1967 Porsche 911 S Soft Window Targa 1-Calif Owner from New

  Stock #1380   VIN: 500xxxx**   ENG# 962xxx (901/02)**   TRN# 105xxx (901/02)**   Numbers Matching   54,600 Miles on Odometer   Irish Green (6606) on Black Leatherette (B)   5-Speed Manual Transmission (901/02)   Clean and Clear California Title (Original “Pink Slip”)   Porsche Certificate of Authenticity   50-Year PCA (Porsche Club of America) Member   Long Time Early S Registry Member   1-California Owned from New   Upcoming Feature Article in Early S Magazine*

The 1967 Porsche 911 S is the first “S” model 911 offered and has been identified as one of the most important Porsche collectibles by Sports Car Market, Hagerty, and other top automotive resources.  However, the reasons aren’t just because it was the first; rather, they are one of the purest forms of a Porsche 911.  They were the culmination of competitive racing for over 15 years distilled into a production road car.  Furthermore, of the 483 Soft Window Targas (SWT) built for the world, how many are still in the hands of their original owner?

This Porsche was built on July 12th, 1967 and is one of the last built for the first model year.  It was sold new on October 18th, 1967 by Norm Anderson Volkswagen + Porsche of San Jose, California.  It was ordered with a Webasto Heater (006.519) and Dunlop tires from the factory.  The dealer installed seat belts and a driver-side Talbot mirror.

The purchase price was $7,939.72, which is about $70,000 in today’s money.  The current owner traded in his 1965 Oldsmobile two door hard top 4-4-2 towards this special purchase.  The rest was a college graduation present from his grandmother.  Initially, he put the car in his parent’s name for a year to save on insurance, but when he joined the Army in August of 1968, he was able to insure with USAA and put the car in his own name.

Within days of taking delivery, he drove it up Mt. Hamilton (a tight and twisting hairpin road outside of San Jose) to get acclimated to the rear engine dynamics.  For several months he practiced on this desolate road until he mastered the handling, braking, and acceleration.  Over the last 55 years he’s had many driving adventures including two trips across country and as far north as Jasper in Alberta, Canada.  He never once was stranded.  Unfortunately, his vision is deteriorating, and doesn’t feel safe driving his beloved 911 any longer.  He doesn’t want to have it just sit and truly hopes the next owner drives it as it’s meant to be driven.

For the first few years of ownership, he serviced the car at either the selling Porsche dealership or a nearby Porsche dealership.  Eventually, he took his car to Kirberg Motors, a German car specialist in San Francisco.  By 1974, he started servicing the car at European Auto Service in San Rafael, California and continued to do so for most of this 911’s life.  We have most of the records from new, which highlight the frequent services this Porsche received.  I’ve outlined highlights of bigger repairs below:

  • Carburetors overhauled by Niello Porsche (5/70 @ 40,303 miles)
  • New clutch kit and new Koni shocks/struts (7/71 @ 44,600 miles)
  • Disassemble and repaint car due to front end damage (8/71)
  • Removed original Fuchs for later/wider Fuchs (4/72) – 111k miles on original wheels
  • Incident on Oakville Grade (3/73)
    • Replaced front bumper, hood, right front fender
    • Strip car and repaint entire car
  • Repair clutch and transmission (6/73 @ 123,468 miles)
  • Replace pinion and differential/rear axles bearings on transmission (6/74 @ 133,512 miles)
  • Engine mounts, chain guides, chain tensioners (11/75 @ 145,220 miles)
  • Rebuild tensioners and replace chain guides (10/77 @ 166935 miles)
  • Cadmium II coat original heat exchangers and replace muffler with original (2/79)
  • Complete engine rebuild (3/79 @ 174,254 miles)
    • Main and rod bearings
    • Full engine gasket reseal
    • Factory pistons and cylinders
    • Crankshaft gear
    • Timing chains
    • Oil return tubes
    • Rocker arms and shafts
    • Countershaft
    • Recondition connecting rods and cylinder heads
    • Valve job
    • Machine flywheel
    • Total cost was $4,155 (with P&C, it would be over $25k today)
  • Overhaul distributor (2/80 @ 186,376 miles)
  • Remove transmission and open for repairs (3/81 @ 196,510 miles)
    • New mainshaft bearings
    • New pinion bearings
    • Clutch kit and throw out bearings
    • Reseal
  • Update chain tensioners and major service (7/81 @ 198k miles)
  • Replace starter motor (9/81 @ 199,740 miles)
  • Deer incident damage to front right (3/82)
    • Strip car to bare metal and repaint to Signal Green
    • Replace front bumper and hood
  • Update to dual master brake cylinders and rebuild distributor (12/87 @ 208,195 miles)
  • Rebuild pedal cluster, repair oil leak at front pulley seal/oil pump cover (5/92 @ 211,324 miles)
  • Blaupunkt tap deck with new speakers (5/92)
  • Fuel pump, modify CD ignition, harness, and coil (8/92 @ 212,145 miles)
  • Overhaul carburetors (7/93 @ 214,026 miles)
  • Replace master cylinder, major service & compression check (4/94 @ 213100 miles)
  • Rebuild/restore Targa top (9/95)
  • Repair/rebuild shift linkage (7/96 @ 217,970 miles)

