1995 Ferrari F355 GTS Gated 6-Speed Fresh Engine-Out Belt Service

  Stock #1429   VIN: ZFFPR42B0001xxxxx**   ENG# 40xxx**   33,700 Miles / 54,400 Kilometers   Rosso Corsa (Red) on Nero (Black) Connolly Leather   6-Speed Manual Gated Shifter   Clean and Clear Ohio Title   Mostly Original Paint

Introduced as a 1995 model year, the F355 stood for 3.5 liter engine and 5 valves per cylinder.  These engines produced 380hp and weighed 2,976lbs.  The 1995 model year cars are the only ones to get the Motronic 2.7 engine management system (OBDI) which resulted in sharper throttle response, more power, and less likely to have carbon build up.  Of the 12,000 cars produced over the 5 year model run, only 2,000 were delivered as GTS models with the Targa-style removable roof and 6-speed manual.

This F355 was built on June 14th, 1995 and sold new on July 14th, 1995 by S&T Sport-und Tourenwagen, the Ferrari dealer in Munich, Germany.  The MSRP was around $120,000 US.  The first owner was Dr. Jörg Wiegand of Gmund, Germany.  We aren’t sure how long Dr. Weigand kept it but he did service it with either the selling Ferrari dealer or a qualified Ferrari independent.  Services from new to 2011 include:

  • Annual service (7/96 @ 9,475 km)
  • Timing belt and annual service (8/99 @ 18,279 km)
  • Annual service (4/01 @ 29,943 km)
  • Timing belt and annual service (4/04 @ 37,215 km)
  • Timing belt and annual service (4/11 @ 44,800 km)
  • Fuel line update by prior owners (prevents lines from rubbing together and leaking)

It was sold by Ferrari Central Europe in Germany to Steffen Scheib of Backnang, Germany (a suburb of Stuttgart) on April 30th, 2012 with under 50k kilometers.  This owner purchased this F355 with his brother and uncle.  Together they had a sizeable car collection they shared as well as a small race team.  They didn’t drive it much but did perform another engine-out timing belt service in 2015.  They maintained the car with their in-house race mechanics.  After a decade and a few thousand kilometers, they sold it last summer to the current owner with around 51k kilometers.

The current owner is an automotive enthusiast who has a collection in Canada in addition to keeping a few cars here in Orange County, California.  Before his final purchase, he had a highly recommended Ferrari service center in Germany perform an inspection.  They found the car to be in excellent original condition with no signs of damage, corrosion, or other issues.  They did recommend an engine out belt service, which was completed on August 12th, 2022, just before shipping to North America.  This included:

  • Remove engine
  • Replace timing belt
  • Replace 3 other V-belts
  • Replace timing belt idlers/tensioners
  • Rebuild engine computer
  • Oil service
  • Spark plugs
  • New Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires
  • New front trunk panel covers (2 – on order from Ferrari)

When this F355 arrived in Canada, the owner had it professionally detailed and ceramic coated.  Also, all the buttons and the center console that gets sticky were removed, sent out, refinished, and reinstalled.  Immediately after the work was done, it was shipped enclosed down here to Southern California.  It was never driven in Canada.  It was registered in Ohio as well.  For the last 4-5 months, this owner has added another 2,200 miles (3,500km).  The car lives in a climate-controlled garage when he’s not using it.  Recent services by this owner include:

  • Sticky buttons repaired
  • Refinish valve covers
  • Valve cover gaskets and other misc. seals
  • Refinish engine panel near rear
  • Spark plugs
  • New wheel bolts

The exterior of this F355 is in excellent condition and showcases its careful ownership over the past 28 years.  It’s apparent that the prior owners took great care of it.  The paint is in excellent shape and appears to be largely original.  The hood and right front fender might’ve had some light touch-up with blending, but it’s not visible.  It just shows slightly higher paint meter readings.  Also, it was not uncommon for panels to get repainted at the factory if blemishes were found.  The exterior finish looks great with no significant blemishes.  The recent paint correction and ceramic coating give the finish a swirl-free deep luster.  The section where the rear buttresses meet the rear fenders is in excellent shape.  Often these areas crack.  There are a couple of minor chips, but much better than most.

The glass is all original, including the windshield.  The proper factory stampings are visible.  The windshield has a few scratches on the inside of the glass but no major chips or cracks. The panel gap/fit and finish are excellent.  The rubber seals are also in very good shape.  The factory wheels look fresh with no major blemishes or curb rash.  They are wearing near-new/full-tread Michelin tires.  The brake pads appear to have about a third of life remaining and will need to be replaced soon.

The interior is equally as nice and further testament to the prior ownership care.  The entire interior is mostly covered in Connolly leather that smells amazing and feels fantastic.  For being nearly 30 years old, it’s in amazing condition.  The full leather seats have no tears or rips and show minimal signs of wear.  The door panels have no warping or other issues.  The carpet has no stains or signs of heavy wear.  The removable top headliner is in great shape with no sagging or wear marks.  The dash has no cracks or warping with only some minor leather shrinking on the passenger side.  The dash vents do have some sticky residual remaining, however, the center console buttons/controls have been refinished.  The Continental Bluetooth radio has the right look and works nicely.  The power windows and mirrors work properly.  The A/C system blows very cold.

I’ve always admired Ferraris, but until this F355, never lusted for one.  I’m changed.  From the first turn sounds of the engine turning over and the exhaust barking to life, I feel the fizz.  It starts easily and holds an even idle.  The car is surprisingly quick for being nearly 30 years old.  It pulls evenly throughout the rev range.  I find myself looking down and seeing I’m still nowhere near the 8,500 rpm red line.  The exhaust sound is intoxicating.  It changes character depending on rpms.  We believe it is s stock muffler with a bypass valve pinned open, which was common in-period.  Cruising at highway speeds in 6th gear is surprisingly livable with no droning.  The handling is precise and confidence-inspiring whether you use comfort or sport mode.  The car tracks straight and is compliant on uneven surfaces.  The brakes have excellent initial bite with no fading or pulling.  The transmission shifts smoothly between all gears and even goes easily into 2nd when cold.  The clutch engages properly with no slipping.  I truly can see why someone would daily drive one of these back in the day.  They are fun yet civilized.

This F355 comes with two keys, two immobilizer keys (1 works), Ferrari keyring, owner’s manuals with leather binder, original maintenance book with stamps, 2nd owner German registration card, tool kit, and German emergency kit (first aid kit and traffic triangle in red case).

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

I didn’t want to like this Ferrari, let alone love it.

Now, I’m not ready to gear up with those coveted Ferrari shoes and the rest of the logo wardrobe. However, being a prancing-horse curmudgeon most of my life, all Ferraris have an Everest-size “like” mountain to climb with me.

It’s not Ferrari’s problem, it’s mostly mine. I simply don’t fit — and when I see people wearing all the logo gear, my gag reflex can’t be controlled.

When I sat in this one, I was half expecting my head to hit the A-pillar and the sun visor to brush my schnoz.

Instead, I actually fit. I was intoxicated by the overwhelming smell of Connolly leather. I felt a wave of “specialness” blanket me.

When I turned the key and the engine barked to life, I felt an electrical surge throughout my body. What is that — adrenaline? Pheromones? Love? I shook it off as if I had just walked through a spider web.

As I ripped down the street, I snicked up and down through gears and basked in the engine’s melody echoing around me.

It was a monumental experience. I will never be the same.