1988 Porsche 911 Carrera G50 Cabriolet G50 Sport Seats

  Stock #1323   VIN: WP0EB091XJS1xxxxx**   ENG: 64J06xxx (930/25)**   TRN: 1J05xxx(G50/01)**   Numbers Matching   58,500 Miles   Less than 5,500 Miles on Top Engine Rebuild   Silver Metallic (L980) on Burgundy Leather (LN)   5-Speed Manual Transmission (G50)   Clean and Clear Montana Title   Located in Costa Mesa, California   Fresh CA Smog Certificate   Clean Carfax® Report / No Accidents   PCA Member Owned

The final run of the impact bumper cars ran from the model year 1987 to half way through 1989. 6,667 were built and delivered to North America during this time.  Although horsepower increased to 217, the most significant upgrade was the transmission.  From 1972 through 1986, Porsche relied on the 915 model gearbox.  It was more fragile and took a more precise shifting behavior to ensure a longer life.  Starting in 1987, the G50 transmission was introduced.  It was built by Getrag and had a Borg Warner synchromesh.  The end result was a more forgiving shifting as well as increased reliability.  Also, the turbo hydraulic clutch system was used for easier pedal use.  The final mechanical upgrade was a thermostatically controlled fan for the front fender oil cooler.  These models have proven to be some of the most reliable air-cooled Porsches built as well as being highly collectible.

This Carrera was built on June 1st, 1988.  It was sold to its first owner on January 4th, 1990 by the Steve Clifford Porsche in Provo, Utah.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • California Equipped (emissions/C03)
  • Blaupunkt Charleston SQR 26
  • Tonneau Cover (complete interior cover)
  • Short Shifter for G50
  • Leather Sports Seats with Electric Height Adjustment
  • 16” Fuchs Forged Alloy Wheels
  • Electric Soft Top
  • Cruise Control
  • Alarm System
  • Dunlop Tires

It appears this Carrera was originally delivered to a Porsche dealer in California and optioned by the factory with the California emissions system (this was the era of 49 state cars and then CA was treated as its own country).  However, it was then traded to the Porsche dealer in Provo where they sold it to the first owner.  The first owner kept the car for over a decade and serviced it regularly at the selling Porsche dealer.  There are corresponding service stamps in the maintenance booklet.  It was a fair weather car and only driven a few thousand miles a year or less.  This first owner sold the car on November 15th, 1999 with 31,361 miles to the next owner who lived in Southern California.  This owner kept the car for 6 years and added less than 4k miles before he sold it to the recent Northern California owner on September 15th, 2005 with 37,791 miles.  From day one, this Carrera was never used on a daily basis.  It was only used for fair weather weekend driving.

The recent owner recently retired from owning a franchise Honda dealer.  He’s always been a Porsche enthusiast and even has Porsche mechanics on his staff.  This was quite handy for maintaining this and his other cars.  Initially, he kept the car a year and foolishly sold it to a client who lived nearby.  That owner kept the car for a few years and 6k miles before the current owner pleaded to his client to sell the car back which he did on June 1st, 2009 with 45,200 miles.  For the last 15+ years, this Porsche has been extremely well maintained and even obsessed over.  Highlights of services during his care include:

  • Regular oil services and brake fluid flushes at the proper intervals
  • Major service/new belts (10/06 @ 41k miles)
  • Re-stitch leather steering wheel cover (05/09)
  • Repair driver door lock cylinder, oil service, replace CV boots (05/09 @ 45k miles)
  • Oil service, align convertible top, wheel balance (11/09 @ 47k miles)
  • Replaced upper and lower steering shaft bearings (01/10 @ 48k miles)
  • Replace front wheel bearings and seals (04/11 @ 50k miles)
  • Front brake pads/resurface rotors (05/11 @ 50k miles)
  • Restore headlights, oil service, brake flush, dry sump hose (10/14 @ 52k miles)
  • Top end engine rebuild (02/17 @ 53k miles)
    • Mahle pistons and cylinder set
    • Rings and valve guides
    • Machine heads and valve job
    • All new seals and gaskets
    • Timing chain rails and guides
    • Oil return tubes
    • Clutch kit and resurface flywheel
    • Engine sound pad
    • Headstuds
    • Rothsport oil check valve
  • services (2/17 @ 53k miles)
    • Replace several oil lines
    • New injector seals
    • Brake fluid flush
    • Transmission fluid flush
    • Oil service
  • Serviced and adjusted power convertible top system (6/18 @ 54k miles)
  • Complete A/C system (12/18 @ 54k miles)
    • Griffiths’ Kuehl system
    • Denso AC Compressor
    • Condensers (front and deck lid)
    • Complete barrier hose set
    • Drier
    • Evaporator
    • Center vent
    • Total cost over $4k including installation
  • Fresh Bilstein shocks and struts (6/19 @ 55k miles)
  • Most recent oil service at Deutsche Motorsports (2/20 @ 56k miles)
  • Interstate battery (2/20)

