1972 BMW Bavaria (E3)

10 second quarter mile + John Wayne + Dietitian =

This BMW Bavaria.

The Orange County owner of this BMW for 30-years was Mrs. Magna Schley who was the head dietitian at Hoag Hospital.

John Wayne:
She used it to do house calls on the Duke at his Newport Beach residence. (I bet there’s a photo somewhere with him, Magna, and this Bavaria)

10 Second Quarter Mile:
Her sons, who picked up this Bavaria new, set the record for the first VW bug to do a sub 10-second quarter mile drag run.

This Bavaria found the perfect home with an Orange County enthusiast who loves hotrod VWs and sleeper BMWs.  Of course, he installed a 3.5L motor and 5-speed manual.

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Orange County from New

3.5L Engine / 5-Speed Manual

Cold Air Conditioning

1-Owner for 30-Years

Over $23k of Recent Work

Stock #1161

VIN # 313xxxx**

106,920 Original Miles

7,000 Miles on New Engine and Refurbishment

  • Sahara (006) on Tobacco Leatherette
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Numbers Matching Engine Available*
  • BMWCCA Member Owned
  • Southern California from New

Sale Pending

The E3 was called the “New Six” and was first introduced in 1968.  It came in a 2500 and 2800 variant.  In 1971, for the U.S. market, Max Hoffman convinced BMW to produce a more powerful version with the 3.0L straight six engine that came in the CS/E9 coupes.  However, he wanted it equipped in a base format similar to the 2500 in order to keep the purchase price as close to $6,000 as possible.  Similar to the Speedster moniker created by Hoffman for marketing purposes, he suggested that these North American models be badged as a “Bavaria” to give it a more European vibe.  They were a success and BMW sold over 30,000 3.0L models here between 1971 and 1977.  However, they were simply transportation and were handed down in the family until they were eventually parted out or destroyed.  Finding low-ownership and original examples that have survived are even harder than their 2-door CS counterparts.

This Bavaria was built on May 12th, 1972 and delivered to Max Hoffman on May 17th, 1972.  The first owner was Magna Schley of Costa Mesa, California.  Her two sons, Mark and Paul Schley were well known in the VW Beetle drag racing circles.  They built the first 10-second drag Beetle called the Lightning Bug.  They now have a museum here in Orange County celebrating the SoCal VW drag racing culture.   While the Schley brothers were back East at a race, they connected with a friend who was a salesperson at Skip Hamm BMW in Pennsylvania.  They were considering buying a 2002 for their mom until their friend told them about the all new Bavaria, they just got in.  They bought the car (see attached photos of the delivery) and started to drive it back home across country.  They were following their truck with trailer that was towing their race car.  Everyone wanted to go in the Bavaria because it had air-conditioning.  They got to the mid-west when the truck broke down.  The Bavaria went over 95mph to get to the parts store before they closed.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to finish the cross-country drive, so they shipped the car back the rest of the way.

Magna was the head nutritionist at Hoag Hospital here in Newport Beach, California.  Specifically, she took care of John Wayne and used this Bavaria as her daily driver.    During her care the car only went on one long trip, which was to Las Vegas.  Other than that, for nearly 30-years, it stayed within a 10-mile radius of Costa Mesa.  During her ownership, she always serviced the car at Hanza Motors in Huntington Beach.  John Wickstrom, a German ex-patriot, was the owner Hanza Motors and was obviously familiar with the car.  By the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, Magna could no longer drive, and she sold the car to John, but he never registered it.

With the help of his son, John began a sympathetic refurbishment of the car.  He had the exterior repainted, but preserved the paint in the door jambs, trunk, and engine bay.  New suspension was installed as well as they rebuilt the original motor and sleeved every cylinder.  This was a slow project that took the better part of a decade to finish.  The current owner knew the mechanic and saw it at the shop for years.  Finally, in 2013, he convinced John to sell it to him.

