1971 Porsche 911 T Coupe Numbers Matching Cold A/C 1-Owner 31 Years

  Stock #1530   VIN: 911112xxxx**   ENG# 6115xxx (911/07)**   TRN# 7114xxx (911/01)**   Numbers Matching   61,600 Miles on the Odometer (believed to be original)   Silver Metallic (originally Burgundy Red)*   Black Leatherette w/Houndstooth Inserts   5-Speed Manual Transmission (901)   Clean and Clear Arizona Title   (Vehicle located in Costa Mesa, California)   Delivered New in California   Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
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In 1970, Porsche introduced the all-new 2.2L engine for its 911 lineup.  This unique higher compression motor was only offered in 911s for 2-years.  Many claimed these were the best air-cooled motors for a production 911.  The 2.2L motors were said to be the last ones directly connected to Porsche’s race program.

This Porsche was built in December of 1970 and sold new by a California Porsche dealer sometime in 1971.  It was ordered with the following factory options:

  • Burgundy Red exterior* (changed to silver at a later date)
  • Retractable Antenna w/Loudspeaker
  • Noise Suppression
  • Tinted Glass All the Way Around
  • Pirelli Tires
  • Comfort Equipment:
    • Velour carpet
    • Aluminum door sills
    • S Rubber/deco on bumpers and doors
    • Chrome rockers
    • S Instruments
    • Rubber pads on bumperettes
    • Forged Alloy Wheels – Fuchs (correct 911T specific 5½” x 14”)

Although not much is known about this 911’s early history, we do know that it was originally delivered and sold new in California.  The first two owners covered 12 years of this 911s life before it was sold in 1983 to Gene Kilgore of New York, New York.  Gene kept this 911 for 31 years before selling/trading it into Sloan Cars of Hamden, Connecticut in 2014.

The current owner is from Arizona and purchased this 911 from Sloan on June 4th, 2014 with 57,999 miles.  Prior to purchase, he hired a local specialist to perform a pre-purchase inspection as well as doing some repairs.  The mechanic found it to be a nice driver-level 911 with no major issues and recommended periodic service.

For the past decade, the current owner has only added a few thousand more miles of local weekend cruising and Cars & Coffee gatherings.  With his busy family life and hot Arizona summers, he didn’t have enough time to properly enjoy his 911.  Regardless, he still drove it regularly and also took it in to top local independent Porsche specialists for maintenance.  Highlights of services during his care include:

  • Post pre-purchase inspection repairs by Sloan prior to delivery (7/14 @ 58k miles)
    • Replace left chain box gaskets
    • Front crank seal
    • Oil return tubes
    • Scavenge oil line
    • Valve cover gasket kit
    • Transmission reverse switch
    • Engine case split line sealed with epoxy
    • Oil service
    • Service/recharge A/C with R134a and check for leaks
    • Repair clock
    • New 911 ignition switch
    • Left rear wheel bearing
    • Remove, clean, reseal, and repack axles
    • Drive belt replaced and tensioned
    • Adjust linkage
    • New bushings for bellcrank on transmission
    • Good used exhaust system installed
    • Repair heater flaps/hot air hose for heaters
    • Repair light electrical issues
    • Service cost: $6,091
  • First services after receiving vehicle (10/14 @ 58,227 miles)
    • Reattach glove box door trim and door panel molding
    • Replace turn signal/high beam switch
    • Replace fuel lines as needed/remount fuel pump
    • Replace fuel tank vent lines
    • New strap mount on charcoal filter canister
    • Properly install muffler straps
    • Adjust carburetors mixture
    • Adjust parking brake
    • Replace A/C belt
    • Service cost: $1,588
  • Squeaky steering wheel, speedo angle drive, trans fluid (12/14 @ 58,638 miles)
  • Driver door repair by Patrick Motorsports to fix from minor garage incident (4/16)
    • Disassemble and reassemble entire driver’s door including seals and glass
    • Adjust door for proper fitment
    • Paint driver door and left front fender for blending to match existing paint
    • Replace door pins on hinges and door stop
    • Replace body seals and gaskets for the fender and door
    • Service cost: $4,757
  • Brake and other routine services (10/16 @ 60,481 miles)
    • Replace brake line under tunnel
    • Flush brake fluid
    • Alternator and AC belts
    • Oil service
    • Service cost: $1,238
  • Remove engine/repair oil leaks and other services (10/18 @ 60,485 miles)
    • Oil service and inspection
    • Remove engine
    • Replace clutch pivot bolt
    • Replace flywheel and main shaft seals
    • Replace speedometer drive
    • Remove muffler
    • Weld left rear bumperette
    • Repair emergency brake/adjust shoes
    • Repair seat back rests
    • Replace accelerator pedal
    • Service cost: $2,888
  • Regular services (4/21 @ 61,386 miles)
    Oil service

