1968 Porsche 911 L Coupe Numbers Matching Recent Refurbishment

  Stock #1523   VIN: 11805xxx**   ENG# 3280xxx (901/14)**   TRN# 161xxx (902/01)**   Numbers Matching Engine   78,600 Miles on the Odometer   Less than 10k Miles Since Refurbishment   Burgundy Red (6808) over Black Leatherette (B)   5-speed (901) Manual Transmission   Clean and Clear California Title   Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (copy)   PCA Member Owned

1968 was the final model year of the short wheelbase (SWB) 911 cars from Porsche.  This was also the first year of U.S. emission laws, which kept the S model from our shores.  Instead, we received the “L” designation, which stood for “Lux” or “Luxury.”  The U.S. “L” received all the upgrades from the S model (suspension, brakes, trim, and gauges) with the stock engine and an air pump.  This was the only 911 model to ever wear the “L” badging.  Naturally, many U.S. owners eventually upgraded their engines to match or surpass the performance of European “S” cars, like this example.

This 1968 911 L coupe was built on November 9th, 1967.  It was a U.S.-specified order that was equipped with the following:

  • Antenna
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Loudspeaker
  • Dunlop Tires

The earliest owner of record was David Partee of Appleton, Wisconsin.  We have some receipts of his dating back to 1997.  It appears he sold this 911L to Penny and Burton Sperling of Greene, New York around 2004.  Based on the receipts, it appears they began a slow refurbishment and did much of the work themselves.  This was an 8+ year process that was completed around 2012.  They sent out parts for machining and the paint and body were also done by a specialist.  However, the disassembly and assembly appear to have been done by them with many receipts for parts.  Highlights of the work performed include:

  • Engine rebuild
    • Micro polish and magnaflux 2.7L crankshaft
    • Piston ring set
    • Recondition connecting rods
    • Machine heads/valve job/repair exhaust stud holes by RIMCO
    • PMO 40mm carburetors complete kit
    • 85mm JE Pistons (9.5:1 compression)
    • 911E cams (inspected and measured by Dougherty)
    • 911S clutch and flywheel
    • MSD ignition
    • Bosch distributor
    • Carrera chain tensioners
    • Engine gaskets/seals kit
  • Full bare metal 2-stage repaint 5/12 by Jim’s East Coast Customz
    • All new rubber seals from Stoddards
    • Correct factory windshield
  • Rebuild brake calipers
  • Rebuild pedals/new bushings
  • New fuel tank, seal, and sender
  • Elephant Racing poly bronze control arm bearings
  • Koni Classic shocks and struts
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Axle assemblies by EMPI
  • Rebuild tachometer by North Hollywood Speedo
  • New carpet and refurbish interior door panels
  • H4 headlight kit

It’s believed that this couple owned the car until around the end of 2019.  During their care, they also rebuilt the transmission.  Unfortunately, they never drove the car much and eventually sold it to Makellos Classics in Escondido, California.  Upon receiving, Makellos serviced, inspected, and verified its solid/dry condition.

The current owner purchased this 911 on January 5th, 2018, with 72,261 miles from Makellos.  This owner is a long-time vintage car enthusiast whose family business is in the automotive space.  This family is one of our favorites to work with as they are very fastidious about making their cars “right.”  They keep their cars for a while and are always driving and improving them.  This ’68 L is no exception.  The current owner courted his now-wife with this car and displayed it at several Luftgekühlt events.  He also drove it to Monterey Car Week.  It never missed a beat and with each visit to a specialist, it was further improved.  I was surprised when the owner told me he was going to sell it as were many of our mutual friends in the local Porsche community.  However, with a new child, a growing business, and other car projects, something had to go.  He had some great adventures with the car and although it was not an easy decision, he felt it was time for the next caretaker to enjoy.

For the past 6+ years, this owner has performed services using some of the area’s top Porsche specialists, such as Aase Motors, Göritz Six Fix, Vision Motorsports, Hergesheimer, and Johnson’s Alignment.  He also enjoys wrenching in his garage and is quite capable.  Highlights of services performed during this owner’s care include:

