1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe #’s Match PTS Leaf Green 2.2L S Spec Fresh Drivetrain

  Stock #1519   VIN: 11920xxxx**   ENG# 6290xxx**   TRN# 7193xxx**   Numbers Matching   38,800 Miles on Odometer   7k Miles on Mechanical Restoration   Leaf Green (6830) on Black Leatherette (9922)   5-Speed Manual Transmission (901)   Clean and Clear Montana Title   (Vehicle Located in Costa Mesa, California)   Porsche Certificate of Authenticity   Porsche Club of America (PCA) Member Owned   Southern California Porsche

For the 1969 model, Porsche made their first series of upgrades to the 911.  This included a longer wheelbase, mechanical fuel injection, lightweight magnesium engine case, and a new “E” model designation.  These ’69 models had one of the highest compression engines for an air-cooled Porsche.  In fact, the E model was reportedly faster from 0 to 60 than any other 911 S up to that time.  However, the “E” model was also the lowest production model with only 1,968 coupes being built worldwide that year.  Furthermore, this 911E was ordered in a Paint-To-Sample color of Leaf Green, making it even more rare.

This 911E was built on April 9th, 1969, and was ordered with the following factory options:

  • Special Paint to Sample
  • Michelin Tires
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Antenna – Left
  • Blaupunkt Frankfurt Radio

We believe this 911E was sold new here in Southern California and it lived the majority of its life here.  The first owner of record was George Harry Gary of Venice, California.  He purchased this 911 from the 1st or 2nd owner in July of 1984 with around 50k miles.  We have records in his name going back to 1984.  Around 1995, Accurate Automotive Services in Marina Del Rey, California did an engine rebuild.  He kept the car for nearly 20 years before selling it in 2002.

In 2002, a local and active enthusiast purchased this 911E.  It was cosmetically tired but very solid with a recently rebuilt engine.  This next owner did a cosmetic refurbishment as well as suspension upgrades and rebuilt the transmission.  He used Otto’s in Venice, California for most of his service needs.  Highlights included:

  • Refurbish suspension and brakes (12/02 @ 68k miles)
    • Stainless steel brake lines
    • “S” front aluminum brakes
    • Rebuild pedal cluster
    • Turbo tie rod ends
  • Glasurit repaint in original Leaf Green (2/03 @ 68k miles)
    • Dissemble all trim, glass, deco, and bumpers
    • All new seals
    • New antenna from Porsche
    • Replaced various pieces of deco trim
    • New dash
    • New headliner
  • Resealed gas tank
  • SSI stainless steel heat exchangers
  • H4 headlight assemblies (4/03 @ 69,134 miles)
  • Momo Prototipo steering wheel with adapter (6/03 @ 69,681 miles)
  • Suspension upgrade (3/05 @ 81,131 miles)
    • Trailing arms with bushings and bearings
    • Front and rear sway bars with bushings and welded mounts
    • Droplinks and bushings
  • Custom ST-style bolt-in roll bar and retractable seatbelts by TRE (3/08)
  • Carrera front right fender oil cooler and lines (4/08 @ 107,101 miles)
  • Factory ZF LSD (10/08 @ 111,677 miles)
  • Clutch, flywheel, and axles (12/08 @ 112,674 miles)
  • Ball joints and wheel bearings (7/11 @ 123,437 miles)
  • Rebuild transmission and new master cylinder (5/13 @ 129,114 miles)

He kept this 911E for over 12 years before finally selling it to the recent owner on January 5, 2015, with 130k miles.

This next owner is a fellow enthusiast who has been joining us on vintage driving tours for nearly a decade.  Although he lives mostly in New York or Florida, he has family in Orange County and visits many times each year.  He keeps this as well as a few other cars out here to enjoy on drives with his family.  For the next 8 years, he added another 9k miles of fun weekend driving as well as vintage touring events like the Targa California.  During his care, he performed a full engine rebuild with a Porsche factory-trained mechanic here in Orange County.  He also did quite a few other cosmetic and mechanical refurbishments.  In total, he invested over $70,000 in bringing this 911E to the next level.

Highlights of the recent work performed by the current owner include:

  • Regular interval oil changes, brake flushes, and valve adjustments
  • GTS Sport S leather and houndstooth seats with mounts (2/15)
  • Interior upholstery repairs at Levon Upholstery (4/15)
    • Replace visors
    • Repair doors/rewrap door panel boards
    • Install door pocket sets on both doors
    • Replace passenger and driver armrests
  • Suspension refresh at TLG Auto (4/15 @ 130,872 miles)
    • Bilstein front struts and rear shocks (HD)
    • Elephant racing de-cambered ball joints
    • Alignment
  • Engine rebuild/overhaul @European Car Specialist (6/15 @ 131,500 miles)
    • Oil pump (higher volume SC pump)
    • Main and rod bearing set
    • Mahle 2.2L high compression “S” pistons and cylinders
    • Original “E” cams
    • Regrind and re-profile camshafts
    • Replace oil tank
    • Timing chains, rails, and sprockets
    • Repair heater boxes
    • Timing chain tensioner update kit
    • Machine engine case as necessary
    • Check engine case bore alignment
    • All new engine seals
    • Oil return tubes
    • Rocker arms and shafts
    • Machine heads/valve job/valve guides
    • Oil thermostat assembly
    • Thermo time switch
    • New hoses and lines
    • Pressure test oil cooler for leaks
  • Restore DCOE velocity stacks, new butterflies, check linkage (8/15 @ 131,902 miles)
  • Restore Bosch distributor and ignition CD unit (10/15 @ 132k miles)
  • Post engine rebuild tuning and misc. at Schneider Autohaus (10/15 @ 132,772 miles)
    • Pertronix ignition installed
    • Rebuild ignition distributor
    • Repair O2 sensor bungs
    • Repair driver door, window, and new regulator
    • Rebuild MFI pump (Gus at Pacific) and calibrate for upgraded engine
    • Eurometrix rebuild throttle bodies and stacks
    • Clean and calibrate fuel injectors
    • Clean gauges and check wiring
    • Rebuild thermostat
    • Repair heater control/switch
    • New factory correct carpet kit
    • New wood pedal and passenger floor boards
    • Installed period-correct Blaupunkt radio and wired to work
    • Corner balance and 4 wheel alignment
    • Replace alternator
  • Ignition coil and fuel filter (8/17 @ 134,971 miles)
  • Major service, spark plugs, fuel filter (6/19 @ 135,687 miles)
  • Paint correction, color sand, and polish @Doctor Detail (8/19)
  • Suspension and misc. services (11/19)
    • Front control arms
    • Front ball joint nuts
    • Rear wheel bearings
    • Alternator belt
    • 4 wheel alignment
  • Interstate batteries, shift bushings, WEVO coupling, oil service (6/20)
  • Pirelli CN36 tires (6/20 @ 137,000 miles)
  • Upgrade to factory “Deep Six” 15” Fuchs
  • Engine and transmission mounts (7/20 @ 137,211 miles)
  • Front and rear brake pads, oil service, oil temp sender (4/21 137,755 miles)
  • Replace both horns / repair hand brake light (4/21 @ 137,766 miles)
  • Most recent oil service/inspection (4/22 @ 137,769 miles)