Sometime in the early 2000s, this owner moved to Hawaii with his wife.  He kept the car at his home in Auburn, California while he was gone.  He would come back a few times a year to service the car and drive it.  In 2012, he returned to Northern California and moved to Napa to start his final chapter with this 911.  He ended up hiring a Swiss mechanic/perfectionist, Chris Wettstein, who worked at European Motors to help him over the last decade on final improvements, which included:

  • Front brake pads (10/02 @ 228,960 miles)
  • Major service and compression/leak down test (4/05 @ 230,539 miles)
    • Compression: 170 even across all cylinders
    • Leak down: 2% off even across all cylinders
    • Update to turbo tie rod assembly
  • Major mechanical work (4/13 @ 242,518 miles)
    • New axles
    • Fuel filter, fuel lines, and fittings
    • Clutch cable, tube and guide
    • Rear sway bar mounts and bushings
    • New clutch kit and machine flywheel
    • Rebuild carburetors
    • Fuel and heater hoses as well as fittings
    • Transmission mainshaft seal
    • Many other engine seals and gaskets
    • Rear axle assemblies
    • Replace ground cable
  • Major service and new Bosch distributor (9/14 @ 242,582 miles)
  • Repaint to original color (10/14 @ 243k miles)
    • Disassemble entire body
    • Strip paint to bare metal
    • New rear Targa bar seal from Porsche
    • All new seals and trim rubber
    • $31,660
  • Rebuild suspension and other misc repairs (8/15 @ 247,035 miles)
    • Rebuild front suspension
    • Front and rear control arm bushings
    • New rear Koni shocks
    • Torsion bar bushings
    • Remove and replace all front sway bar bushings
    • Replace drop links
    • Reassemble front suspension and set ride height
    • Ball joints
    • Rear brake pads
  • More suspension, brake, and other misc. repairs (9/15 @ 247,750 miles)
    • Koni front strut inserts for Boge
    • Front strut towner housing bushings/new hardware
    • Rear suspension bushings
    • Wheel bearing seals
    • Front brake pads and rotors
    • Rebuild front brake calipers with stainless steel pistons
    • Rebuild rear brake calipers with stainless steel pistons
    • Remove, clean, and inspect both torsion bars and spring plates
    • Master cylinder
    • Cryogenically coat rotors
    • Media blast and restore front hubs
    • New front wheel bearings
    • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Clear bra/PPF front nose of car (4/16)
  • New rear soft window assembly (4/18)
  • New Pirelli Cinturato tires (2/22)
  • Reupholster original front seats with minor pad/springs repair (3/22)
  • Light refurbishing of original Fuchs wheels with Weidman (5/22)

Over the last decade and 10k+ miles, over $60k has been invested in this survivor to make sure it’s in ready driving condition for the next caretaker.

As you can imagine with a car driven everywhere for so many decades, it has had minor bumps and bruises along the way.  Nothing catastrophic ever happened.  The “oops” moments were only cosmetic and superficial.  In July of 1971, he was behind his “friend in his hot red Corvette” who took off suddenly and immediately stopped unexpectedly.  Of course, he ran into him at relatively slow speed.  In March of 1973 while driving over the Oakville Grade in the rain, he lost traction and understeered into a soft earthen embankment.  Although there was damage to the front right corner, the car was drivable with no mechanical damage.  In March of 1982 while driving up the back side of Mt. Tamalpais (very steep with switchback turns) a doe jumped off the hill and landed right in front of him.  While stopped and narrowly missing the deer, a buck that was in hot pursuit landed on the hood and bounced over the right front fender.  At this point, he had grown tired of the Irish Green paint and decided to strip the car down and repaint it Signal Green, which was a 1968 911 color.  During this bare metal repaint, the car was carefully inspected and there was no damage to the structure of the car.  All the inner trunk metal is original.  The previous repairs were simply cosmetic.  Factory parts were used as they were still available at the time.

Finally, in August of 2014 during the Napa earthquake, the right rear fender was damaged by one of the original Fuchs wheels falling from storage.  He then used the insurance money to completely disassemble the car and repaint it back to factory specifications.  We have documentation of all of these listed repairs and some photos of the most recent repaint.

