1969 Porsche 912 Coupe Numbers Matching

  Stock #1310   VIN: 129021xxx**      ENG# 4094xxx (616/40)**   TRN# 5091xxx (902/14)**   Numbers matching   41,500 Miles on Odometer   Less than 200 miles on full restoration including drivetrain   Slate Grey (6801) on Black Leatherette (9822)   4-Speed Manual Transmission   Clean and Clear California Title   Porsche Kardex (copy)

912s have been rapidly gaining in popularity.  What was once seen as a less expensive alternative to the 911 and a better balanced/handling car, has now started to appeal to collectors and enthusiasts?  However, despite the increased interest, the cost of restoration is no different than a 911.  As a result, very few are fully restored and rather survivors that have been refurbished.  This example was a bare metal nut and bolt restoration.  The ’69 model year was also the last of the early examples and the only year to get the longer wheel base.  In particular, the Karmann body examples were reported to be the lightest chassis built combined with the 912 weighing 200lbs less than the 911, which made for a very nimble fun driving sports car.

This Porsche was built on January 24th, 1969.

  • U.S. Equipment
  • Chrome Wheels 5-1/2 x 15
  • Tinted Windows all Around
  • Roof Ski Rack with Leather Straps for Coupe
  • Quartz-iodine Fog lights, White, Under Front Bumper
  • Front Bumper with Rubber Inserts
  • Rear Bumper with Rubber Inserts

The first owner was William Henry Vernor of Laguna Beach, California.  It’s unclear how long he owned the car.  There’s no other history on the car except that it lived in Southern California its whole life.  Early on in its life, the car was repainted a light ivory color.  By the early 1980s, the car was parked in a SoCal carport where it sat for over 3 decades.  Eventually, the family had an estate sale and a local enthusiast purchased this 912 with the intent to restore back to new.  The first step is he had the engine rebuilt by Grant Kaepplinger, owner of Accutrack in Manhattan Beach, CA.  The rest of the restoration was handled by two German ex-pats (one who used to work for the Porsche factory).   These German mechanics work specifically for special clients whose collections they manage.

Halfway through the restoration, the person who found this survivor project decided he didn’t want to wait any longer and sold it in mid-stream to a friend who is the current owner and lives in the Los Angeles area.  In total, the project took nearly 6 years to complete.  It was finished earlier this year and only has 150 break-in miles so far.  We have over 300 photos of the restoration process.

The goal of the restoration was to preserve and restore as many of the original parts as possible.  All the metal panels are original.  Here is a list of original parts preserved or restored:


  • All window glass (except for windshield)
  • All window chrome (original and unrestored)
  • All door frames
  • Rear side window frames
  • Door handles
  • Door locks
  • Door latches
  • Wheels (date stamped end of 1968)
  • Hubcaps (unrestored)
  • All light housings restored with new lenses
  • Hood, fenders, doors, decklid, and bumpers
  • Rear bumper guards
  • Brake calipers yellow plated
  • Suspension parts black powder coated
  • Steering rack
  • Fog lights (refurbished housings and new glass lenses)
  • Front horn grills
  • All decklid letters


  • Steering wheel and column
  • Turn signal switches
  • Dashboard
  • Gauges by North Hollywood Speedo
  • Kneeboards
  • Shifter
  • Emergency brake
  • Window regulators
  • Seats, seatbelts, and seatbelt latches
  • Armrests and door openers
  • Pedal assembly
  • Complete vent & heating system rebuilt

Here’s a list of new parts purchased to complete the build.  Anything replaced was purchased from top quality vendors such as Porsche Classic:


  • Windshield and wipers
  • Chrome rings for headlights
  • All corner light & taillight lenses
  • All rubber seals
  • All bumper chrome moldings
  • Side door moldings
  • Side mirror
  • Decklid grill-original (proper 1-year only 3-bar grill)


  • Headliner, rear mirror, and sun visors
  • Carpet
  • Floormats
  • Door panels and pockets
  • Rear side panels
  • Gas pedal
  • Gas tank and sensor
  • New battery

Other new mechanical parts include:

  • New Koni Classic shocks/struts
  • New axle shafts
  • All steel and rubber brake lines
  • Brake pads with drilled rotors
  • Brake master cylinder

The restoration was completed towards the end of 2021.  The owner had it delivered to us and we started our process of going through the car.  In late December 2021, we had our mechanic go through the car and perform the following services, which he finished on 1/11/22:

  • Complete engine gasket kit
  • Fresh break-in oil service
  • Properly plate engine hardware
  • Replace generator and regulator
  • Refinish engine tins
  • Replace engine seals
  • New factory orange-bar hood crest

The exterior of this 912 is fresh from the restoration.  It was restored as a high driver level.  The paint has a deep shine and looks great.  Although it is not a Pebble Beach level paint job, it was stripped to the bare metal.  There are a few minor chips here and there that we’ve had professionally touched up.  Most of the deco trim and brightwork is original and in nice survivor condition with minor scratches.  The windshield was replaced with a correct Sigla-stamped factory replacement.  The rest of the glass is original to the car and has some light scratches here and there.  All the rubber trim and seals have been replaced.  All the exterior lights work.  The original steel wheels have been stripped and chromed as per the original factory delivery. They are wearing new Pirelli tires that were installed in 2020 and have full tread.  The stainless hubcaps are original to the car and unrestored.  The brakes are also near new.

The interior was also completely restored and looks fresh.  Everything on the interior is new or restored with the exception of the original seatbelts, which are wearing the proper factory tags.  The seats are original to the car and can accept a headrest.  The original headrests were damaged beyond repair and the owner preferred the look without them.  The door panels have been restored with the correct factory door pockets and look great.  The dash, seats, and door tops were upgraded to leather.  The interior lights are not working.  The radio has been upgraded with a vintage-style modern radio that does work.  All the gauges work.

This 912 drives extremely tight and nimble.  It starts easily and holds an even idle once warmed up.  The power is surprisingly strong with no hesitation throughout the rev range.  The 4-speed transmission is ideally suited for this car as the gearing is perfect for city driving while still not being buzzy at freeway speeds.  Gear selection is extremely smooth and the clutch is easy to operate.  The exhaust note has a nice rasp to it without being droning.  The steering is extremely light and easy to toss into corners while also very stable at higher speed turning.  The brakes have excellent bite and pedal feedback with no fading.  The car tracks straight.  This would be the ideal example for vintage touring events or even longer weekend drives.

This 912 is currently California registered to September of 2022.

This Porsche comes with 2 keys, copy of the Porsche Kardex, memory stick with restoration photos, and the original spare wheel with tire.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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