1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa California Porsche from New Original Paint

  Stock #1532   VIN: WP0EB091XFS1xxxxx**   ENG# 64F00xxx (930/21)**   TRN# (915/68)**   96,300 Miles   Guards Red (027/G1) on Black Leather (LE)   5-Speed Manual (915) Transmission   Clean and Clear California Title   Clean Carfax® / No Accidents / Original Paint   Original California Porsche   Porsche Build Sheet   Original California Sunset License Plate
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I’ve preached for years about early Carreras being my personal favorites of the “Impact Bumper” era cars.  Although the later G50 transmissions are stronger, the last years of the 915 gearboxes are the best of a 15-year run and were much lighter.  As a result, these cars feel quicker and much more responsive than the heavier G50 cars.  The gearboxes are very strong and durable if you shift them properly.  They force you to learn how to correctly drive an air-cooled 911.  I love this generation of 911s so much that I have one of my own.

This Carrera was built on October 25th, 1984, and sold new by Sunnyvale Porsche + Audi (Now Stevens Creek Porsche) in Northern California on January 17th, 1985  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • California Emissions
  • Central Locking System
  • 16” Fuchs Forged Alloy Wheels
  • Cruise Control
  • Full Power Seats (left and right)
  • Sport Shock Absorbers
  • Goodyear Tires

The MSRP was $38,581.  This is equivalent to $107,608 in today’s money.

The first owner lived in Northern California and kept this 911 for a couple of years and around 14k miles before selling it to Tom MacDonald of Cupertino, California.  That 2nd owner kept this 911 for the next 34 years and added an additional 78k miles.  He was fastidious with his maintenance regimen and kept a detailed log of all his services during his care.  Highlights of repairs during his care include:

  • Oil services (non synthetic) every year/5k miles
  • Valve adjustments every 10-15k miles
  • Brake flush/air filter/fuel filter regularly
  • Liqui-Moly valve clean and injector cleaner twice a year/every 500 miles
  • 30k mile major service and brakes (9/91 @ 30,413 miles)
  • 45k mile service, left cam oil line, windshield washer pump (9/98 @ 45,948 miles)
  • Driver side door latch and lock repair (4/00 @ 55,253 miles)
  • 60k mile major service including v-belts (5/01 @ 62,093 miles)
  • Replace alternator and new battery (10/01 @ 64,086 miles)
  • Change oil line down the body to oil cooler from reservoir (11/06 @ 71,821 miles)
  • Oil leaks repair and other services (06/07 @ 73,293 miles)
    • Right cam oil feed line
    • Repack front wheel bearing
    • Replace passenger side rear wheel bearing
    • Brake fluid flush and oil service
    • Check alignment
    • Replace transaxle seals
    • Transmission fluid flush
  • 75k mile service including Cera Tec motor protector service – lasts 35k miles(4/98 @ 75,183)
  • Replace shocks/struts, alignment, cruise control cable (8/08 @ 76,041 miles)
  • Replace 3 oil lines, transmission gasket, trans fluid, brake flush (7/15 @84,001 miles)
  • Major service/valve adjust, thermostat (6/18 @ 87,236 miles)
  • Front and rear brake pads, rotors, fluid flush (10/21 @ 91,670 miles)
  • Final oil service prior to selling (9/22 @ 92,070 miles)
  • Steering column bushing, windshield washer pump for new owner (12/22)

This primary owner sold his 911 to the current Orange County enthusiast on the day before Thanksgiving, November 23rd, 2022 with 92,297 miles.  The new owner flew to Northern California to meet the seller, go over the car, and drive it 435 miles back home to Southern California.  The trip was perfect and uneventful, and he noted in his car journal, “I’ll always remember the sunset shining off the front fenders while driving down the 101.  The car handled fabulously the entire way.  It was such a treat.  I didn’t turn the radio on the entire time.”

For the last couple of years, this owner has added 4k miles of light weekend driving and one trip to Good Vibes Breakfast Club at Newcomb’s Ranch off of Angeles Crest Highway.  This owner continued the previous owner’s tradition of a service journal.  Besides events he drove to, he included dates and miles for services, which included:

  • Michelin Pilot Exalto N0 tires (2/23 @ 92,937 miles)
  • Clean valve Liqui Molly added (8/23 @ 94,511 miles)
  • Oil service – Castrol GTX 20w-50 and air filter (12/23 @ 95,346 miles)
  • New ignition coil, new DME relay, all new fuses, removed old car alarm (2/24)

Recently, this owner’s family expanded with a newborn baby and puppy.  As a result of life changes, he unfortunately has to part ways with this Carrera.

