1993 Porsche 928 GTS Coupe 5-Speed Manual 43k Miles

  Stock #1361   VIN: WP0AA2928PS8xxxxx**   ENG# 85P00xxx (M28/49)**   TRN# 3002xxx (G28/57)**   Numbers Matching   43,700 Miles   Black (A1) on Black Leather (VN)   5-Speed Manual   Clean and Clear California Title   PCA (Porsche Club of America) Member Owned   Original Porsche Press Release Documents   Certificate of Authenticity

By the time the GTS was launched, the 928 was ending its 17-year production run.  As a result, the GTS cars benefited from all the previous development.  These 928s were truly the best of the best.  Unfortunately, only a mere 406 examples were built for the U.S. market (1993 to 1995).  Of those, 128 came with a manual transmission and only 54 manuals for the 1993 model year.  These 928s were mostly made of aluminum including the engine.  This 5.4L motor put out 345hp and 369lb ft of torque.  Plus, the GTS came with flared rear fenders and wider track.  The GTS models were also very well equipped and expensive.

This 928 GTS was built on November 19th, 1992 and was ordered with the following factory options:

  • US Standard Emissions
  • AM/FM radio w/cassette
  • Sport Shock Absorbers
  • Remote CD Changer
  • Electric sliding sunroof
  • Increased air conditioning (rear unit)
  • Supple Leather Seats
  • Black floor mats
  • Bridgestone
  • 8-way Heated Power Seats with Lumbar

This 928 was delivered new in June of 1994 by a California Porsche dealer.  The first owner moved to Massachusetts in 1998 and took the car with him.  He kept it until 2003.  During his 10-year ownership, he drove it just over 20k miles before selling it to an enthusiast from Irving, Texas.  This Texas owner kept it for just over 10 years as well before selling it in September of 2012 with 38,905 miles to a dentist from Palo Alto, California.  This 3rd owner had already owned 3 other 928s and was a fan.  However, he only drove it a couple of hundred miles and it spent the majority of the next 9-years in storage.

The current owner lives in San Francisco, California.  He found an advertisement for the car over 2 years ago.  He tried buying it, but the dentist changed his mind and took it off the market.  The current owner kept calling the dentist until he finally did sell him this GTS in June of 2021 with 39,100 miles.  For the last year, he’s added another 4,500 miles of driving with two trips to Southern California and a trip to Lake Tahoe.  On all long trips, the car performed great with no issues.  This owner loves the process of buying one of his childhood dream cars, getting it sorted and ready to enjoy.  He usually keeps them about a year or until he finishes sorting.  Services and repairs this owner has completed in the last year include the following:

  • Covercraft Custom UVS100 Premier Series Windshield Cover
  • Remove old window tint
  • New battery
  • Installed new PCCM Classic Radio with Apple CarPlay
  • Replaced rear hatch/trunk struts
  • Correct Porsche 928 5.5″ x 15″ Spacesaver Spare Tire
  • OEM Porsche 928 wheel lug nut lock set
  • NOS Porsche Factory Tire Air Compressor Inflator
  • OEM Porsche 928 Floor Jack Lift with pouch/case
  • OEM Porsche 928 spark plug wrench and lug wrench to complete tool kit
  • Sales brochures, 928 GTS press release media kit, 928 GTS hardcover sales book
  • 1993 Porsche 928 GTS owner’s manual (factory reprint) with embossed cover
  • Replaced body seals with OEM factory rubber
    • Door seal (left and right)
    • Front hood seal
    • Front bumper to body beading (left and right)
    • Rear bumper to body beading (left and right)
    • 928 rubber seal strip
    • Realign bumpers after installing new rubber
  • Paint correction/1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H/1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat Light
  • New Porsche OEM floor mats
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires
  • Regular services:
    • All belts replaced
    • Taillight bulbs
    • Motor and gear oil changed
    • Brake fluid flush
    • Replace air and fuel filter
  • Timing belt service
    • Timing belt
    • Roller and tensioner
    • Air injection filter
    • Water pump
    • Cam belt
    • Distributor cap/rotor
    • Repair PSD error light
    • Replace driver’s side exterior door handle
    • Adjust hood alignment
    • New OEM air intake hoses
  • Remove/replace hose for clutch master cylinder
  • Cargo Hatch Luggage Compartment Boot Cover
  • OEM locking fuel gas cap
  • New fuel tank sending unit seal/O-ring
  • New cover for fuel tank sending unit
  • New trunk sound deadener heat shield firewall
  • New trunk/cargo carpet mat
  • Rear deck/trunk insulation pads
  • Replace/repair hard fuel line from fuel pump
  • Adjust ride height to factory Euro spec
  • New front hood rubber stops
  • Replace airbag sensor/airbag light reset
  • AC service/recharge
  • Coolant pressure switch replaced/leak repaired
  • Gas tank repaired
  • Recent oil leak repairs
    • Replace valve cover gaskets
    • Replace engine oil cooler (we just replaced with new factory unit)
    • Fabricate cooler bracket
    • Replace alternator cooling hose
  • New shift coupler and set bolt
  • Restore original Cup 1 wheels
  • New A/C compressor, drier, and service/recharge