  • 917-style balsa shift knob, Momo Prototipo with embossed crest horn button (1/18)
  • RS Touring sport seats by Classic Touring w/sliders & brackets (2/18)
  • Installed correct chrome horn grilles (3/18)
  • Initial service and sorting by Hergesheimer (8/18)
    • Replaced carb gaskets and idle jets
    • Installed correct distributor
    • Valve adjustment, tuned/balanced carbs, engine tuning/testing
    • Pertronix trigger system
    • Mount and balance Avon CR6-ZZ period-correct tires
  • Replace dashboard top/install hood & deck lid hold down straps (4/19)
  • Alignment, corner balance, adjust ride height, spring plates by Johnson’s (5/19)
  • Battery (12/19)
  • Replace alternator at Aase (2/20)
  • New 4-point Deist seatbelts
  • Replaced Deco rubber inserts (3/20)
  • Dansk dual out sport muffler (1/21)
  • Major service at Vision (8/21)
    • Oil service
    • Valve adjustment/valve cover gaskets
    • Fuel filter
    • Spark plugs
    • Transmission fluid flush (Swepco)
    • Brake fluid flush
  • Transmission fluid flush and replace throttle bushings in pedal cluster (8/23)
  • Wevo semi-sold engine mounts (9/23)
  • Bead blast and Powdercoat engine mount cross bar (10/23)
  • Most recent services at SixFix in preparation for sale (4/24)
    • Inspection
    • Oil service (Driven XP5 20W-50 oil) w/Porsche Classic filter
    • Replace shift coupler and shift rod coupling
    • Rear sway bar bushing for end links
    • Throttle linkage bushings
    • Alternator fan belt
    • Rear shock bushings
    • Flush/bleed brake system
    • Weld heat exchanger bracket
    • Exhaust manifold and muffler gaskets
    • Repair speedometer and tripmeter
    • Tune carburetors and adjust clutch

The exterior of this 911 looks great and fresh.  The paint has a deep shine to it and has been regularly detailed by the current owner as part of his passion hobby.  There are minimal signs of use with no major scratches, chips, or dents.  The brightwork looks in very good condition and might be original.  The Cibie hood-mounted rally fog lights fit the part and work as well as all the other exterior lights.  The rally graphics on the hood and deck lid are vinyl and can easily be removed.  The glass is in good shape and appears to be original except for the windshield, which was recently replaced with the correct factory glass.  The proper stampings are visible on all glass.  The 15×6 flat Fuchs wheels have been on the car at least since the refurbishment.  They are polished with a satin-finished black background and are in good shape with no major flaws.  They are wearing period-correct Avon tires that are about 6 years old with 6k miles.  They appear to have about half-life remaining.  The brakes also appear to have about half-life remaining with no lips on the rotors.

The interior is equally as nice and tidy with minimal signs of wear.  The current RS Touring sport seats have been trimmed in black vinyl with corduroy inserts.  They were installed when the current owner purchased this 911.  There are hardly any signs of wear.  The rear seat area looks unused.  The headliner is in good shape with no tears or staining.  The door panels appear to be ‘67S style and are in good shape.  The carpet is the correct early S Haagarn style with no major wear marks or stains.  The dash was replaced by the current owner, and it has no cracks or warping.  All the gauges work, including the clock.  A period rally light has been attached to the dash and it works as does the vintage (late ‘60s/early ‘70s) stopwatch (with original box).

This SWB 911 is a delight to drive.  It’s amazing how lively and light it feels compared to the next-generation 911s.  It starts easily on the first try and the hand throttle works to help hold idle while the car is warming up.  The throttle response is zippy, and it pulls hard throughout the rev range with no hesitation.  It makes a great exhaust note thanks to the sport muffler but it doesn’t drone.  The transmission shifts smoothly through the gears with no grinding.  When downshifting into first when coming to a stop, a short blip of the throttle helps.  The clutch engages properly with no slipping.  The brakes have an excellent bite with no fading or pulling.  The car tracks straight and handling is light and intuitive.  It’s happiest when ripping through a tight and twisting backroad.

Current California registration is paid to January of 2025, and it is exempt from smog/emissions testing.

This 911 comes with 3 keys, laminated copy of Certificate of Authenticity, thick stack of receipts going back 25+ years, full size spare Fuchs wheel with tire, Porsche new houndstooth tool kit, car cover, dash stopwatch, dash rally light, owner’s manual, California new personalized black license plate “911 L”, custom Cocomats, and a passenger footwell mounted fire extinguisher.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

Do you know where your Porsche will be in 20 years?

A passionate couple started the refurbishment of this one-year-only 1968 911L two decades ago.

The build took a decade of their lives to complete.

Reading through their inch-thick stack of receipts, I felt like I was sitting on a stool in their garage watching the build in a time-lapse format.

Based on the notes, the car was completed for several years before the current SoCal owner acquired it.  After it was refurbished, there were no more receipts.  Nothing.  Just piercing silence.

Did they ever enjoy the fruits of their labor? Any driving adventures?  I tried to reach the couple but hit a dead end.  I heard rumors that one of them passed away, but I never could confirm it.

Fortunately, it landed in the hands of a passionate SoCal vintage car couple that further improved it and made some great memories along the way.

Besides it being a beginning part of their life together, they were accepted and participated in several Luftgekühlt shows including the latest Air|Water.

What memories would you make with this early 911?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or [email protected]

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