The exterior of this Targa is stunning, especially considering how original everything is.  This one looks on par with the sub-25k mile examples we’ve sold.  The paint has a deep shine to it and as you can read from the primary owner’s log, it was truly pampered with regular details.  It was always garaged as well.  The paint appears to be original and verified with a paint meter.  There are no signs of any prior damage or repairs and minimal signs of use.  There were typical road rash chips on the lower front spoiler (under the bumper) that we had professionally touched up.  The rear valence under the right rear bumper has slightly distorted and chipped from a steep driveway.  It’s only noticeable when at ground level.  All the rubber and trim are in excellent shape with no significant flaws.  The Targa bar finish is original and has some light wear along the back edge, which the prior owner believes was from the car cover.  The glass is in great shape with no major chips or scratches and wears the proper factory stampings.  The Fuchs wheels are wearing their original anodized and satin-painted finishes with no major flaws or curb rashes.  They are wrapped in Michelin tires that have 75% life remaining and were installed last year/3k miles ago.  The brakes appear to have at least 50% life with no lips on the rotors.

The interior is equally as nice and original.  Its pristine condition is a good indication of the careful use and excellent stewardship this 911 has seen.  The leather seats look fantastic and not only have no major cracks or tears, but the cushion material is still firm.  The previous owner was religious with his leather conditioning routine, which shows.  All the power functions of the seats work properly.  The rear seats look unused.  The Targa top headliner is in good shape with no tears and just a slight sagging near the edges.  The correct/original sun visors look great and both Targa top removal/locking keys are present.  The carpet is also original with no heavy wear signs or stains.  The door panels look better than most with these miles and there is minimal warping of the pockets.  The dash is flawless with no cracks or warping thanks to this owner’s use of a dash cover, which is included.  Even the center vents show no bubbling, which is very common for this generation.  All the gauges work, including the clock.  The Blaupunkt radio powers up, and will work, but a cassette tape is stuck in it.  The electric mirrors and windows all work properly.  The A/C system is intact and used to be charged regularly.  It still blows, but not cold.  A recharge in R12 or conversion to R134 is needed.  The horn and the interior lights work.

This 911 drives incredibly tight and truly feels like it’s been in a time capsule.  It starts easily on the first try with no hesitation and holds an even idle.  The power is very linear throughout the rev range.  The transmission shifts smoothly into and out of each gear with no grinding.  The clutch engagement is good and there’s no slippage.  The handling is very predictable and it tracks straight.

This 911 is currently California registered to January of 2025 and it passed California’s strict smog inspection/test.  The original California “sunset” plates will go to the next owner if it will be registered in California.

This 911 comes with two original keys, original leather key pouch/fob, extra spare key, set of wheel locks with two keys, 2 Targa top keys, rubber lined wheel lug nut socket, original owner’s manual, original stamped maintenance/warranty booklet, original Blaupunkt radio manuals, extra DME relay, front license plate bracket, custom front Cocomats, original front floor mats, carpeted dash cover, 3-ring binder with service records/logs, previous owner’s “how-to” maintenance guide, both original California license plates, original touch-up paint tube in factory box, vintage car-bra, factory jack with rubber strap, original tool kit, and original space saver spare.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

When does a service journal become a diary?

I love reading a prior owner’s logbook.  However, it’s usually quite boring with lists of dates, miles, and services performed.

The primary owner of this Targa stuck to the facts.  It helped me better understand and appreciate his fanaticism for service.  However, it really didn’t tell me why he loved the car enough to keep it for 34 years.

The current owner continued the tradition of logging services and repairs, but he went much deeper.

Instead of just the facts, his service log read more like a private diary with anecdotes of admiration.

“I’ll always remember the sunset shining off the front fenders while driving down the 101.” -diary entry after the first drive.”

At first glance, I could’ve sworn he wrote “her front fenders.”  I turned the binder over half-expecting to see the model Fabio standing next to the Targa as if it were an automotive-themed trashy romance novel.

Whether it’s just the facts or a more emotional connection, I love seeing owners care enough about their Porsche to do more than just stuff receipts in a glove box.   

As a fellow enthusiast and lover of these cars, I thank you.

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Note: For out-of-state buyers, California does not offer temporary tags/registration.  Each State typically has a grace period to allow buyers to drive their new out-of-state acquisition to their local DMV for registration.  Please check your State’s DMV website for more details.  Also, California requires us to surrender standard plates less than 30 years old back to the state and will not be delivered with the vehicle.  Personalized plates stay with the seller.