1970 Porsche 911 T Coupe “S” spec – 207hp Engine

  Stock #1319   VIN: 9110124032   ENG# 6109848 (911/07)   TRN# 7107450 (911/01)   Numbers Matching   19,300 Miles on Odometer (119,300 chassis miles total)   Less than 2,000 Miles on Engine & Transmission Rebuild   Light Yellow/Hell Gelb (117)   Black Leatherette (11) with Houndstooth Inserts   5-Speed (901) Gearbox   Clean Florida Title (Vehicle Located in Costa Mesa, CA)   Porsche Certificate of Authenticity   Original Maintenance Record Bookle   PCA Member Owned

After driving hundreds of longhood 911s over the years, the ‘70/’71 model years with their 2.2L engines are among my favorites.  There is something special about how these motors rev and their visceral nature.  The dog-leg gearbox is perfectly matched to the power.  The way 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears form the perfect “V” pattern, makes it a joy to shift.  If you enjoy vintage driving events/tours, then a 2.2 911 is the perfect choice.

This Porsche was one of the last built for the 1970 model year and was most likely built in late July of 1970.  It was sold new on September 30th, 1970 by Dick Barbour Porsche + Audi of San Diego, California.  It was ordered with the following options:

  • US equipment
  • Light metal wheels – 6J x 15 (Fuchs)
  • Retractable antenna – left
  • Tinted glass all around
  • Comfort package (aka S package):
    • S deco trim
    • Aluminum thresholds
    • S gauges
    • Leather wrapped steering wheel

This first owner leased the car through his business and kept it for 16 months.  During that time, it was serviced at either Dick Barbour Porsche or Dieter’s Independent Porsche Service in San Diego.  The car was sold to Robert Dublin of Rochester, New York on January 31st, 1972 with 16,504 miles.  Robert stayed in California for a few months before driving the car back to New York later that summer.  Before leaving, he had Dieter install a new clutch in March of 1972 with 18k miles.  He kept the car for nearly 2-years and added nearly 30k miles.  He sold it to Chuck Hickmott, an engineer from Minoa, New York on October 5th, 1973 with 46,40 miles.

Chuck was the primary owner and went on to own this 911 for 42-years and added another 70k miles.  We have service receipts dating back to the mid-1980s.  Most of the miles were added in the 1970s.  For several years, Chuck worked in Germany.  During that time, he put this 911 on jack stands, drained the fluids, removed the batteries, covered it, and stored it in a climate-controlled garage.  Chuck was very attentive with his service regiment.  He performed routine oil services and other normal maintenance.  In the early 2000s, Chuck would spend the winters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and the summers in Syracuse, New York.  He brought the car with him.  He eventually moved there full-time.  Significant work done during his care included the following:

  • Refinish factory “Deep 6” Fuchs by Wheel Enhancement (07/01 @ 113k miles)
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers (08/02 @ 113,595 miles)
  • Replace front suspension pan and repair battery boxes (09/04)
  • Suspension work (10/04 @ 114,193 miles)
    • Front strut assemblies and inserts
    • Turbo tie rod s
    • Lower ball joint
    • New outer wheel bearings
    • Repack inner bearings
  • Repaint entire car (04/07)
    • All new rubber seals
    • New driver door stay/brake
  • New oil tank and lines (10/10 @ 115,652 miles)

Chuck sold this 911 to the current owner on March 23rd, 2015 with 116,088 miles.  The current owner is a long time enthusiast who joins us regularly on vintage tours.  Although the current owner spends time in Florida and New York, his son lives here in Orange County, California and the car stays here quite a bit.  He frequently uses it to join us on events like the Targa California as well as jaunts to Borrego Springs with his son.  He keeps the car at a local storage facility with regular visits to a local Porsche specialist.  Over the past 7-years he’s only added another 3k miles.  However, he’s done considerable work to bring this excellent survivor to the next level.  Highlights of work done include:

  • GTS Sport S leather seats with houndstooth inserts (03/15)
  • Initial work after purchase (2015 @ 116k mile)
    • Install updated hydraulic chain tensioners
    • Replace chain ramps
    • New shift bushings and clutch trunnion
    • Fuel filter
    • New door stays/brakes (both sides)
    • PMO carburetors
    • Momo steering wheel
    • H4 Euro headlights
    • Front “S” bumper
    • Bilstein shocks/struts all the way around
    • Front and rear brake pads, clean calipers, reseal, and flush system
    • CD ignition box
    • New windshield
    • Sport muffler (appears to be factory, which is rare)
    • Recurve ignition distributor
  • Complete engine rebuild by Orbit Racing of Riviera Beach, FL (01/17 @ 17,500 miles)
    • Full disassembly of the engine
    • Clean, inspect, and measure all parts
    • All new engine bearings, gaskets, and seals
    • 911 S counterbalanced crankshaft
    • Pauter 2.2L connecting rods
    • Time cert crankcase and head studs
    • Mahle 911 S spec 9.8:1 compression pistons & cylinders
    • Port, polish, machine heads, valves, guides, and springs
    • Refinish engine tins and intake manifolds
    • Deck engine case
    • Inspect, clean, and polish oil pump
    • Rebuild distributor
    • Rebuild rocker arms and polish shafts
    • Modify oil pressure relief galley in crankcase for new bypass piston
    • Dougherty camshafts DC40 Mod-S spec
    • New alternator fan
    • Programmable 3-pin CDI box
    • Engine wiring harness
    • Engine sound pad
    • New axles/drive shafts with new CV boots
    • All new fuel lines
    • Dyno runs/tuning – 180 HP+ @ 7,200 rpm at the rear wheels
    • VDO electronic tachometer
    • Rebuild fuel pump
  • Suspension system upgrade by Orbit Racing (02/17 @ 17,500 miles)
    • Complete disassembly, clean, and inspect suspension parts
    • Replace all wheel bearings
    • All new ball joints
    • Elephant Racing front A-arm poly bronze bushings
    • Elephant Racing adjustable top strut camber plates/mounts
    • Elephant Racing adjustable rear spring plates
    • Elephant Racing trailing arm bushings
    • Elephant Racing engine and trans mounts
    • Strip and epoxy primer suspension/chassis parts
    • Prime and powdercoat suspension parts
  • Transmission rebuild by Orbit Racing (02/17 @ 17,500 miles)
    • Complete disassemble of gearbox
    • Clean, measure, and inspect all parts
    • Guards limited slip differential
    • Set up pinion depth and backlash
    • All new synchros and bearings
    • Resurface flywheel and new clutch
    • All new seals and gaskets

Shortly after delivery, this owner invested $85,000 on a complete mechanical overhaul of most every major component.  Other recent services include:

  • Oil service, valve adjust, valve cover gaskets (8/18 @ 18,830 miles)
  • Tune carbs, shift coupler, new retracting 3-point seat belts (9/18 @ 18,845 miles)
  • New fuel tank and lines (05/19)
  • Oil service (08/20 @ 18,545 miles)
  • Pirelli CN36 tires – 185/70-15 (2020)

This 911 is an excellent high example for those who want a well-sorted and fun driving early air-cooled experience.  The exterior is in great shape, especially for being a 14-year old refurbishment.  There are no major flaws…just some minor nicks here and there from typical use.  The brightwork appears to be original and in good shape with some light oxidation and scratches.  The photos show a “911 E” deck lid badge.  However, we found the original badge that came with the car and reinstalled it.  The “orange bar” hood crest is original and in very good shape.  The windshield was replaced and has no major cracks or chips, just some light road rash.  The rest of the glass is original and wearing the proper factory stampings.  The rear glass rubber has some cracking.  The factory “Deep Six” Fuchs wheels were restored years ago by Wheel Enhancement.  They have held up well with minimal signs of age.  They are wearing near full tread Pirelli tires that were installed last year and less than 1,000 miles ago.  The front brakes are at near full life and the rears are at 75% life.

The interior is equally nice and is very original (except the seats).  The front seats are reproduction sport-seats that were recently installed and still look new.  New retractable seat belts were also installed for easier use.  The rear seats are original and in good shape.  The headliner is also original and shows some light age and staining but no significant tears or rips.  The interior lights work.  The door panels are also original and in excellent shape with minimal warping of the pockets.  The original “S” carpet also looks great with just a few minor spots of wear, but no staining or other major blemishes.  The dash is also original and in very good shape with just two very tiny cracks near the speaker grill.  The speaker grill has no cracks and no warping.  All the gauges work properly, including the original clock.  The tachometer has been refinished to reflect the new “S” redline of 7,200 rpm.  The original Blaunkpunkt Frankfurt radio works as well.

The engine bay is very tidy and looks fresh with refinished tins and hardware.  The paint in the engine bay, trunk, and underside is original.  The trunk area is also nice and shows some light wear on the original finish.  The gas tank is new.  The rare original fiberboard fuse panel cover is in place and in good shape.  The chassis/underside is very dry with no signs of any damage or corrosion.  The engine is very dry with no significant leaks or other issues.  Everything on the underside looks new and tidy.

This 911 drives fantastically and is definitely a sleeper.  Other than the ride height/stance attitude, no one would suspect how quickly it drives.  It starts easily and holds an even idle with the help of the working hand throttle.  Once warmed up, it pulls hard through the rev range, especially past 4k rpm.  The engine has a great sound, thanks partially to the factory sport muffler.  It’s quieter when just putting around and doesn’t drone.  The engine has no hesitation and is tuned perfectly.  The transmission shifts smoothly through all the gears with no grinding or slipping.  It’s one of the better 901 boxes I’ve shifted.  The brakes have excellent bite with no fading or pulling and easily handle the upgraded power.  The handling is tight and responsive with excellent turn in without sacrificing freeway driving comfort.

This Porsche 911 comes with extra keys, the original owner’s manual with correct/original vinyl cover case, original Hirschman antenna instructions with 2 antenna keys, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA), original maintenance booklet with factory stamps as well as prior owner sheets, service records going back to 1977, full CocoMats® including front rear and center tunnel, original tool kit, original spare wheel with tire, and original Bilstein jack.

*Available for an additional fee (located in East Hampton, NY 11937) are these original parts: front bumper, under bumper amber fog lights, original flat seats (tired) with no headrests, and original Zenith carburetors.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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