1973 Porsche 911 T (MFI) Targa

“Forgedaboutit…dis one’s fur Jennifuh.”

It’s no secret that my wife, Jennifer loves vintage cars in black…especially early Porsches.  I’ve explained to her that black is actually one of the more rare colors found on 1973 and older 911s.

When I brought this tasty Targa home last Friday night, I knew I would get a reaction from her when she saw it in the garage.  “Ooooh, I like that one,” she purred.  “Where did it come from?”  I explained that it lived most of it’s life in a garage in New York, rarely driven, and owned by a reclusive woman.  Immediately she crafted a backstory that it was a gift to a mob boss’s wife and she wasn’t allowed to be seen in daylight with it.  They painted it black and she could only drive it at night. 

Of course, this was all said in an over-the-top obnoxious New York accent.  I shook my head and told her that if she wanted this car, she would have to sell her 914.  “Bam!” The door to the bedroom slammed.


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Excellent Straight and Dry Example

Rare MFI “T” with “S” Package

Stock #1118

VIN # 91131xxxxx**

ENG# 6130xxx (911/51 – Dealer/warranty replacement case)**

20,200 Miles on Odometer (120k total)

  • Black on Black Leatherette with Houndstooth Inserts
  • (Original Color was Light Yellow)
  • 5-Speed 915 Manual Transmission
  • Clean and Clear California Title
  • Straight and Dry Example
  • PCA Member Owned


The last long hood 911Ts delivered to the U.S. in ’72 and half of ’73 were the only ones to receive the coveted mechanical fuel injection system.  Europe referred to these as T/E’s.  The rest of the world still got carburetors.  However, only 781 of these MFI T Targas were delivered in this last year production of the long-hood/F-series Porsches.  The sound and throttle response of the MFI system is unique to these early cars and once tuned, they perform consistently for many years.

This Porsche 911 was built in September of 1972 and sold new in the U.S.  It appears to have been ordered with the following options:

  • US Equipment
  • Antenna
  • S front bumper (steel)
  • Comfort Equipment:
  • Velour carpeting
  • Alloy wheels (Fuchs)
  • Sway bars (front and rear)
    Aluminum door sills
    911S rubber moldings on bumpers and below doors
    911S instruments
    Leather covered steering wheel
    Aluminum rocker panels

Although not much is known about this 911’s early history, it had the same owner for over 30-years before the current owner purchased it on August 18th, 2018.  Rick DeMan of DeMan Racing in Nyack, New York serviced the car for at least 15-years for the previous owner.  He always contended that it was an excellent driver and very well sorted.  I spoke to DeMan and he said that prior to these owners taking the car to him, they had had the car repainted and the engine rebuilt.  We estimate the paint job was at least 20-years ago.  He said they didn’t use it much.  They stored it most of the time and only drove it a few hundred miles a year.   However, regardless of miles, they brought it to DeMan at least once a year for routine services.  DeMan purchased the car from them a few years ago and did a light cosmetic refreshing of the engine bay.  He pulled the drivetrain, replaced seals, powdercoated tins, installed a new sound pad, and then sold it to the current owner.  The engine was noted as being most likely a replacement blank case that was installed and restamped at the dealer when the car was near new.  Possibly, it was a warranty replacement.  DeMan said the engine was rebuilt before he started servicing the car.  He performed routine compression tests over the years and it was always even and strong.

Shortly after purchasing this 911, the current owner relocated to Southern California and brought the car with him.  For the last 18-months, this owner has added almost 5,000 miles.  He used it for weekend cruising and attending local car shows as well as a trip to Monterey for car week.  Shortly after purchasing the car, this owner had a tune up performed as well as a leak down test.  The results were excellent (percent off of 100):

  • 4% 2) 4%  3) 4%  4) 5%  5) 5%  6) 6%

Highlights of services performed since the current owner purchased this 911 include:

  • Replace shifter bushings
  • Ignition distributor
  • Restore gauges by North Hollywood Speedo
  • Tune MFI
  • Hood shocks
  • Reglued correct and fresh Haargarn carpet
  • Sport seats with houndstooth inserts (reproduction)
  • Porsche Classic radio
  • Repair clock
  • Clean fuse box area and make sure all lights work
  • Last oil service (7/19 @ 18,250 miles)
  • Replace driver door stop and repair passenger door stop
  • Replace oil level sensor
  • Major service including spark plugs

This 911 is in very good condition and presents quite well.  Although the paint job was many years ago and it was not disassembled and stripped down, it has held up extremely well and shows hardly any signs of wear.  Behind some of the seals and in cervices, you can see the original light yellow paint.  The fact that all the metal is original and the car has never been apart is certainly a testament to how it was cared for and stored all these years.  There are a couple small blemishes on the cowl (see photos).  The glass is in good condition with no significant flaws and appears to be all original.  Also most, if not all of the deco and trim are original and also in great condition.  The stainless targa bar has no major scratches.  The targa top has some slight wrinkling on the leading edge, but fits nicely.  The Fuchs wheels are wearing their original factory anodized finish and are in good shape with slight signs of fading paint.  They are wearing Michelin tires date stamped 2012.  They have at least 75% tread remaining with no cracks or signs of dry rot.  The front brakes have at least 50% life left and the rears are at about 75%.

The interior is equally as nice and looks fresh.  The seats are new and show hardly any signs of use.  The carpet is also new and looks/feels factory new.  The targa headliner is in good shape with no sagging.  The original door panels are in excellent shape with minimal warping of the factory pockets.  The dash was replaced decades ago with a factory replacement unit.  There are no cracks or warping.  The steering wheel is original and unrestored.  It has some light cracking on the top (see photo).  All the gauges work properly including the clock.  The sun visors are new and look nice.  The passenger one sometimes falls down.  The Porsche Classic radio works great and has both navigation and Bluetooth capability.  The new driver door stay is stiff and pops when closing.

This MFI 911 starts easily on the first or second try and holds an even idle.  Power delivery is strong and it builds revs quickly with no popping or other issues.  The 915 gearbox shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping.  It feels fresh.  The brakes have a nice initial bite and have excellent pedal feel with no pulling.  The steering is precise and light.  The car tracks straight and nicely absorbs the road imperfections.  The car is equipped with Bilstein shocks/struts.  Also, the car has stainless steel heat exchangers.  There is a slight oil weeping that occasionally drips on the heat exchanger and makes a light oil smell.  This longhood 911 would be ideal on vintage touring events while also presenting well at your local show.

California registration is current and paid to February of 2021.

This 911 comes with the spare wheel/tire, jack, personalized CA legacy plate (for CA buyers), targa top cover, touch up paint, and recent service records.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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