1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

  Stock #1202   VIN# WP0EB0911FS1xxxxx**   ENG# 64F01xxx (930/21)**   TRN# 74F01xxx (915/68)**   Numbers Matching   48,800 Original Miles   Guards Red (L027) on Black Leather (LE)   5-Speed Manual (915) Transmission   Clean and Clear California Title   Clean Carfax® / No Accidents   PCA Member Owned

This Carrera was built in November of 1984 and sold new by Colley Porsche + Audi of Riverside, California on February 22nd, 1985.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • California Equipment
  • Central Locking System
  • Forged Alloy Wheels (Fuchs)
  • 6-Way Power Seats
  • Cruise Control
  • Sport Shock Absorbers

The first owner was James Taylor Sisco of Alta Loma, California.  He owned the car for nearly a decade.  Initially, he serviced it at the local Porsche dealer and in 1988 started taking it to Auto-Tech Foreign Car Service in Upland, California.  He serviced the car at least once a year even though he only averaged 2,400 miles per year.  The majority of maintenance performed included simple routine fluid flushes and regular servicing of the A/C system.  Just before selling, an inspection was performed and Sisco replaced the left cam line, both belts, and re-glued the headliner for the Targa top.  He sold the car on May 9th, 1994 with 22,171 miles to Ray Podesta of Upland, California.

Ray only kept the 911 for a couple of years.  He serviced it several times with German Auto Specialties in Upland.  This shop was owned by Scott Sanford and Scooter Patrick.  Scott was a long time Porsche engine and transmission specialist who was highly respected by his peers.  Scott convinced Ray (with the help of long-time friend and client Eric Noble) to sell the car to David Newton of Santa Ana, California.  David had just finished a 914 Can Am edition restoration with Eric and Scott and was ready to move onto his first 911.  David bought this 911 in August of 1996 with 26k original miles.  David kept the car for 15 years and added just over a thousand miles each year.  David competed at PCA concours events with his 914 and planned to do the same with his 911.  He was meticulous and always searched out for the best people to work on his cars.  It was never about how much but rather having the best.

David was the current owner’s son’s soccer coach.  For years the current owner bugged David and his wife to sell him the 911.  Finally, David caved and sold the car to the current Tustin, CA enthusiast in February of 2012 with just over 44k miles.  Shortly after buying the car, he took it to long time Orange County PCA member, Lee Rice to have him go through the car.  Lee is a fixture in our Porsche community.  For decades he has written the technical articles for the club magazine and is always working on a club member’s car.  For this owner, he performed a major service and inspection, as well as replacing some oil lines, ignition cables, and shifter bushings.  He noted that the transmission was catching between 4th and 5th.

A year later, the current owner began using Aase Motors in Fullerton for services.  Aase is one most respected independent Porsche service shops around and has an excellent reputation.  In June of 2014 at 45k miles they rebuilt the transmission for the current owner.  This included:

  • New synchros
  • Gear teeth
  • Shift sleeve and guide
  • Gasket/reseal
  • Clutch kit

Also, they recharged the A/C system and performed a leak down test on the engine.  The results were superb (numbers off of 100%): 3%, 1%, 4%, 2%, 4%, 4%.  The total for this work was $4,114.

Installed new Michelin Pilot Sport tires (3/21/15 @ 45,849 miles).

In June of 2019, a new fuel level sender was installed as well as a new Targa top headliner.  He also had the outside of the top lightly refinished by a local expert.  Finally, a compression test performed and the results were excellent at 180 psi even across all cylinders.  The most recent service was on December 7th, 2020 at 48,639 miles with Aase Motors.  They performed a routine engine oil service using Penn semi synthetic oil as well as a transmission oil service.

The exterior of this Carrera looks fantastic as you would expect from a low-mile and original example.  It is evident that the car has always been garaged, properly cared for, and never abused.  The paint is mostly original and in excellent condition.  There are minimal signs of use.  The paint still has a deep shine.  Since the late 1990’s, Cooper Boggs (past local Orange County PCA board member) has been regularly detailing this 911.  Cooper is highly respected in the local Porsche community and has helped countless members not only maintain the finishes on their cars, but also win many local and national concours events with his preparation.  His care is a big part of why this 35+ year old Porsche looks as good as it does.  In 1999, he asked the previous owner to borrow the car to take his now wife on one of their first special date.  He stopped by his grandparents to introduce her to them and when leaving, the grandmother accidently closed their electric gate too soon.  It tapped the left rear quarter panel on the front part of the rear fender causing a small dent and paint chip.  The grandmother even sent Cooper an apology letter with money, which we have a photo of.  Cooper felt horrible and because he is so meticulous, he went to a close friend who was a local paint genius and had him carefully repair the small damage.  Most people would just put a bit of touch up paint on it and call it a day.  His friend went through heroic lengths to repair and preserve this tiny flaw.  He pulled the dent out and lightly ghosted the area so that the match was spot on.  He even refreshed the clear coat on the left rear fender and over to the right rear fender so that it would age the same.  The work done was amazing.  22-years later, even with a paint meter, the depth is almost identical to the original factory finish and visually, it’s imperceptible.  This just exemplifies the serious commitment the owners and the people who maintained this 911 took in preserving the car, even when it wasn’t necessarily a collector car yet.

