1972 BMW 3002 tti-l

3.0L Twin Turbo Lightweight

2,600 pounds / 335 horsepower

Custom Build to Factory Quality

Multiple Award Winner/Magazine Cover

Stock #1102

VIN # 276xxx**

Extensive Build Records/Engineering Documentation

3,600 Miles Since Build

Less than 500 Miles on Full Engine Rebuild

  • Fjord Blue on OEM Navy Blue Leather
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission (transaxle)
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Rotisserie Build
  • Multiple Best of Show Winner
  • Cover of Roundel Magazine
  • Well Respected/Active BMWCCA Builder/Owner
  • Straight/Dry Chassis
  • 3002tti-l = 3.0liter 2002 twin turbo injected lightweight

Sale Pending

What would happen today if BMW AG decided to recreate their wildly popular 2002tii?  As Performance BMW magazine aptly stated, “This is ground up re-engineering of such a scope that even BMW would be proud.”  In the spirit of Rob Dickinson’s Singer Vehicle Design, this BMW was a “Reimagined®” build by an extremely talented SoCal enthusiast/engineer who has been building special cars for years.  Of course, he enlisted the help of his brother and several other local BMW enthusiasts affectionately referred to as the Knights of the Roundel Table.

Paul Cain has been a well-respected fixture in the U.S. BMW community for over a decade.  He has created several cars (for himself) that have been featured countless times in the media.  He is one of the co-founders of the Legends of the Autobahn event in Monterey.  Paul’s brother, Joe Cain, tends to travel in the shadows but is one of the top fabricators in the area.  For years, he worked for one of the top Porsche restoration shops creating amazing concours winning (including Pebble Beach) examples.  Finally, Tom Rakestraw (close personal friend, BMW enthusiast, and local architect) was instrumental in the interior design as well as general labor.  So, with Paul’s vision, Joe’s skill, and Tom’s help, they set off to take a brainstorm idea of the “Ultimate BMW 2002” from paper to reality.  Who knew this endeavor would evolve into over a half-decade of late nights that would empty bank accounts.

Paul purchased this BMW in 2000 fresh from restoration by Art Simmons (well known in the vintage BMW restoration circles for some of the top CSL builds).  It was a beautiful factory 1972 BMW 2002tii that had been restored to the look of the legendary BMW 2002 turbo.  He bought the car primarily for the body.  His goal was to build a perfect 50/50 weight balanced 2002 with lots of drivable power and as lightweight as possible.  This is no easy task when attempting to build the car with ALL BMW OEM parts in the same vein that the factory would build the car.  All the while, the car had to be a great driving street car.  Yes, it could (although never has) be a rock star on the track but the focus was to make it something that you comfortably drive anywhere…smiling the entire time.

As this project evolved, the commitment to a factory-level quality of build became all-consuming.  The level of details would make the likes of Martha Stewart proud.  In particular, note the one panoramic view of the full undercarriage.  There are countless magazine features including a cover story by Roundel Magazine (BMWCCA’s signature publication) that describe the engineering behind the build.  Electronic versions of these features are available for preview for those who are interested.  Highlights of the build include the following:

  • 0 Liter 4 valve dual overhead cam aluminium M54 straight 6 cylinder:
    • KKK (custom built) twin turbochargers
    • Fuel Injected (Autronic engine management system)
    • Bosch Motorsport fuel pump
    • One off custom carbon fiber intake manifold
    • 335hp/316tq at the rear wheels (at 0.6 bar of boost)
  • All BMW custom transaxle (Getrag 265 5-speed gearbox)
  • ZF power rack and pinion with 2.1 turns lock to lock
  • M5 rear axle with Quaiffe torque sensing differential, 3.73:1
  • 304 stainless exhaust system with titanium rear mufflers
  • 51% / 49% weigh distribution
  • Brembo 4-piston brakes (same as Porsche 993 Twin Turbo Big Reds)
  • Custom valved Bilstein coil over suspension
  • Factory Alpina 17×8 wheels
  • Full custom leather interior:
    • Custom Scheel-style sport seats with vintage corduroy inserts
    • 2002 Turbo gauge cluster pod with 7k rpm redline
    • All extra gauges in correct BMW font
    • BMW OEM navy blue carpet (period correct)
    • Custom built rear seating (delete) area in correct OEM look
    • Custom 8 point rollcage discretely welded into A, B and C pillars
      • Tig welded
      • Custom laser cut mounting brackets
      • Ties together transaxle and front/rear shock tower brace
    • Custom formed carbon fibre hood and trunk lids
    • OEM 2002 Turbo flairs and front/rear spoilers
    • Custom OEM style badging (not installed), mirror etching, and engine decals
    • Xenon headlamps custom fabricated to fit the original Hella H1 design

The quality of this build is superb.  Words don’t adequately describe the level of detail.  The fit/finish are at a factory level.  The exterior looks fresh as if it has never turned a wheel on the road.  The interior is equally as stunning.  The interior still smells of new leather.  Everything looks very fresh.

