather.  The carpet appears to be original and in good shape with no excessive wear.  Rear floor mats need to be installed.  All the gauges work properly including the clock.  Although the leather on the steering wheel is in good shape, we believe the steering wheel is broken as it will move when you apply pressure at the 12 o’clock position.  A complete Rockford Fosgate stereo system was installed some time ago.  It sounds very good.  The electric antenna works as new.  The fabric covering the door tweeters is coming loose and the covers for the parcel shelf speakers are missing.  The electric sunroof and windows work properly.  The driver electric mirror works, but the passenger side does not.  It’s most likely the control switch.  The A/C compressor has been removed so the air doesn’t blow.  The interior lights work, but the door switches are defective.  The door stays are in good shape and are not broken.

This 911 is really fun to drive and has a bit of that sport-purpose rawness to it.  It starts easily on the first try and holds a steady idle.  If it’s been sitting for a while, it will smoke a bit due to oil sitting in the bottom of the pan (common for period 911s).  The car is very rev happy and spools up quick with strong throttle response.  There is no hesitation and it runs through the rev range.  Shifting is smooth and precise with no grinding or slipping.  The solid transmission mounts were installed for more precise shifting, which is a plus for a period 915 gearbox. You do hear transmission whine, but the current owner is good with that as it sounds like period 911 race car gearboxes.  The brakes are fantastic with excellent pedal feel and bite.  They don’t fade or pull.  Handling is perfectly balanced thanks to Johnson’s alignment.  A fresh set of tires would make this the perfect backroads toy.  The exhaust note is the perfect sound and certainly is more reminiscent of early long hood RS sounds thanks to the backdated exhaust system.  However, a stock system with catalytic converter would need to be installed to pass California’s smog test.

This SC comes with two keys (one for door and one for ignition), tool kit, jack, car cover, dash cover, and jumper cables and original owner’s manual with tourist delivery form and cover.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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Special Note

We appreciate the countless calls from brokers and dealers. As much as we would love to quickly “wholesale” this car to industry partners so they can make a quick profit, the car is on consignment (as are all of our offerings) and the owners have the final say.

If you have actually taken the time to read this far in our detailed description, I can’t imagine there are any questions you may have. However, if there is something I missed or you would prefer to hear the warm sound of a human voice (mine) reiterating the research I’ve provided above, I would be happy to help.

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