All the exterior lights work properly and the headlights have been replaced with very cool flat face H4 sealed beam bulbs.  All the lenses are in good shape with no cracks.  The glass is all original, including the windshield and they are all wearing their proper factory stampings. The Targa top is in excellent condition with no rips or warping of the vinyl material.  The fit is perfect and snug.  The Targa bar wears its original factory matte black finish and has no major blemishes.  The ride height has been properly set to factory ROW (Rest of World or European) and aligned, which not only gives the car the right look but further improves handling.

Before listing this Porsche, we installed a set of brand new Maxilite Fuchs-style wheels in the proper original factory finish with new center caps.  They are the upgraded sizes of 7×16 and 8×16 over the original factory 6’s and 7’s.  The original wheels are in great shape.  They were polished decades ago and more recently, Cooper repolished them to remove scratches and also carefully repainted the black portion between the spokes.  These wheels are available for an additional fee or can be swapped back on the car at no charge. The Maxilite Fuchs are German TUV rated and of the highest quality.  They are wearing Michelin tires installed in 2015, which was 3k miles ago.  They have at least 75% or more of remaining tread with no signs of aging.  The front brake pads have approximately 75% life left and the rears are at about 50%.  The gaps on all the body panels are excellent as the car has never been apart.  There are no signs of corrosion or rust as it not only was always garaged, but it lived away from the beach.

The interior is equally as nice and further substantiates how carefully this 911 was looked after.  It appears the car was rarely driven with the top off.  As a result, the leather looks fresh with no rips, tears, or significant blemishes.  There is some very slight wear on the driver exit bolsters, but that’s about it.  Of course, the rear seats look new.  The carpet has no stains or major wear issues and the headliner of the Targa top is new so it doesn’t sag as do many.  The door panels are also in excellent shape with no significant warping of the door pockets that’s so common.  Even the door rubber, thresholds, and lower door pockets have zero of the typical heavy wear marks you see from people dragging their feet in and out of the car.  Both door stays are also in great shape and don’t make that typical popping sound due to age and early signs of breaking.  The dash is perfect with no cracks or warping, especially around the dash vents.  It’s one of the nicest original dashboards I’ve seen.  Also, the center vents tend to break and loose vanes, but these vents are perfect.  The gauges all work properly, including the original clock.  The yellow arrow shift light reminder even lights up as it did when new.  The electric windows and mirrors work correctly.  Even the cruise control system works, making long road trips that much easier.  The turn signal switch is original and exhibiting typical wear.  This causes the high beams to come on periodically, especially when activating the turn signals.  It’s an easy fix with a new switch.    A Kenwood AM/FM/CD radio was installed in the late 90’s and it still works great.  Even the factory speaker fade dial between front and rear still works.  The original Blaupunkt radio failed years ago and is no longer available.  All the interior lights including those on the Targa bar and in the glove box work.  The A/C system still utilizes R12, which is better as it was what the system was designed to use.  Because it’s regularly been serviced and used, it still works decently.  We just had an air-cooled A/C expert check the system and top off the R12.  It now blows sub 40F/4C degrees.  The 6-way electric seat switches (both driver and passenger) all work properly.

There is nothing quite like driving a low-mile and original air-cooled 911.  The best way to describe the experience driving this example is tight and crisp.  It’s easy to see how people could’ve driven these daily when new.  They really work great.  This one starts easily on the first try and holds an even idle with no major smoking or surging.  The throttle response is snappy as it easily builds revs throughout the range.  There is no hesitation and the power is very linear.  The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping.  The brakes have a nice initial bite with no fading or pulling.  The handling is precise with quick turn in and it also tracks straight.  With the top on and windows up, there is no major wind noise and feels similar to a coupe.  This is thanks to the proper fitting Targa top and good rubber seals.  This 911 would be ideal for open weekend cruising or even longer vintage touring events.

California registration is paid to February 2021 and it passes California’s strict smog test.

This Porsche comes with 4 keys (2 master keys and 2 wheel lock keys), original owner’s manual with vinyl cover, original maintenance book with stamps, original floor mats (4), original tool kit in Porsche factory plastic bag, space saver spare, after market air compressor, factory jack, indoor flannel car cover, and 3 ring binder with many service receipts from new.

*The 16×6 and 16×7 polished Fuchs with polished center caps are available to purchase for an additional fee or can be swapped back on the car in place of the wider reproduction wheels.  We will give the buyer of this 911 first right of refusal on the original wheels before offering them to outside interested parties.**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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