    • Transmission fluid flush
    • Full vehicle inspection
    • Reposition A/C blower motor fan on shaft and new A/C belt
    • Remove engine and resecure pivot bolt/inspect clutch – ok
    • Adjust carb mixture and sync linkage
    • Replace horn button spring
    • Service cost: $1,317
  • Suspension update and major services (12/22 @ 61,460 miles)
    • Drain fuel from vehicle
    • Replace fuel line and fuel filter
    • Valve adjustment and valve cover gaskets
    • New spark plugs
    • New front Bilstein strut inserts
    • Checked rear shocks – ok
    • 4 wheel alignment
    • Convert from 2 front batteries to 1 Odyssey dry cell battery
    • Replace intake manifolds and gaskets
    • Install modified 911T Bosch distributor and set timing
    • Install 55 idle jets, adjust mixture, sync carbs and linkage
    • Replace oil level sending unit gasket
    • Service cost: $7,114

Over the past decade/3k miles, this owner has invested $24k into this 911 to keep it a nice driver that is very usable.

This 911 coupe is a very nice driver that has been lightly driven over the years and well cared for.  Early in this Porsche’s life, the car was repainted to silver.  It was a decent quality job that has held up over the years.  There are no signs of the original burgundy color, except on the inside of the battery box.  The passenger door has a slightly different hue to it under certain lighting conditions.  There are minor chips and nicks from light use, but nothing major.  The brightwork appears to be original and in good shape.  The rubber trim/seals were replaced many years ago during the repaint.  The rubber is in good soft condition.  The body gaps and panel fitment are good with no signs of any prior damage or repairs.  The glass is in good shape with most of it being original and wearing the proper factory stampings.  The windshield was replaced sometime in the past.  There are no major chips, scratches, or cracks in the glass.  All the exterior lights work, and the lenses are in good shape.

The factory 14” Fuchs wheels appear to be wearing their original anodized finish with light discoloration from age, but overall, excellent shape.  There are no major curb rashes.  The wheels are wearing older Michelin tires dated 2010.  They show no signs of age or wear and certainly an indication of the limited miles this 911 has been driven as well as proper storage.  Despite being near perfect and full tread, it would be best to replace the tires sooner rather than later.  The brake pads have around 50% life left with no lips on the rotors.

The interior is equally as nice and appears to have been refurbished sometime in the past.  The seats have been reupholstered with houndstooth inserts.  They have no tears or rips.  The cushioning on the driver seat is soft and possibly original.  The rear seats look unused.  The headliner was replaced with a black one and has no tears, rips, or stains.  The interior headliner lights don’t work.  The sun visors were also replaced with black ones that aren’t puffy and are in good shape.  The carpet was changed to 356 squareweave and has no major wear or stains.  The door panels are in good shape.  The larger pockets have been sealed shut due to warping and are missing some hardware, however, they look decent.  The dash has been recovered and has no visible cracks or warping.  The speaker grill fits nicely.  All the gauges appear to work, including the clock.  The heater system works as does the hand throttle.  The A/C system was added at a later date and works properly and blows very cold.

The 2.2L 911s are one of my favorite air-cooled Porsches to drive.  The engines have a lot more pep than the hp/tq numbers would suggest.  These high compression engines produce great power throughout the rev range and this example is no exception.

This 911 starts easily and holds an even idle with the help of the working hand-throttle.  Once at operating temperature, the power is strong throughout the rev range with no hesitation.  The 901 transmission shifts well with the typical weak first and second gear synchros.  You need to be at a stop to get into first or be proficient at matching revs.  Also shifting from first to second needs to be slower and more deliberate to avoid grinding.  This 911 rewards smooth shifting.  The brakes have excellent initial bite with no fading.  The handling feels very light and responsive.  The car has a slight pull to the right, which might be due to older Michelin tires.  There’s no reason you couldn’t take this on a longer vintage car tour, especially with the cold working A/C.

This 911 has current Arizona registration with a clean and clear title.  It is smog exempt and can easily be registered in California.

Included with this 911 are 3 ignition keys (no keys for door locks), owner’s manual with vinyl cover, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, last 10 years of service records, front pair of custom CocoMats, tool kit, spare wheel with original tire, car cover, and vinyl decal side graphics (new).

**Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud.  All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers.

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