Targa California 2024

Targa CA ’24 had Some Rain, a River Crossing, a Flat Tire and a Flying Camera (plus some dirt…šŸ¤«).

15 years after the first Targa California, we returned to our roots and drove some of the best Central California backroads. Ā 110 vintage cars participated in this 1,000+ mile greatest-hits adventure. This 4-day tour included stops in Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, and Monterey. We also visited Canepa Motorsports in Scott’s Valley. For more details on future events, go to https://www.targarally.com/ *Note/Disclaimer: Ā The dirt sections were not part of the Targa California rally. The route was all paved. We decided to go on our own adventure and found some dirt roads to enjoy. Thank you to the following: TRE Motorsports (sponsor and event organizer) Canepa Fuchs Restoration Dr. Tony Mork NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Credits: Paul Kramer (cinematography and video editing) Jennifer Kramer (music editor) Additional footage used: Pamela Brundage Evert Witteveen