1974 Porsche 914 2.0L 5-Speed Low Orig Miles Engine and Trans Rebuilt

  Stock #1502   VIN: 474290xxxx**   ENG# 026xxx (GA/95)**   TRN# HA28xxx (914/12)**   Chassis# 4049xxx**   51,000 Miles from new   9,000 Miles on Engine Rebuild/Mechanical Restoration   Signal Orange (L20E) on Brown Basketweave Leatherette   5-Speed Manual Transmission   Straight and Dry Chassis   Clean and Clear California Title

The 914 program was initially intended to be a joint program between Volkswagen and Porsche.  Unfortunately, VW pulled out and Porsche took over the project.  Ferry Porsche intended the 914 to attract younger drivers.  With the discontinuation of the 914-6 program, the 2.0L 4-cylinder was the replacement.  It weighed less and made almost the same power as the 6-cylinder, which put performance numbers very close.

This Porsche was built on Thursday, October 4th, 1973 and we believe it was sold new from a Porsche dealer on the West Coast.  It came with the following factory options:

  • US/California Emissions
  • Forged alloy (Fuchs) wheels (5.5 x 15)
  • Appearance package
    • Sports padded steering wheel
    • Two-tone horn
    • Leather shift boot
    • Fog lights in front bumper
    • Center console w/volt meter gauge, oil temp gauge, and clock*
  • Third center seat cushion
  • Heated rear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Wolfsburg radio with speakers and antenna
  • 5-speed transmission

This 914 spent the majority of its life in California and the West Coast.  The earliest owner of record is Jim Edwards of Puyallup, Washington.  Jim and his wife Toni bought this 914 on July 28th, 1995 with approximately low 40k miles.  After the first few years, it appears they began a mechanical restoration.  Highlights of this build include:

  • Engine work
  • Remove and disassemble including splitting case
  • Heads machined
  • Valve job with new vale guides and oversized valve springs
  • New rings, wrist pins, and seals
  • New set of pistons with improved oil relief
  • New fuel injectors and seals
  • Crank and pistons balanced
  • New camshaft
  • New flywheel and clutch
  • Stainless steel headers/heat exchangers
  • Bursch sport muffler
  • Powdercoat all sheet metal
  • All new engine compartment seals
  • New motor mounts
  • New hoses and lines
  • Clean and reseal oil pump

  • Transmission work
  • Remove and disassemble
  • New bearings (intershafts and pinion)
  • Manual transmission gear teeth
  • New synchros
  • New CV joints
  • New transmission seals
  • New rear transmission mounts
  • New shifter bushings


  • Suspension work
  • Koni single adjustable shocks and struts
  • Weltmeister front sway bar
  • New 140lb rear springs

  • Brake work
  • Larger rebuilt front brake calipers
  • Rebuilt rear calipers
  • New rotors and pads
  • Upgraded new 19mm master cylinder
  • New wheel bearings
  • Stainless steel brake lines

  • Other misc. repairs
  • New clutch and throttle cables
  • Rebuilt door catch straps with new parts
  • Installed electric windshield washer pump
  • Replaced center console clock with VDO oil pressure gauge (original clock included)
  • Battery shutoff switch
  • New throttle pedal
  • Steering shaft universal joint

Jim and Toni enjoyed this 914 on fair weather days and primarily for PCA events.  They added another 5k miles before selling it on February 6th, 2010 to Larry Liang of Las Vegas, Nevada with 46,799 miles.

Larry only kept this 914 for about 7 months and a few hundred miles before having to sell it due to a personal issue.  However, during his short ownership, he did some tasteful improvements, which included:

  • New windshield with proper factory seals and new chrome trim
  • Polished/refinished to chrome the front bumpers
  • Reseal Targa top with new rubber
  • Refinish Targa “side sails” with new vinyl and brightwork trim
  • New custom CocoMats
  • Oil service/inspection

The current Southern California owner purchased this 914 2.0 from Larry on September 10th, 2010 with 47,323 miles.  For the past 13+ years, the current owner has only added another 3,500 miles of light weekend cruising.  The owner used Greg with Precision Motion Porsche in Colton, California for regular service needs as well as changing oil himself (at least once every 2-years regardless of miles).  When he first received the car, he took it to Greg for a once over and he said, “you have a gem here.”  The last oil service was around 18 months ago, but the car has been driven less than 200 miles since then.  Other services during his ownership included:

Replace all fuel lines, fuel injector seals, oil service (6/18 @ 50k miles)

Optima gel battery (1/21)

Fuel services/repairs (3/21 @ 50,550 miles)

  • Ignition coil
  • Fuel filter
  • New electric fuel pump
  • New fuel hose
  • Remove fuel tank/reinstall
  • Acid wash fuel tank
  • Oil service
  •  Service cost: $1,836

Bridgestone tires (12/21 @ 50,802 miles)

The exterior of this 914 2.0 is in very nice condition and clearly been garaged and well-cared for.  There are no signs of any prior damage or repairs.  Over 20 years ago, the car was repainted in its original factory color.  The door jambs, engine compartment, and trunk areas still wear their original paint.  The paint job shows some light discoloration in a few spots, but nothing noticeable unless one is very close and under the right light.  We ran a paint meter on every panel and there are no signs of any filler or repairs.  There’s a paint blemish/wrinkle on the passenger a-pillar where the Targa top meets the windshield frame.  The light lenses are in great shape and all the lights work.  The trim/rubber/brightwork all look great with no major blemishes.  The glass is in good shape and all original except the windshield.  The side and rear glass are wearing their original factory stampings.  The factory 4-lug Fuchs have been polished sometime in their past.  They appear to be in great shape with no significant curb rash or blemishes.  They are wearing near full-tread Bridgestone tires.  The brakes appear to have around 75% life remaining with no lips on the rotors.

The interior is exceptional and indicative of a low-mile original survivor.  Everything appears to be as delivered new from the factory.  The vinyl seats are in good shape with just one light tear on the driver seat inside seam.  The carpet is original with no major stains or heavy wear areas.  The Targa top headliner is original with no issues or sagging.  The door panels have no warping of the pockets and look original as well.  The dash appears to be original and one of the best I’ve seen.  It has no cracks or warping.  All the gauges work properly.  The windows wind up and down easily.  The interior light as well as gauge lights all work.  The factory original radio powers/lights up, but no sound comes out.


This 914 2.0 drives fantastic and is indicative of a well-sorted low-mile survivor example.  It starts easily on the first try and holds an even idle.  Once it is at operating temperature, it pulls strong throughout the rev range with no hesitation or back-firing.  The transmission shifts smoothly through the gears with no grinding.  The clutch engages perfectly with no slipping.  The brakes have excellent bite and are some of the best I’ve felt on one of these 914s.  It stops quickly with no pulling.  The car tracks straight and the handling is predictable.  You can feel the lightness when pushing to the limit.  Plus, it absorbs the road inconsistencies nicely, making it a pleasure to drive in mixed conditions.

*We just took the car to our mechanic to have him replace the fuel sending unit.  While there, we had him inspect the infamous “hell-hole” (small area against passenger side firewall area) as well as the battery tray.  He confirmed they were both dry and no signs of rust or repairs.  We tried photographing the areas, and the hell-hole was difficult due to the ECU in the way, which we weren’t about to mess with.  You’ll see a fair photo in the gallery highlighting the area and showing it dry.

California registration is current and paid to September, 2024 and it is exempt from CA smog.

This Porsche comes with 1 key, antenna key, the original owner’s manuals/maintenance booklet with vinyl cover, spare tire, jack, original tool kit, 3-ring binder with records back to 1995 including the engine/transmission rebuild, photos of the mechanical restoration, *original center console clock, 2 factory maintenance 3-ring binders, reference material/articles binder, unused complete set of Porterfield brake pads, original rear brake calipers, Koni spacers, carpet dash protector, and a box of misc. parts/service items.

Ponce de León searched for this Porsche.

He was just 456 years early.

Similarly, Dr. Ferry Porsche was also searching for the fountain of youth.  Since he couldn’t find it, he built it.

The Porsche 914: a sports car for young people or those young at heart.

Even if you’re grumpy, I dare you to drive one for 10 minutes and not smile.  It’s impossible.

Even if your resting face is a scowl, each drive will be filled with countless people giving you thumbs-ups, honks, and smiles.  Good luck staying grouchy.  

I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t approved a 914 as an anti-depressant.

If you’re having a bad day, just drive a 914.

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