1989 Porsche 911 Carrera G50 Cabriolet 25th Anniversary 1 of 200 Low Miles

  Stock #1469   VIN: WP0EB0918KS1xxxxx**   53,200 Miles   Silver Metallic (S7) on Silk Grey Supple Leather (97) with Black Piping   5-Speed Manual Transmission (G50)   Clean and Clear California title   Clean Carfax® Report   Orange County Car from New   1-Family Owned since 1991   Original Window Sticker

Only 200 of the 911 25th Silver Anniversary Carrera Cabriolets were produced worldwide  for 1989 model year only.  There were 300 coupes built for a total of only 500 examples.  These limited-edition Porsches were built to celebrate the end of the G-body cars as well as the 25th Anniversary of the 911 (1964-1989).  These cars featured a short shifting gear lever, front/rear spoilers, and limited production worldwide. They were only available in silver metallic or satin black metallic.  Exclusive interior trim features included silk grey supple leather seats with black accent seat piping and silk grey velour carpeting that extended into the trunk area as well. The steering wheel, knee bar, shift boot, and shift knob were also covered in silk grey leather. A Porsche Exclusive special stitched leather center console in silk grey housed an outside temperature gauge and cassette tape holders.  The 16×6 and 16×8 Fuchs wheels were also body-colored.  The front headlight washers are all part of this Special Edition 911’s package.

This Anniversary Carrera was built in November of 1988.  It was first sold on August 28th, 1989 by Campbell Motor Cars, Inc, the Porsche dealer in Buena Park, California.  This Carrera was ordered with the following factory options:

  • Silver Anniversary Package
  • Standard radio
  • Shorter gearshift lever
  • High intensity windshield washer
  • Headlight washer
  • Electric cabriolet top
  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear spoilers
  • Hi Fi sound system
  • Amplifier system
  • Seat cover – Raff leather
  • Silver Metallic Paint

The MSRP was $64,819, which is approximately $159,759 in today’s dollars.

The first owner was here in Orange County.  They kept this 911 for just shy of 2 years and added over 10k miles before trading it in to Mission Viejo Imports, the local Orange County Mercedes dealer.  They, in turn, sold the car on April 14th, 1991 with 11,291 miles to the current Orange County owner’s father.  The father used this 911 lightly as a weekend cruiser.  He kept it for 13 years before giving it to his daughter on July 9th, 2014 with 45,118 miles.  For the past 9 years, the daughter has used this also as a weekend car and only added another 8k miles.  She continued to always garage the car like her father as well as serviced it regularly.  Besides the local Porsche dealers, they also used independent shops such as Hergesheimer’s and Cape Auto.  Highlights of services over the years include the following:

  • Regular oil services
  • Oil service and inspection at local Porsche dealer (7/91 @ 13,480 miles)
  • Oil service, new belts, a/c service (10/02 @ 37,551 miles)
  • Replace convertible top, boot, and headliner with factory part (10/02)
  • Front and rear brake rotors and pads (9/03 @ 39,594 miles)
  • New A/C compressor and service (9/10 @43,877 miles)
  • services and repairs (8/06 @ 41,468 miles)
    • Service A/C
    • Adjust belt tensioner/re-shim alternator pulley
    • Repair passenger door actuator
    • Replace steering shaft bearing
    • Major service, spark plugs, adjust valves
  • Oil service and A/C charge (6/10 @ 43,679 miles)
  • Replaced starter and alternator (11/13 @ 44,766 miles)
  • Fixed brake lights, replaced fuel pump relay (11/14 @ 45,194 miles)
  • Replace tires – BFG GForce Comp2 (12/16 @ 46,319 miles)
  • Major service (6/17 @ 46,700 miles)
    • Shifter bushings and ball cup bushing
    • Oil service
    • Fuel and air filters
    • Spark plugs
    • Adjust valves
    • Distributor cap and rotor
    • Transmission flush
    • Brake flush
    • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Shift bushings, oil pressure switch, convert a/c to R134 (8/18 @47,939 miles)
  • Replace spark plug connector, windshield washer pump (6/19 @ 48,513 miles)
  • Major service and misc. repairs (10/21 @ 50,987 miles)
    • Oil service
    • Crankshaft sensors
    • Cylinder head temp sensor
    • Fuel pressure regulator
    • Valve adjustment / valve cover gaskets
    • Replace driver side cam oil lines
    • Spark plugs
  • New Fuel pressure damper, repair fog lights (1/23 @ 52,692)
  • Services in preparation for sale (7/23 @ 53,045 miles)
    • Oil service (Total 20w-50 with ZDDP)
    • Brake fluid flush
    • Interstate battery
    • Repair oil pressure sending unit
    • General inspection