The exterior of this SWT looks incredible, especially considering the age and miles.  The paint has a deep shine and looks new despite being already 8 years old.  The quality of work is exceptional.  There are minimal signs of use.  There is a scratch on the passenger door near the brightwork.  The glass looks great with no significant scratches, chips, or cracks.  It is all original with the exception of the later windshield.  The factory stampings on the original glass are present.  The exterior brightwork, deco trim, and rubber is all in good shape with no pitting or significant blemishes.  The soft top and Targa top fit nicely.  The rear plastic window is clear with no major scratches.  The Targa top fits great and makes no wind noise when driving.  The original Fuchs wheels are wearing their original anodized finish.  They’ve been off the car and in storage since 1972.  Recently, Harvey Weidman (one of the most respected Porsche wheel restorers) did some touch up on the black paint and light cleaning.  They have a few nicks and scratches from time.  They are wearing new Pirelli Cinturato tires in the correct OEM size.  The brakes have also recently been rebuilt and are at more than 75% life.  All the exterior lights work except the passenger side front fog light.

The interior is also quite nice and in good shape considering the miles and age.  The seats are original and have been out of the car for many decades.  The owner recently had them recovered with some repairs.  They are squishy and need new stuffing.  Also, they were installed in reverse positions with the driver’s seat on the passenger side and the passenger seat in the driver’s position. They need to be swapped.  The rear seats are original and in good shape.  The Targa top headliner was replaced over 25 years ago.  It’s in great shape with no tears or sagging.  The door panels are original and look nice with the correct door handle hardware still present.  Speakers were cut into the door pockets about 30 years ago.  The correct aluminum door trim is also present and in good condition.  The carpet is original and in good shape with just a few wear spots as you would expect.  The original leather wrapping on the steering wheel deteriorated and was removed.  The rest of the wheel is original.  The dash appears to be original and has no tears.  All the gauges work, even the original clock.  The later installed radio works, but the antenna needs to be replaced.  The window winders operate smoothly with no sticking.  The interior lights also work.

The underside is surprisingly dry and original.  Usually, by this time in their life, they have a heavy undercoat present from restoration.  The underside looks all original with no signs of repairs or corrosion.  The rockers are dry and have no signs of rust.  The original fuel tank has a few dents from 55 years of service, but it is dry with no leaks.  The engine is particularly dry with no signs of any major oil leaks.  The replacement sound pad was losing its adhesive, so we removed it.  The original Webasto heater is still intact, but the underside heater muffler broke off years ago.

This ’67 S drives amazingly.  There is something about a vintage Porsche that is always driven and never just parked.  This example starts easily on the first try.  It idles a bit low until the engine reaches operating temperature.  The power delivery is surprisingly strong and it pulls hard, especially past 4,000 rpm.  The transmission is one of the better shifting 901s I’ve experienced.  It shifts smoothly between gears with no grinding or slipping of the clutch.  The brakes have incredible bite with no fading or pulling.  The handling is light and very communicative with great steering feedback.  It’s easy to hustle this Porsche at modern-day speeds.

This car has always had current California registration.  It’s currently registered to March of 2023 and is exempt from California emissions testing.

Included with this 1-owner 911 S is 1 set of keys (key to glove box and hood latch), original owner’s manual with vinyl cover, original Targa top manual, original bill of sale, both original California black plates with registration stickers from new (front plate has been repainted and is chipped but is original), Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, most service records from new organized in binder, original tool kit (partially complete), jack, original 4.5” Fuchs spare, period car bra, box of misc. small parts, front license plate bracket, and a custom indoor car cover.

*The upcoming fall 2022 issue of the Early S magazine will have a full feature article of this special 911 S SWT and its owner for the past 55-years.  Stay tuned.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

“If there’s a good story, it’s usually a pretty good car.”

Jay Leno said that when asked how he decides what car to buy. I pondered this quote and thought about all the incredible car stories I’ve been fortunate to experience. And the better the story (especially with documentation to back it up), the better the car.

March of this year, I got a call from the owner of this 1967 911S Soft Window Targa. His name is Larry and he’s extremely animated. He teases me by saying, “I own a rare Porsche with an even rarer history.” Now, I’m intrigued.

He goes on to explain that he’s the original owner of this Irish Green ‘67 S SWT. I find myself repeating everything he says in complete disbelief, “so, you bought this car new?”

“Yes sir…and I saved nearly every receipt from new. I even have the original bill of sale. I bought it from my local Porsche/VW dealer her in Northern California.” My next thought was he drove it for a while and then just parked it for several decades, which is the usual story.

Nope. He drove this 911. It was always driven and registered with an inch-thick stack of CA reg stickers on the car’s original black plate to further drive the point home. He proceeded to tell me about his adventures of several cross-country trips, journeys through Canada and honing his driving skills on famous Northern California back roads.

Of course, I had to take it out for a spin. It was barely off the trailer before I took it on my 10-mile test loop. What an absolute treat. The test drive did not disappoint.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

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