In total, this owner invested $26,000 bringing this GTS to the next level.

The exterior of this GTS is in very good shape with no significant blemishes.  There were some rock chips on the front nose that we had professionally touched up.  An accident from 1999 is reported on Carfax®, but not AutoCheck®.  Possibly as a result, there was paintwork and repairs on the right rear fender near the passenger door with blending into the front right fender.  The hood and front bumper were also repainted at some time most likely due to rock chips.  The rest of the paint is original and verified with a paint meter.  The vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and there are no signs beyond the superficial repairs.  There is a slight difference in paint texture near right rear quarter window.  The Trim is in good condition as well.  There is a small superficial crack on the right rear taillight and the rear center reflector appears to fit slightly proud.  All the exterior lights work.  The original factory Cup 1 wheels have just been restored and are wrapped in near new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires that were installed within the last year and have over 75% life remaining.  The front brakes appear to have just under half-life remaining and the rear pads are at about a third life remaining.  All the glass is correct, including the windshield, and wearing the proper factory stampings.  There are no major chips or scratches.

The interior is equally nice and indicative of a low-mile and well-preserved example.  The supple leather seats are in great shape with no tears or rips.  There was some light wear on the driver exit bolster that we had lightly re-dyed.  Of course, the rear seats look like new.  The headliner has no rips or sagging issues.  The door panels are also in good shape with no warping.  The carpet has no stains or signs of heavy use, which is also indicative of a low mile example.  The dash is in great shape with no major cracks or warping.  There is a 1/16″ hairline crack off of the passenger airbag.  All the gauges work, including the digital clock with no LCD bleeding.  The pixels on the instrument display are perfect and all work.   The A/C system blows very cold and the rear unit works as well.  The upgraded Porsche Classic radio with Apple Carplay and Bluetooth works/sounds great.  The speakers were upgraded a long time ago with MBQuartz in the front and ADS units in the rear.  The power functions including the mirrors, windows, seats, and sunroof all work properly.

This 928 GTS drives great.  It starts easily and holds an even idle.  The power is strong, especially on the low end and it builds revs evenly across the range.  The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping.  The clutch engages properly.  The brakes are fantastic and easy to modulate with linear stopping power.  This GTS could easily be used daily while looking great at any vintage event.

California registration is current to October of 2022 and it passes California’s strict smog test.

This Porsche comes with 4 main keys, owner’s manuals with a vinyl cover, maintenance booklet, Porsche COA (certificate of authenticity), windshield sunshade, set of floor mats, in-period car magazine reviews, PCNA period press release packet, 928 hardback sales book, partial tool kit, jack, space saver spare, air compressor, spreadsheet of recent repairs, factory touch-up paint, recent service receipts, and brand new/never used Covercraft custom WeatherSheild HP car cover ($540).

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud. All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

To some, the Porsche hobby is a lot like fishing.

The owner of this rare 928 GTS manual loves to play “catch and release” with his vintage car obsession.

He quickly realized that his appetite to experience all the cars his younger self wanted was greater than his reality would accommodate.

His solution was quite simple. He would spend a year searching out one of his dream cars. Then, he would take a year or two for sorting and enjoyment. Finally, he would sell it and the process would start all over.

Last year, we sold his 1998 Porsche 993 C2S so he could fund this project. He’s already deep into his next project: 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R in Cream Yellow with a manual transmission swap.

So far, his taste (in my opinion) is exquisite. I would love to own any one of the results from his automotive itch-scratching. Plus, he does all the heavy lifting and sorting for the next owner. I can’t wait to try that Volvo.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com

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