We helped this owner sell this 911 on January 24th, 2023 with 38,700 miles to the current enthusiast from Bozeman, Montana.  Although he’s had the car for a bit over a year, he’s driven it less than 100 miles.  Between the weather and some health issues, it just wasn’t in his cards to keep this 911.  This was not an easy or profitable decision, but after much thought, it’s probably better in the hands of someone who has the time and health to enjoy it properly.

The exterior of this 911E is very presentable and I would describe it as a high-level driver.  Leaf Green is a very rare color and the repaint from 2 decades/70k miles ago has held up well.  Naturally, there are some minor flaws here and there as well as chips on the front nose from use, but nothing out of the ordinary.  A prior mechanic noted that there were some older repairs near the smuggler box, but no signs of major corrosion.  The deco trim and rubber are all in good shape and appear to be original.  The glass is original except for the windshield, which was replaced.  The proper factory stampings are visible.  The factory 15×6 Deep-Six Fuchs are polished with some prior satin black paintwork on parts.  There are no major flaws.  They are wearing near full-tread Pirelli CN36 tires that were installed less than 4 years/2k miles ago.  They have over 75% tread remaining.  The brakes have approximately 75% pad life remaining.

The engine bay, trunk, and underside appear to be very original and dry with no signs of prior damage.  The engine bay is very tidy and looks like the tins were refinished during the rebuild.  The underside also looks very clean and original.  Some of the original factory undercoating has faded/peeled away and there’s some discoloration.  The jack points look great as does the rest of the floor.  The underside of the engine is very dry with no signs of major oil leaks.

The interior has been largely refurbished over the years yet looks very original.  When the current owner purchased this 911, it had reproduction sport buckets that were fixed.  He replaced them with more accurate adjustable houndstooth reproduction sport seats.  They are in good shape with no tears or rips.  The rear seatbacks were removed but are included.  The roll bar is bolted in and can be easily removed.  The headliner is in good shape with no tears or rips.  The door panels are in very good shape. The factory door pockets have minimal warping.  The dash has no cracks and the factory speaker has been upgraded with a pair of 3” speakers in the dash.  A period-correct Momo Prototipo leather steering wheel was installed 20 years ago, but the original steering wheel is included.  The gauges all work except for the clock.  The period-correct Blaupunkt radio also works.

This 911E drives fantastically.  It starts easily and the hand throttle works properly.  Once it warms up, it holds an even idle.  The power is significant from stock with decent low-end grunt.  It pulls strong throughout the rev range with no hesitation.  The 901 transmission shifts smoothly through all the gear changes and is one of the better ones I’ve experienced.  There’s no grinding and the clutch engages properly with no slipping.  The brakes have a good bite with no fading or pulling.  The handling is light and precise as well.  It also tracks straight down the road.

This 911E includes extra keys, original owner’s manual, regular 15×6 Fuchs spare wheel/tire, original tool kit, 40 years of receipts, aftermarket period jack, car cover, original steering wheel with original horn button, original “sugar-scoop” sealed beam headlights in boxes, original rear seatbacks, battery tender, and the original Porsche Certificate of Authenticity with the display folder.

*Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.


I used to mock people who wanted their “birth-year” Porsche.

Because I was one of those people.

In January of 1999, I started searching for my first Porsche.  I wanted a 1969 911 in green before my 30th birthday on April 4th.

(For those doing the math, yes, I just turned 55.)

With the newly launched Autotrader, eBay, and Craigslist internet car shopping websites, I thought this would be easy to find in a few months.  However, it took two years to find my first Porsche.  It was a 1970 911 T sunroof coupe in Gemini Blue.

Maybe because I failed, I mocked “newbies” who wanted to find their birth-year Porsche.

Then, this 1969 911 E Coupe in Leaf Green (yes, my ALL-TIME favorite Porsche color) built on April 9th, 1969, lands in my lap.  It arrived almost exactly 25 years after my initial goal date and was built 5 days after I was born.

As I started the mental gymnastics trying to figure out how to keep this one, I heard “The Ed” from the back of the shop exclaim, “Paul, we’re running a dealership and not your personal museum!”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or [email protected]

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