The current owner is the 2nd owner on record and a long-time local car enthusiast.  He collects Chryslers and VWs.  However, he’s always had BMWs for regular driving.  Upon purchasing this Bavaria, he took it to Jeff Tighe for inspection and services.  Tighe is a local vintage BMW mechanic who has been servicing and restoring these cars for over 25-years.  He initially trained with Carl Nelson at La Jolla Independent.  Tighe went through all the work John did and performed further tuning.  This work included:

  • 5-speed manual transmission install
  • Drive shaft
  • Clutch kit
  • Tuning
  • Upgraded A/C system
  •             Rotary compressor
  •             Condenser
  •             Recharge/service

The freshly built stock motor had an issue with consuming oil.  They later found out that when John built the motor, he broke it in with synthetic oil and the rings never seated.  At the time, Tighe had just rebuilt a fresh 3.5L from a late 80’s 7-series.  This inline six puts out around 210hp and 225lb foot torque.  The car had 99,380 miles when the new motor was installed.  The original motor is available for purchase.*

For the next 7k miles and 7 years, the current owner used the car for light weekend cruising and occasional commuting.  He serviced it regularly with Tighe and continued to enhance the condition.  Highlights of other work performed includes:

  • Replaced side window frames with better original condition ones.
  •             (originals are available*)
  • New front seat belts
  • Sourced tool holder with extra pouch and correct factory tools
  • Leather wrapped original steering wheel
  • Correct factory wooden shift knob
  • Alloy wheels with caps
  • (Original steel wheels with beauty rings are available)*
  • Michelin tires (9/14 @ 97,730 miles)
  • New factory exhaust system with new hangars and mounts (4/20 @ 106,685 miles)
  • Recent service/inspection (4/20 @ 106,685 miles)
  •             Tune up/adjust valves
  •             Distributor cap and rotor
  •             Spark plugs
  •             Oil service
  •             Trans service
  •             Diff service
  •             Front brake rotors

In total, the current owner invested (not including the car) at least $23k bringing this nice survivor to the next level and making it a great driver.

This Bavaria looks fantastic.  It isn’t over-restored, but nicely preserved with attention on retaining originality.  The paint work was very good and shows minimal signs of use.  The trim and rubber are mostly original and still look fresh.  All the light lenses are in good shape with no cracks.  The glass is all original, including the windshield.  They are wearing all their correct factory stamps.  The windshield has no major cracks or chips, however there is a scratch on the passenger side from the wiper.  The factory alloy wheels are wearing Michelin tires that are date stamped 2014 and have over 75% life left with no signs of age or cracking.  The brakes also have about 75% life left.

The engine bay, underside, and trunk area are very tidy with no signs of abuse or damage.  The engine bay still wears its original finish as well as factory decals and badges.  The underside is in similar condition with no signs of rust in the rockers or floors.  The trunk area around the gas tank and spare tire well has a small amount of light surface corrosion on the original finish.

The interior is equally as nice and all original.  It is a testament to how this car was cared for.  The leatherette seats show some light wear as to be expected, but no tears or rips.  The carpet is in good shape without any major stains or tears.  A full set (including the trunk) of custom Cocomats was installed to further protect the original carpet.  The headliner and visors are in great shape with no major staining or sagging.  The door panels are equally as nice with just light wear.  The dash, remarkably, is also original and has no cracks.  All the gauges work.  The original radio has been bypassed with a hidden radio controller.  The A/C system blows very cold.

The experience of driving this Bavaria is fantastic.  The drivetrain upgrade doesn’t detract from the experience, but just gives it enough extra power to make it quite usable in modern driving.  The 5-speed transmission is nicely paired with the power and it shifts butter smooth.  The brakes have an excellent bite and provide plenty of stopping power.  The handling is crisp and although suited for open highway driving, it makes back road driving fun and confidence inspiring.  A four-door vintage European sport sedan is the perfect usable compliment to any enthusiast’s collection.

California registration is paid to July of 2021

This Bavaria comes with 3-keys, original owner’s manual, tool kit, vintage delivery photographs, logbook of gas fill-ups, recent records, original full-size spare, jack, custom indoor flannel car cover, and full set of custom Cocomats®.

*Available for an additional fee is the original engine and an extra set of original alloy wheels with hubcaps, original steel wheels with beauty rings (as seen in vintage photos), factory rear seat protector, personalized legacy black CA plates (CA buyers only), new clutch disc with pressure plate, two factory 3-ring binder factory workshop manuals, and extra set of side window frames original to car.  Extra parts located with owner in Orange County.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

The specified gallery is trashed.

1972 BMW Bavaria Mountain Drive

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