1974 Porsche 911 RS Sport Purpose Coupe

  Stock #1182   VIN # 911410xxxx**   ENG# 64H03xxx – 930/25 (1987 Carrera 3.2 Aluminum Case Engine)**   TRN# 74D5xxx (915/63)**   7,200 Miles on Odometer/Restoration   Less than 10,000 Miles on Engine/Trans Rebuild   Silver Metallic (936) on Black Leather   5-Speed Manual Gearbox (915)   Clean and Clear California Title   No Accidents/Very Dry and Straight Body   1-California owner for 30-Years   PCA Member Owned


The 1974 model year has become a great alternative for building hotrod 911s.  They are smog exempt and still very light:  just under 2,400 pounds in stock form.  However, finding a good solid and dry chassis is becoming increasingly difficult.  Finding a well-documented and low-ownership SoCal example is like finding a needle in a haystack.

This 911 was sold new by a local Los Angeles area Porsche dealer to a Mr. William Shedd of Cerritos, California.  He kept the car for 4-years/50k-miles before selling it to a Mr. Howard Powell of Carson, California on December 20th, 1977.  Mr. Powell was employed by American Airlines and had always wanted a Porsche 911.  He purchased it shortly before his kids were born.  For the next 20-years, he used the car as his commuter and for the last 10-years it became more of a weekend car.  It was well cared-for and never abused.  In fact, he serviced the car with the same mechanic for most of its life.  It was clear during the restoration that this 911 had never been hit or damaged.

The current owner purchased this Porsche from Mr. Powell on December 8th, 2009.  Prior to purchase, he had a local shop perform an inspection and found the car to be a good dry straight survivor.  The car was just a driver, but this owner had other plans.  He had wanted a 1974 911 ever since he saw his first new 911 in 1974.  He’d owned a few other Porsches over the years but he never forgot his first love.  So, when he found this car for sale on a local listing, he checked it out and then bought it.  When he purchased the car, it had a 3.0L SC motor installed (about 50k miles prior) as the original motor was tired and not worth rebuilding at the time.  Also, the car had been repainted in black.  Initially, he had the car serviced at Hergesheimer Motorsports.  He wanted to drive it around for a bit before he began the project.

The full restoration/build of this 911 began in February of 2009.  Phase one started with Dave at TRE Motorsports.  Dave had a pair of original factory ’73 RS steel flares that this owner wanted installed.  The work performed by TRE included:

  • Butt welded RS rear flares (lots of metal work with minimal filler – see pics)
  • IROC front and rear bumpers (narrow body) with Hella license plate lights
  • Fabricate supports for bumpers
  • Ducktail rear wing
  • Aero side mirrors
  • H4 headlamps
  • Factory chrome decklid grill
  • Correct RSR style front oil cooler/panel with trunk modification (for proper air circ.)
  • Replace front suspension pan and repair jack points
  • RSR front strut brace with gusseted supports
  • Bolt-in street/ST-style B-roll hoop
  • SSI stainless heat exchangers with M&K 2-in/2-out sport muffler
  • Repair heater controls
  • 7×15 and 8×15 factory Fuchs restored/anodized by Al Reed
  • Carbon cover for heater
  • Install fresh (3-4k miles) 3.2L engine and 915 transmission (1k-miles)
  •             Fuel system conversion
  •             ECU wiring
  •             Convert pedal assembly
  •             Replace oil system
  •             Convert axles
  •             Wevo motor mounts
  •             Sensors, lines, hoses
  •             Alternator
  •             Steve Wong chip
  •             Transmission rebuilt by TRE with fresh clutch

This 3.2L Carrera engine was from a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera.  In 2007, it went through an extensive rebuild by Precision Motorsports.  Shortly thereafter, the car was acquired to be use in the TV series Saving Grace with Holly Hunter.  TRE Motorsports was responsible for preparing and maintaining the car during filming.  When the 911 was no longer needed, the drivetrain was installed in this RS.  At the time of install, the motor had a few thousand miles on it and the transmission had about 1,000-miles.  At the time of the rebuild, this engine had about 115k miles on it.  Highlights include:

  • Recondition/resurface cylinder heads and valve seats
  • Cylinder rings and valve guides
  • Exhaust and intake valves
  • Dilavar headstuds
  • Piston rings
  • Machine barrels
  • Chain tensioners, rails, and ramps
  • Full engine reseal
  • Replace rear main seal and most other gaskets
  • Crankshaft seal
  • Oil lines and head temp sensor

This owner is very particular and took on the role of a general contractor.  He researched every part that went into the car as well as kept careful notes.  He also used different shops to perform the work as he wanted it done a certain way.  This resulted in trailering the car back and forth for hundreds of miles all over Southern California.