The exterior of this Anniversary 911 looks great and is indicative of a low-mile, SoCal garaged example.  The paint looks great with no major blemishes as well as none of the typical clear-coat checking that was so prominent on these cars.  Some of the paint is original and some had paintwork over the years to correct blemishes.  The quality of the work and match was exceptional.  There is a small peeling area on the driver’s door edge where it meets the front fender.  It’s barely noticeable.  Also, on the left rear bumper, there is a paint chip, which we’ve had professionally touched up.  Other than that, I couldn’t find anything else significant.  The glass appears to be mostly original and wearing the factory stampings.  The windshield was replaced with the correct factory glass.  There are no major chips or scratches.  The soft top is in excellent condition as it has been replaced with a correct factory unit.  There are no tears or heavy wear marks.  The plastic rear window is also in very good shape with no discoloration and a few minor scratches.

All the factory VIN stickers are on panels and the under-hood option decal are present.  The factory Fuchs wheels appear to have been refinished many years ago and are in good shape.  The lips have been polished and there are no major curb rashes or blemishes.  They are wearing BFG tires and have about half-life remaining with no signs of age, however, they should be replaced soon due to age (nearly 7 years on the car).  The front brakes have more than half-life and the rear brakes are just under half-life.  There are no lips on the rotors.  All the exterior lights work.

The interior is equally as nice and showcases the care this 911 received.  This special Anniversary Edition only interior is prone to showing wear unless properly cared for.  The draped, leather seats have no tears or rips and hardly any wear on the exit bolsters.  We’ve had our leather dye expert lightly touch up a few of the heavy wear areas like the steering wheel and shifter.  The rear seats look unused.  The release of the right rear seat that allows it to fold down does stick.  The headliner of the soft top is near perfect with no tears or sagging.  The special edition carpet is in great shape with no heavy wear marks or major stains.  Black custom floor mats are further helping protect it.  The door panels have no sagging of the pockets or other issues.  The headliner has no tears or sagging.  The steering wheel is in good shape and the stitching is holding.  There are a few of the typical leather splits on the steering wheel spokes.  The turn signal stalk works, but at night it will cause the high beams to pop on when the turn signal cancels.  Ultimately, a new turn signal stalk will be needed to remedy this.  The dash is perfect with no cracks or warping.  There are some superficial cracks around the passenger air vent.  The interior light works as well.  All the gauges work including the clock.  The power top works perfectly as do the windows and mirrors.  The cruise control system also works properly.  The radio was upgraded to a CD player in the late 90s.  It works.  The A/C system has been serviced and upgraded over the years.  It blows slightly cool and could benefit from a service/recharge.

This last year impact bumper 911 drives very tight and fresh.  It’s clear that it has led a pampered life with regular service.  It starts easily on the first try and holds an even idle.  Once at operating temperature, it delivers power nicely throughout the rev range with no hesitation.  The handling is crisp and responsive while also being compliant enough on uneven road surfaces.  It tracks straight.  The braking is exceptional with strong initial bite and no fading or pulling.  It’s hard to believe it’s 35-year old Porsche as it drives like new.

California registration is paid to September of 2023 and it passes California’s strict smog test.

This Porsche comes with two main keys, 1 valet key, 3 wheel lock keys, original owner’s manual with vinyl cover, original maintenance booklet with stamps, original window sticker, many service receipts dating back to 1991, original tool kit, factory jack, space saver spare, tonneau cover with vinyl carry case, front license plate bracket, and a car cover.

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

The specified gallery is trashed.

You never actually own a Porsche.™

You merely take care of it for the next generation.

Borrowed from the Patek Philippe watch advertisement, I feel the same about any object that transcends a mere pile of mechanical parts.

Here’s another anecdote of a parent passing their Porsche down to a younger family member.

The father purchased this Silver Anniversary Carrera when it was almost new.  He enjoyed it for nearly 25 years before sharing it with his daughter.

For nearly a decade, the daughter continued to use this 911 as a local weekend cruiser.  However, the time has come for her to pass it along to “the next generation” of Porsche enthusiasts and she’s asked us to invite our extended Porsche family to “apply” for ownership.

*Apply = wire transfer all funds and/or qualify for financing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

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Note: For out-of-state buyers, California does not offer temporary tags/registration.  Each State typically has a grace period to allow buyers to drive their new out-of-state acquisition to their local DMV for registration.  Please check your State’s DMV website for more details.  Also, California requires us to surrender standard plates less than 30 years old back to the state and will not be delivered with the vehicle.  Personalized plates stay with the seller.