We sold this G50 Carrera a little over a year ago to the current Southern California owner.  He’s a long time vintage car enthusiast who has decided to focus on his BMW collection.  In the last year, he’s added 1,500 miles and also $4,500 on significant convertible top services, which includes:

  • Replace both top transmissions/motors
  • Replace connector housing and pin for top
  • Service top mechanism and general vehicle inspection
  • Replace convertible top switch driver side
  • Repair passenger side window mechanism

This G50 911 is in superb condition and certainly a testament to each owner properly looking after it.  It looks just as good as when we sold it in 2020.  The paint is in very good condition and only has a few minor chips from years of light use.  Early in the car’s life, the hood and front lower valance were painted due to rock chips.  There was some light blending onto the left front fender as well.  Visually, the difference is imperceivable and only noticeable with a paint meter.  The rear end was repainted near new, most likely due to the typical clear coat issues that this era silver metallic paint had, especially when subjected to heat.  The light refinishing of these areas was so good that the current owner, who has been in the car business his entire life, had no idea until he recently bought his first paint meter.  The car has been thoroughly inspected and there are no signs of any prior damage or repairs.  The metal is all original and the body panels still have their factory VIN decals.  The glass is all original, including the windshield and is wearing their proper factory stampings.  There are no major chips or scratches.  The Fuchs are factory unrestored examples in the desirable upgraded sizes of 7×16 and 8×16.  The original anodizing and paint are in excellent condition with no major curb rashes or other blemishes.  They are wearing Michelin Pilot Sport tires that were installed in 2018 and have at least 75% tread remaining.  The front brakes are just under half life on the pads and the rears are just above half-life.  The soft top is original and in remarkable condition.  The rear plastic window shows some light age.   Upon first inspection, I assumed the top was replaced.  It appears that the top was never left in the down position and very lightly used.

The interior is just as good as the exterior and another indication of the preserved life this 911 has had.  The leather sport seats are in great shape with hardly any signs of use.  There are no tears, rips, or other major flaws.  Of course, the back seats are like new.  The rear parcel shelf carpet has a slight bit of fading but other than that, there are no stains or heavy wear marks on the rest of the carpet.  The door panels are in excellent shape and do not have any of that pocket warping that is so common with this era car.  The headliner/underside of the soft top including the rear plastic window is in very good shape considering the originality.  There is a slight wear spot on the inside driver side C-pillar area.  There are no tears, rips or other major blemishes.  The full electric top works very nicely and opens/closes with the touch of one button.  The whole system was recently restored.  The dash has no cracks or warping.  All the gauges work properly, including the clock.  The A/C system has been upgraded, including a new center vent above the console/under the ashtray.  It works fantastically.  Also, the heating system works great.  The power windows and mirrors work properly.  The stereo system did work.  We disconnected the trunk mounted amp and CD player.  So, it doesn’t play sound but powers up.  The factory soft top canvas boot (covers the top when in the down position) has a few snaps missing, but still secures nicely.  All the interior lights (including the glove box) and exterior lights also work.

This G50 Carrera is impressive to drive.  It really showcases how much better convertibles were from Porsche than most of their competitors.  The rigidity of the chassis is impressive with no cowl shake and imperceptible difference between a coupe or targa even on a twisting mountain road (see our video).  The engine starts easily with the first crank and holds an even idle.  The power is strong thanks to the fresh motor rebuild.  It zips through the rev range with no hesitation.  The shifting is butter smooth with no slipping or grinding.  The brakes are excellent for this era car.  They consistently slow things down over and over with no fading or pulling.  The handling is incredibly responsive, partially thanks to fresh shocks/struts as well as proper alignment and corner-balancing.  It inspires confidence throughout the turn.  This example is so easy and comfortable to drive that you often forget it’s still a 33-year old Porsche.  It would be fantastic on long distance touring events.

This 911 has just passed California’s strict smog/emission testing.

This Carrera comes with 3-keys, owner’s manual with vinyl cover, maintenance booklet with dealer stamps, jack, space saver spare, tool kit, air compressor, soft top boot, full interior tonneau cover, battery tender, and a binder with most service history.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.


Nostrakennel predicts 2023 as the year of the cabriolet.


I have had this theory for the past decade. Values of Porsche 911 convertibles have always languished behind their coupe counterparts. The only exception being the late ‘60s soft window Targas. Why is that?

Porsche 356s have always been more desirable as a convertible. The soft window Targas were as close as we got to an open-air 911 and when they hit forty years old, their prices skyrocketed.

The first true 911 cabriolet was introduced in 1983. Next year, the 911 cabriolet will be forty years old also. That is the typical age a vintage car is considered a true classic. Targa prices have already matched coupe values. The cabs are just knocking on the door…

Everyone who has driven an open-top 911 is always surprised at how good they really are and how well they are built. It opens another dimension in the air-cooled 911 experience. Here J and Dave from “What Are You Driving Today” review this very 911 in the Angeles Forest. You’ll notice how pleasantly surprised they were as well:

Sadly, because prices were depressed for so long, finding a lower-mileage and well cared for unique example is getting increasingly more difficult. Don’t make me say “I told you so.”

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