The paint and body was by Mark Tyler of Qualtech Autobody in San Diego.  Mark is well known in the local Porsche community and has painted many club racers as well as some notable street hotrods.  TRE had already done the fitment of the RS flares, ducktail, and bumpers.  The existing paint was then removed down to the bare metal as well as taking out all the glass and trim.  The chassis was found to be very straight.  It was repainted in its original factory silver.

Custom Interior by Ocean Beach Auto Upholstery of San Diego:

  • Most of interior in leather with Alcantara® accents and French seams
  • Recovered dash (lower and glove box in Alcantara®)
  • RS America door panels with Alcantara uppers and perforation for speakers
  • Alcantara headliner, pillars, and sun visors
  • Dynomat sound deadening
  • Porsche Silverknit carpet
  • Full leather correct ’74 (one-year only) sport seats
  • 930S thick leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Custom gauges restored by North Hollywood Speedo with LED lighting

Suspension and brakes by Jae Lee of Mirage International, Inc.:

  • Koni sport shocks and strut inserts
  • Factory spring plates
  • Poly bronze bushings/cad plate all hardware
  • Sealed rear trailing arm monoball
  • ERP 935 front bump steer kit
  • 21mm/27mm torsion bars
  • 22mm front sway bar
  • Corner balance/alignment (weight = 2,314 w/half tank of gas)
  • Turbo tie rods
  • 930 brake kit/custom fit to clear 15” wheels (calipers, lines, and rotors)
  • 21mm brake master cylinder

Just shy of 2-years later, the project was completed.  Continued maintenance was mostly performed by Aase Motors of Fullerton, California.  Other recent service items include:

  • Regular oil services
  • New high performance starter
  • Replace front and rear brake pads (930)

The current Orange County owner has continued taking this 911 to Aase for routine services and inspections with the most recent one being on 5/6/20 and included the following services:

  • Oil service (Brad Penn 20/50)
  • Brake fluid flush (Castrol LMA)
  • Transmission fluid service (Valvoline 80/90W)
  • Spark plugs (NGK BP7ES)
  • Aluminum pedal kit
  • Wevo classic shifter assembly


This 911 is spectacular and although it’s been nearly 8-years/7k-miles since it was finished, it still looks very fresh.  The paint has a nice deep shine to it as well as the proper German metal flake.  There are minimal signs of use as this owner primarily used it as a weekend car and show cruiser.  The glass is in great shape with no major flaws.  The 15” Fuchs have the correct finish and no curb rashes.  They are wearing older BFG tires with about half tread depth.  The brakes are at 75% life.  The brightwork around the windows is original and has some minor scratches.  All the exterior lights work.

The underside and engine bay are just as nice.  The floor looks great and is original.  There are no significant scrapes or damage.  The underside of the engine is very dry.  The engine bay is tidy and looks typical of a fresh build.


The interior looks equally as good and shows minimal wear.  The leather sport seats have no cracks or tears and just some slight discoloration on the driver exit bolster.  The headliner, carpet, door panels, and dash are all like new.  The gauges all work properly and have LED lights for better visibility.  The stereo and heat both work nicely.

Of course, the best part is the way it drives.  I just did a 150 mile drive, which included mountain roads and freeways.  It was wonderful in all conditions.  The handling is precise and well balanced.  It’s very easy to drive fast.  The brakes have tremendous bite with no fading or pulling.  The motor sounds great and makes a wonderful exhaust note without droning.  The power is intoxicating as it feels like it wants to pull through all the revs forever.  Shifting is smooth with no grinding or slipping.  The synchros feel tight.  This is 911 would be fantastic on a nice long vintage tour/back road event.

This example is smog exempt and its current California registration is good to May of 2021.

This 911 comes with over 40-years of service records, build receipts, original owner’s manual, space saver spare, and an extra key (2 total).

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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