1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe Original Paint Low Miles 40 Years Documented History

  Stock #1487   VIN: 91A0141xxx**   ENG# 6402xxx (930/07)**   TRN# 7401xxx (915/63)**   Numbers Matching   41,600 Miles from New   Grand Prix White (908) on Tan & Brown Full Leather Interior   Original Paint / No Accidents   5-Speed Manual 915 Transmission   PCA Member Owned   Clean and Clear California Title   Original Window Sticker


Because the Porsche 911SC was one of the best-built air-cooled Porsches, they were typically driven to the ground.  Yet, they would still work.  Some of the reasons they lasted was their robust aluminum-block 3.0L engine as well as their galvanized bodies.  However, I believe people love them because they are really fun to drive.  Finding a California survivor with low miles is becoming increasingly difficult.  Furthermore, keeping it original, including the paint adds another level of improbability.



This 911SC was built in February of 1980 and sold new on April 17th, 1980 by Sunland Porsche + Audi of Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • California Designated Car
  • Genuine Full Leather Interior
  • Electric Outside Mirror, Right
  • 16” Forged Fuchs Alloy Wheels (16×7 and 16×7)
  • Sport Shocks
  • 2 Rear Speakers
  • Fog Lamps
  • Blaupunkt AM/FM Cassette Stereo with Electric Antenna
  • Cruise Control
  • Electric Sliding Sunroof

*Fuchs wheels have been upgraded to factory 16×7 and 16×8 size earlier in its life.

The MRSP was $34,050, which is approximately $127,150 in today’s money.


It appears the first or early owner of this SC was David Kozak.  He lived in West Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona.  His first service of record was a major service/valve adjustment on 6/28/85 at 7,904 miles by Red Line in Santa Monica, California.  On 6/21/90 at 13,930 miles, Red Line performed the following significant services:

  • Remove engine and transmission
  • Updated Carrera chain tensioner set
  • Many seals
  • New clutch kit and cable
  • New airbox
  • Steel brake lines

The total service cost was $2,200 at the time


For a short period, the car was owned by Lloyd McCall of Decatur, Alabama before being sold to  Tom Coleman from Bakersfield, California with around 25k miles.  The car spent most of its time in Santa Barbara.  Eventually, Tom took the car to his other home in Boise, Idaho for a short time.  He primarily serviced this 911 at his local Porsche dealers.  Highlights of services during his care include:

  • New set of oil lines (2/00)
  • New Bilstein Sport struts and shocks and factory stainless steel muffler (3/00)
  • Restore leather dash (5/03)
  • A/C and misc services at Porsche dealer (5/03 @ 25,127 mile)
    • New A/C system and convert to R134a
    • Brake and clutch fluid flush
    • Check shift linkage
    • Heater blower motor and air heater tube
    • Full vehicle inspection and found to be dry/straight
    • Sunroof panel cable adjusted
    • Air box pop off valve
    • Spark plugs
    • Replace oil cooler lines
  • Replace driver door lock, window switch, and window felt (1/04 @ 29,250 miles)
  • Major service, battery, a/c recharge, fuel filter (1/05 @ 29,626 miles)
  • Replace oil return tubes and repair odometer at Porsche dealer (12/05 @ 30,772 miles)
  • Restore Fuchs wheels at Wheel Enhancement (8/06)
  • Major service and replace cam cover gaskets at Porsche dealer (2/07 @ 31,057 miles)
  • 35k mile service, brake flush, battery, and belts at Porsche dealer (2/08 @ 31,187 miles)
  • Oil service, brake flush, drive belts (4/11 @ 32,314 miles)
  • Service in preparation for sale including upgrade to turbo valve covers (2/15 @ 33,994 miles)

This next owner was also from Santa Barbara.  He purchased this 911 in April of 2015 with 34k miles.  He kept this SC for 7 years and added 6k miles.  During this owner’s care, he had the following services performed:

  • Services at Schneider Autohaus (7/15 @ 34,096 miles)
    • Custom cat heat shield to protect upgraded A/C condenser
    • Replace throttle bell crank bushings
    • Replace shift bushings
    • Transmission fluid flush
    • Brake fluid flush
  • Steering column bushings, oil service, front sway bar bushings (2/17 @ 36,259 miles)
  • Fuel system/spark repair and routine services (6/18)
    • New correct ignition coil
    • Replace ignition CDI unit
    • Test fuel injectors
    • Install stock shifter components
    • Remove old radio amplifier and wiring
    • New spark plugs
    • Valve adjustment
    • Oil service
  • Disassemble, inspect, and clean alternator/new voltage regulator (1/19)
  • Install restored Becker Europa radio with Bluetooth modification (12/20)
  • services (9/22 @ 40,339 miles)
    • Replace spark plugs
    • New warm up regulator
    • New fuel distributor and seals
    • Replace fuel injectors
    • Recharge A/C (low 1lb of refrigerant)
    • New Interstate battery


About a year ago, this owner sold it to the current Santa Barbara area owner with just shy of 41k miles.  For the last year, this owner has added less than a thousand miles.  He ended up purchasing a patina-driver hotrod 912, which he feels is a better fit for the bumpy backroads driving where he lives.  Despite not having this 911SC for very long, he still invested over $12k bringing it up to the next level.  He mostly used Schneider Autohaus for his services, which included:

