1967 Porsche 911 S Coupe

Original Factory Slate Gray on Red

Factory Sport Seats w/Headrests

Fresh Restoration by Marque Experts

Stock #1067

VIN # 305xxxS**

ENG# 960xxx (901/02) – 29 numbers off original engine (960xxx)**

TRN# 103xxx (901/02) – Original #’s Matching Transmission**

39,200 Miles on Odometer

Less than 1,000 Miles on Restoration

  • Slate Gray (6601) on Red Leatherette (A) with Pepita Inserts
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission (901/02)
  • Clean and Clear New Mexico Title
  • Copy of Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Copy of Kardex


The 1967 Porsche 911 S is the first “S” model 911 offered and has been identified as one of the most important Porsche collectibles by Sports Car Market, Haggerty, and other top automotive resources.  However, the reasons aren’t just because it was the first and there aren’t many complete examples remaining; but rather, they are one of the purest forms of a Porsche 911.  They were the culmination of competitive racing for over 15-years distilled into a production road car.  Furthermore, only a handful of slate grey ones have survived over the years.

This Porsche was built on September 19th, 1966.  It was sold new by the Porsche + Volkswagen dealer in Baltimore, Maryland on October 26th, 1966. It was ordered with the following factory optional equipment:

  • Webasto Heater (005 642)
  • 2 Headrests
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Exterior Rear View Mirror
  • Raised Steering Wheel Hub
  • Becker Mexico Radio
  • Loundspeaker
  • Antenna

Furthermore, correct year rare factory sport seats have been sourced and restored with proper wool pepita inserts.

Magnus Walker purchased this 911 S back in 2008 from an enthusiast who had it a very long time and had turned it into a hotrod.  However, Magus wanted to give it a different look that suited him, so started by cleaning it up to give it more of an early 911 R/period sport-purpose vibe with his own signature style.  He ended up keeping the car for nearly 3-years before selling it to another enthusiast who was also very active in the SoCal early 911 community.

Initially, he was going to just bring the car to the next level with some more correct finishes as specified on the Certificate of Authenticity.  However, one thing led to another and this build became a 3-year saga that involved completely disassembling the car and doing a full nut/bolt restoration.  This owner’s goal was to restore it to as new as possible.  In the process, he hired some of the best local talent to help.

Marco and Tony Gerace of TLG Auto took care of the majority of the mechanical heavy lifting.  This included rebuilding the motor to 2.3L specifications.  The original motor was lost many years ago, so a correct 1967 911 S case that is only 29 numbers off the original was sourced, restored, and used.

The paint and bodywork was left to the capable hands of John Esposito.

Tony Garcia and his team at Autobahn were responsible for the complete interior.

Harvey Weidman expertly restored the rare and original 4.5×15 Fuchs wheels date stamped 9/66

Plus, many others in the Early 911 S community like Rolly Resos, Paul Chappell, and Eric Linden were great resources for helping collect all the rare and important pieces needed for this special first year 911 S.  The goal was to use as many original factory rare parts as possible and minimize reproduction parts.

The restoration was completed in 2014.  Unfortunately due to moves and other circumstances, this owner never got to do the drives and events he planned with it.  Eventually, he sold it to the current owners in the summer of 2015.  These owners have enjoyed a variety of air-cooled Porsches and other collectible vintage cars.  Initially, the car was taken to their vacation home in New Mexico.  However, it was never used as much as they planned.  Eventually, it was brought back to Southern California.  Within the last month, we had our local air-cooled mechanic perform some routine services as well as tuning to get it ready for the next owner to enjoy.

Although this 911 S has been finished from restoration for the past 5-years, it has not been driven much and has mostly been garaged.  As a result, it still looks quite fresh.  The paint shows minimal signs of use.  The gaps/fit and finish are very good.  Most of the glass, with the exception of the windshield, is original and in excellent condition.  The wheels look new and are wearing near full tread Vredestein classic tires.  The brakes are also at near full life.

The interior looks equally as nice and fresh.  There are hardly any signs of use.  The leather sport seats have no cracks, rips, or tears.  The wool pepita inserts have no stains.  The carpet, headliner, door panels, and dash also look new and have all the correct rare trim pieces.  The 1-year only rear view mirror is in very good condition and would be very difficult to find these days.  The gauges have all been restored and look great and work properly.  Even the restored original Becker radio works along with the interior and dash lights.

This early S starts easily and makes a wonderful distinctive sound.  It does not smoke while driving and holds an even idle.  The throttle response is immediate and is surprisingly quick for 52-year old sports car.  It’s very nimble and a blast to toss into the corners.  Handling is crisp and direct.  The brakes have a nice initial bite and the car stops straight.  The gearbox is smooth to shift with no grinding or slipping.  This example could easily fit in on most any concours lawn, but would best be used for fun vintage touring events.

This 911 S comes with an owner’s manual/vinyl holder, Certificate of Authenticity (copy), Kardex, tool kit, jack, spare Fuchs wheel (not tire) and extra keys.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

This vehicle is sold “as-is” with no warranty, written or implied. In some cases, the vehicle does have the remaining factory warranty still in place and will be described above if that is the case. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the listed price. All vehicle sales will require a $170 administration fee. The vehicle listed is described to the best of our ability. The information is based on our own research and statements made to us by the previous owner(s). To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate. We are not responsible for errors in our description of options or any other details. The above-mentioned vehicle is used and can be expected to show some wear and tear. It is not a brand new vehicle. We do welcome all local pre-purchase inspections on vehicles in order to verify condition.

Special Note

We appreciate the countless calls from brokers and dealers. As much as we would love to quickly “wholesale” this car to industry partners so they can make a quick profit, the car is on consignment (as are all of our offerings) and the owners have the final say.

If you have actually taken the time to read this far in our detailed description, I can’t imagine there are any questions you may have. However, if there is something I missed or you would prefer to hear the warm sound of a human voice (mine) reiterating the research I’ve provided above, I would be happy to help.

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