We sold this special car in 2016 to a very private collector in Malibu, California.  This owner only drove the car 500-miles.  Within the first year, the oil pump nut issue (common problem) occurred and the motor was starved for oil.  The owner decided to enlist the help of Paul Cain and Bavarian Workshop owner Marc Norris for help.  Norris is widely respected in the BMW communities and featured with Jay Leno.  He decided to rebuild the motor to make it even more drivable and reliable.  Highlights of this build as well as other further upgrades include:

  • Overhaul Engine/Full Rebuild:
  • Repair cylinder head/valve job
  • New custom pistons and cylinders
  • Align, hone mains, deck block, diamond hone, resize rods, balance
  • Repair crankshaft
  • Custom coat piston tops/skirts
  • Rod bearing set
  • Timing chain, tensioner, and guides
  • Oil pump
  • All new seals and gaskets
  • Locktight and safety wire oil pump nut
  • Compression 9.5:1
  • Replace all fuel lines, breather hoses, and intake boots
  • Service fuel injection and tuning
  • Transmission service
  • Alignment
  • Replace front coilover mono-balls
  • New ignition coils and sparkplugs
  • Replace all rear (3) plexi-windows with factory glass
  • New cables for sunroof
  • New Yokohama Advan tires (215/40 front and 235/40 rear – 17”)

Of course, the best part is the way it all works.  It is extremely fast, yet smooth and balanced.  There are no squeaks or rattles.  Everything is precise and tight.  It feels like an engineered jewel.  Surprisingly, this car is extremely drivable on the street.  Its power is smooth, intoxicating and goes forever.  The steering is light and responsive with excellent feedback.  This is the first BMW 2002 I’ve driven with power steering and it is perfectly suited and balanced for this application.  The brakes have a linear grab that will slow things at a tremendous rate without losing its composure.  This is not another hot-rod 2002 with a big motor.  This is a well-engineered factory-style build with the end driving experience always on the forefront of goals.

As a result of this extraordinary build, it received countless accolades by journalists, peers, and even the president of BMW.  Highlights of awards received include:

  • Best of Show -Bimmerfest in 2010
  • Best of Show   -BMW CCA West Coast Concours in 2006 (Precursor to Legends)
  • Peoples Choice Award BMW CCA West Coast Concours in 2006
  • 1st Place Concours Category in 2006 BMW Concours
  • San Diego Jack Cavanaugh Perpetual Award in 2007
  • SoCal Vintage BMW Best 2002 in 2009
  • Furthermore, some of the top journalists in the vintage BMW industry shared the following in print:

“Weighing just 2,680 lbs. full of fluids and with 335 horsepower at the rear wheels, it delivers all the performance of a modern car in a package with all the funky styling of a NeueKlasse classic. It’s a Bimmerphile’s dream car, exactly what hardcore enthusiasts say they want but which Munich is constrained by law (and profitability concerns) from actually building.”

-Jackie Jouret  BIMMER

“This car moves me. I am constantly around cars that are faster, handle better, and are certainly more technologically advanced. But they still pale in comparison to Paul Cain’s BMW 2002 project.  This car no longer wears a 2002 badge. It has been transformed into something else completely, yet still contains the soul of the unforgettable BMW.


Therefore, let the two KKK turbochargers tailoring plus an intercooler, the engine langzeittauglichen at 0.6 bar to 335 hp and the driver help a wide grin”

-BMW SCENE (poorly translated from German edition)

That’s where modern cars have gone so wrong, and exactly what makes this remanufactured 2002 so perfect. It has all of the substance of a high-profile exotic with none of the mousey frills associated with (modern cars).”


we can’t disagree with Cain’s choice of a transaxle arrangement, because it’s given his car exceptional balance that translates into stupendous cornering”.

-Jackie Jouret BIMMER

the lengths to which Paul Cain has gone in order to create his version of the ultimate 2002, a forced-induction saloon car that truly has to rank as one of the neatest combinations of Teutonic automotive expertise and American ingenuity ever to be unleashed on the So Cal street scene”.

-Andy Willsheer, UK Performance Car

The exterior of this special BMW looks fantastic.  Even though it’s been nearly 15-years since the completion of the build, it still looks very fresh with minimal signs of use.  All the trim and brightwork looks great.  The glass is in very good shape with no major scratches or chips.  The Alpina-look wheels have no curb rash and are wearing brand new tires.  The brakes have near full life remaining.  All of the exterior lights work properly.

The interior is equally as nice and very fresh.  There are no tears or cracks in any of the surfaces.  The leather looks new.  The car even smells new.  All the gauges work properly.

The engine, trunk, and underside all look new.  It looks like the car was fresh off the factory floor.  This is a testament to the level of build as well as the current owner’s care of this special build.

This car is street legal and currently registered in California, which is good until May of 2020.

This BMW comes with a laptop computer for the engine management mapping, full set of keys, custom aluminium hood crutch, factory 2002 tool roll, extensive records as well as full engineering documentation, custom fuel filler neck, jack mount stands, and build documentation.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

This vehicle is sold “as-is” with no warranty, written or implied. In some cases, the vehicle does have the remaining factory warranty still in place and will be described above if that is the case. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the listed price. All vehicle sales will require a $170 administration fee. The vehicle listed is described to the best of our ability. The information is based on our own research and statements made to us by the previous owner(s). To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate. We are not responsible for errors in our description of options or any other details. The above-mentioned vehicle is used and can be expected to show some wear and tear. It is not a brand new vehicle. We do welcome all local pre-purchase inspections on vehicles in order to verify condition.

Special Note

We appreciate the countless calls from brokers and dealers. As much as we would love to quickly “wholesale” this car to industry partners so they can make a quick profit, the car is on consignment (as are all of our offerings) and the owners have the final say.

If you have actually taken the time to read this far in our detailed description, I can’t imagine there are any questions you may have. However, if there is something I missed or you would prefer to hear the warm sound of a human voice (mine) reiterating the research I’ve provided above, I would be happy to help.

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