  • Routine services and misc. repairs (3/23 @ 40,909 miles)
    • Oil service
    • Transmission service
    • Adjust clutch
    • Brake flush
    • Adjust valves
    • Replace O2 sensor
    • Adjust timing
    • Shift rod, ball cup, and coupler bushings
    • Replace fuel injectors
    • Fuel filter
    • Windshield washer pump
    • Spark plugs
    • Repair left rear speaker wiring
  • services at Schneider (5/23 @ 41,134 miles)
    • Install factor short shifter kit
    • Modify shifter bearing housing for smoother shifting
    • Transmission fluid flush
    • Adjust timing and advance
    • Brake fluid flush
  • Replace front seat belts and deglaze parking brake/adjust (7/23 @ 41,500 miles)
  • Service A/C system and recharge (11/23)

(The mechanic left a service note that stated that they recommend replacing the suspension bushings and front ball joints to eliminate squeaks over bumps)


It is clear that this SC was always well-cared for, driven lightly, serviced regularly, and kept in a garage.  The exterior is in excellent original condition and indicative of a low-mile/cherished example.  The paint appears to be all original and verified with a paint meter.  There are minimal signs of use with hardly any flaws.  There are a few minor scratches on the lower valance where the license plate goes as well as a barely noticeable shallow dent at the top of the a-pillar on the roof.  The glass is in excellent shape and wearing the proper factory stampings.  The windshield was replaced with the correct factory German replacement glass while the rest of the glass is original.  The factory anodized trim is in good shape and wearing its original finish.  There are minimal flaws.  The Fuchs wheels have been restored and have no curb rash.  They are wearing older Michelin tires that will need to be replaced soon due to age despite having over half-tread remaining and no signs of age.  The brakes have more than a half-life remaining.  All the exterior lights work.


The interior is equally as tidy and indicative of a low-mile example.  The leather seats are in good shape with no tears or rips.  They still are supportive with no collapsing of the cushion material.  There are minimal signs of wear on the exit bolsters.  The rear seats look unused.  The original dark brown headliner is in good shape with no sagging and the sunroof panel looks good as well.  There was a small tear hidden behind the driver sunvisor near the windshield that we had re-glued and is barely noticeable.  The headliner lights also work.  The carpet has no significant stains or heavy wear marks.  The floor mats look equally as nice as they were protected with Cocomats, which are included with the car.  The Cocomats have faded over time, but are in good shape.  The door panels look fresh with minimal warping of the door pocket tops.  There are no heavy wear marks including the threshold area.  The leather dash was replaced some time ago and still looks fresh with no cracks and just light warping near the defrost vents.  All the gauges work, including the clock.  The vintage Becker radio and electric antenna both work properly.  The radio sounds good and has been modified for Bluetooth capability.  The A/C system was just serviced and blows very cold.  There is a small tear on the rear parcel shelf speaker perforation.  The power windows, mirrors, and sunroof all work properly as well as the cruise control.


This SC is a pleasure to drive and as I’ve said before, there is nothing quite like the experience of a low-mile survivor.  This 911 starts easily on the first try and once warmed up, holds an even idle.  The throttle response of this short stroke 3.0L engine is one of my favorites in the air-cooled world.  It feels much faster than it is as it effortlessly builds revs quickly through the rev range.  The power delivery is even with no hesitation.  The brakes are equally as impressive as they have excellent bite with no fading or pulling.  They are perfectly matched to the power.  The shifting is precise with no grinding whether you’re going up or down the gearset.  The clutch engages properly as well with no slipping.  The handling is exceptional.  The ride is firm, yet compliant over uneven surfaces.  Even the cruise control system works.  The steering response is immediate with excellent balance.  It’s easy to drive this one quickly.  There were no signs of previously mentioned suspension squeaking or other noises.  This 911 is perfect for an early morning back road drive in the country.  It would be so good.



This 911SC has current California registered paid to June of 2024 and it passes the strict California smog/emissions test.


This Porsche comes with 2 main keys, 1 spare cut key (just the key part), two key fobs, an owner’s manual with vinyl cover, an original stamped maintenance booklet with vinyl cover, owner’s manual with the vinyl case, original maintenance booklet with stamps, original window sticker, 2 Porsche 911SC books, original Porsche floor mats (4), front pair of vintage Cocomats, original tool kit, front license plate bracket, spare tire bag with plastic gloves, air compressor, space saver spare tire (never used), jack, and a 3 ring binder of service records going back to 1985.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

Nostalgia comes at a price.

And it’s not the purchase price.

These 40+ year-old air-cooled Porsches do nothing as well as your modern car.

They don’t have adaptive radar cruise.

The “climate control” system is 4 fan speeds.

They don’t “auto-blip” to help you match revs.

There aren’t any cup holders.

They are slower than most any new car.

Yet, why do we still clamor to find rare examples that have survived the ravages of time?

We do it for that indescribable feeling you get when you have a pure “driving moment.”

A “driving moment” is that flush of euphoria you feel when properly driving your vintage car.

After patience and practice, you too will be able to instinctively pilot your 911 over a perfect ribbon of winding pavement.  Maybe then, you’ll have your own “driving moment.”

Just don’t expect it to happen on the test drive.

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