1973 Porsche 911 T Coupe

Working Factory A/C

Numbers Matching

1-Owner for 30-Years

36-Years of Records

Stock #1012

VIN # 91131xxxxx**

ENG# 6135xxx (911/91)**

TRN# 7339xxx (915)**

Numbers Matching

95,400 Miles on Odometer

15k-25k Miles on Full Engine Rebuild

  • Sepia Brown (415) on Beige/Tan Leatherette (31)
  • 5-Speed 915 Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear New York Title
  • PCA Member Owner for over 30-Years
  • Certificate of Authenticity/Porsche Production Specifications


When the 1973.5 911 T was introduced with its all-new Bosch CIS injection system, it was in high demand.  Not only did these ’73.5 Porsches produce more usable low-end power, they were proven to be far more reliable and easier to maintain than their predecessors.  However, this unique model was strictly a U.S. model, and as a result only 1,944 coupes were ever built.

This example was built in May of 1973.  It was ordered with the following optional equipment:

  • US Equipment
  • Comfort Equipment
  • Velour carpeting
  • Aluminum door sills
  • 911S rubber moldings on bumpers and below doors
  • 911S instruments/gauges
  • Rubber bumperettes
  • Leather covered steering wheel
  • Aluminum rocker panels
  • Light Metal Wheels (Mahle “gas burners”)
  • Air Conditioner w/Crash Bar for Front Condenser
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • Dunlop Tires

The current owner purchased this 911 on May 2nd, 1989 with 85k-miles from a Mr. James Coffey of Albany, New York.    Mr. Coffey had purchased the car in the early 1980’s from German AutoHaus in Ballston Spa, New York for a little under $10k.  He too never drove it in the winter but serviced it regularly at Tim Smith’s garage in Albany.

For the last 34-years, the current owner has done the majority of the service work himself with some occasional guidance from his good friend, Ed Mayo (www.mayoperformance.com).  He drove the car regularly during the nicer months and stored it during the winter.  It was never neglected and properly prepared when it was stored.  Besides countless receipts, the owner kept a detailed spreadsheet (see attached pics) of regular and major service intervals.  All fluids and filters were changed/flushed on regular intervals.  Highlights as well as recent work from this report include:

  • Spark plugs and valve adjust every 10-15k/miles
  • Major service (90k-mi)
  •             Adjust valves
  •             Oil service with filter
  •             Spark plugs
  •             Cap, rotor, points
  •             Air filter
  • Warm up and control pressure regulator with lines  (94k-mi)
  • Front wheel bearings/seals (91k-mi)
  • New stainless steel flex brake hoses and hard line to master cyl (91k-mi)
  • Complete A/C system overhaul and update kit (88k-mi)
  • Front and rear brakes (88k-mi)
  • Bottom end engine rebuild (80k-mi)
  •             One piece chains
  •             New crank and rod bearings
  •             Crank polished and balanced
  •             Replace one rod/clean and measure remaining
  •             Nose bearing and intermediate shaft bearings
  •             New rod bolts and nuts
  • Alternator (75k-mi)
  • Top end engine rebuild (68k-73k-mi)
  •             Belts
  •             Clutch kit
  •             New valves, springs, and guides
  •             Heads refinished
  •             Cylinders bored out from 84mm to 85mm/refinished by J+E
  •             Custom Pistons for CIS specs by J+E
  •             Rings
  •             Timing chains
  •             SSI Stainless steel heat exchangers
  •             Dansk muffler
  •             Aluminum oil sump cover plate
  •             New seals, hoses, and lines
  •             Engine sound pad
  • New front suspension pan/gas tank seals and hoses (55k-mi)
  • Repacked CV joints/new boots (54k-mi)
  • Rear wheel bearings (31 to 41k-mi)
  • Replaced rear Bilstein shocks (21k-mi)
  • Replaced front Bilstein struts in 1989
  • Installed updated (1988 design) chain tensioners
  • Installed LED lights for turn signals and brake lights (2018)
  • Cibie sealed beam H4 headlight bulbs

Between conversations with the owner, reading through years of his notes, and driving this 911, it is quite clear that he loved this car and always gave it the best care.  He wasn’t interested in winning concours events (although he did win first place in 1993 at the HCV Concours) but rather making sure his car was in tip top mechanical condition while preserving the originality.  Shortly after purchasing this 911 in 1989, he connected with a local shop owner who was a Porsche factory trained mechanic.  For the next 30-years, he worked with him for free as an apprentice to learn about maintaining and rebuilding all parts of the 911.  In fact, he built 35 Porsche motors over the years and the last one he built was his own for this car.  By then, he had mastered all the proper techniques.

He was also religious about taking the car off the road during the winter months and properly storing it.  He saw what the harsh local winters could do to these cars.  His maintenance regimen was remarkable.  He kept notes on everything.  Before shipping the car to us, we recommended he have an expert inspect the chassis for rust/damage.  He hired the president of Colby Body and Fender Works, which is a reputable high-end shop on the East Coast.  They found the car to be very dry and straight with no signs of major incident, rust, or body filler.  There was just some minor evidence of repair on the right front fender.  This is probably why the car was completely repainted, which was prior to 1983.  The clear coat has been “checking” for 35+ years.  There are superficial spidering/crow’s feet over most of the horizontal surfaces (see pics).  Personally, I love the look and it adds a nice authentic patina that can’t be replicated.  All the paint on the door jambs, engine bay, and trunk are original and well preserved.

I would describe this 911 as a survivor-driver.  Its condition is mostly original and very clean.  The rest of the exterior is in excellent condition.  The brightwork and trim shine nicely.  All the deco is original and in great condition.  All the glass, including the windshield, is original and in very good condition with one minor chip (see pic).  The headlight bulbs have been upgraded with period Cibie bulbs.  The rest of the exterior lights have been upgraded to LED bulbs and are much brighter.  Of course, all exterior lights work.  The original and correct factory Mahle wheels (5 total) are in great shape with some slight blemishes.  These were the lightest wheels ever offered on a Porsche (9.5lbs each).  They are wearing Yokohama tires with at least half-life remaining.  The brakes have about half-life as well.

The interior is in equally as nice survivor condition.  The front seats are all original and have a few minor spots of wear on the leatherette.  They are surprisingly firm as the owner removed them and stored them many years ago.  Of course, the rear seats look near perfect.  The headliner is also original and has a few minor blemishes (see pics) and some discoloring.  The current owner replaced the carpet with the correct German velour over 20-years ago.  It looks great and has minimal signs of wear.  The original factory floor mats were saved and are included.  The door panels are also original and in good shape.  In the late 80’s, speakers were installed in the doors and the front pockets removed.  The rear pockets are in place and in great shape with no significant warping.  The dash has typical cracks, but is original.  All the gauges operate properly.  The Blaupunkt tape deck radio works as well.  The A/C blows cold.  All interior lights also work.

Truly, the best part of this 911 is the way it drives.  It starts up easily with no smoking and holds an even idle.  The motor purrs and provides excellent throttle response with no hesitation.  The brakes have a wonderful initial bite with no fading or pulling.  The gearbox shifts surprisingly smooth with no grinding or slipping and it easily goes into first gear even while rolling.  The steering is precise and nimble with no slop or wandering.  It’s a joy to toss through the corners as it is quite predictable and well behaved.  This example would be absolutely fantastic on vintage touring events.

This 911 comes with an extra key, original owner’s manual, original floor mats, lots of records/notes, original tool kit, original spare wheel, original York a/c compressor, several maintenance books, and some misc. small parts (bulbs, belts, relays, etc.)

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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